Four Attempts to Avoid That Stadium Story

We hate to serve up sloppy seconds the day after Thanksgiving, but just look at the slim pickings out there:

Pitiful. So here goes:

Lois Feldman says she doesn’t remember doing the nasty in a bathroom stall with Ross Walsh and a live studio audience during the Hawkeyes-Gophers game at the Minneapolis Metrodome last weekend, which may be related to swilling enough wine to put down a right tackle, and is certainly related to losing her job at an assisted-living residence this week, although her husband still loves her and her pastor offers forgiveness, and oh by the way she only learned her partner’s name from the papers.

Fine. But truth be told, there’s better action at the airport.

Hawk fan says bathroom sex scandal “ruined my life” [Des Moines Register]

Hey, sloppy seconds aren’t so bad…. But that may be the submissive in me speaking.

@CheapBoy: Ew. Heh.

Anyone else awake? Don’t nap during the day, kiddos.

I kind of agree with the premise in the Slate article that “Sexual Deviance is a sign of evil” is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Godwin’s law kinda trumps any further argument on the Slate article though.

I managed to bark two of my knuckles today trying to fix a leaking laundry tap. I hate having divots in my fingers, and cheap arse “Nickelodeon” band-aids. The “Wiggles” band-aids stick better than Sponge-Bob.

@JNOV: Before the days of HIV and such like, it was nice to be able to lick cum from Her naughty parts.

Cream pies? Yummmmmmmm.

(OK things can only go up from here.)

@CheapBoy: A submissive in you? Just tell him to pull out and roll over!

@CheapBoy: Wait now. Who made the cream pie? You or someone else? We might be having a communication issue or maybe not. Either way, not judging.

@drinkyclown: Ha ha!

Wow. We went from zero to cream pies at a record pace.

I think Feldman and Walsh should be doing halftime shows, accompanied by the combined ensembles of the marching bands performing ‘Strangers in the Night.’

@homofascist: Huzzah!

@FlyingChainSaw: You and your bands and teh secks. The Marine Corps band, the marching bands. I see a trend.

@JNOV: It was a college football game. You have to do something interesting with the bands or there is no reason to go. And the story about Laura Bush is TRUE.

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