Suck. On. This.

Atrios points out that Little Tommy Friedman, age 7, might be in trouble:

General Growth Properties, the second largest mall owner in the U.S. behind Simon Property, has hired bankruptcy counsel …

From the WSJ: Mall Owner Lines Up Bankruptcy Law Firm (hat tip crispy&cole)

Debt-laden mall giant General Growth Properties Inc. has hired the law firm Sidley Austin as bankruptcy counsel … The move doesn’t mean a Chapter 11 filing is imminent.

The company, which owns more than 200 U.S. malls, has struggled to repay debt it amassed during an acquisition binge near the market’s peak.

Tommy Friedman, you see, is married to one of the heirs to the GGP fortune.

Give it another six months Tom.  Maybe things will get better.


Apparently Sugar Mommys can become flat, too.

Unfortunately Tom, buying high and selling low isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do.

i have nothing to say about tom friedman except he wrote the most boring book i ever read in my life. ever.

checking in to say HI KIDS! miss you, every one, not even lurking. having a difficult transition going on over here. wanted to check in, tell ya’ll i’m unfortunetly alive. that’s how it feels. pain has gotten worse. found out all kinds of details that have made me ill in every way. can’t sort it out yet. i’m having a nightmare and can’t wake up and it’s getting worse.

but i had to stop by and send my love. i will get through this somehow. the details are horrific. i cry all the time. but I WILL be back here as soon as i find myself, then the computer, and remember how to think. xoxo

baked: stay strong! You’re you, he’s him, and don’t get them confused. As I just discovered myself, attitude is everything — I can make myself miserable at the drop of a hat, but I can also pick myself up and dust myself off about as quickly. It’s so much easier to say than do, but it can be done.

TJ/ Found this on W, but I couldn’t resist.
A blog analyzer tool?

Hang in there. Draining the swamp never is purty.

@ManchuCandidate: I thought I was an INFP. The Idealist. Oh well. It says I’m a mechanic/ISTP . That’s kinda hot.

@baked: Thinking of you. Bruno, Dutch and Dobie say hi to Sergio.

My blog is one of an ESFP – The Performers

Shakes head.

@baked: From the perspective of a guy who doesn’t like being fucked around with, you can always show him the door.

@baked: Hang in there, baked! We’re rooting for you.

As an aside, have you ever thought about training Sergio to eat the rat’s face off? Or maybe that’s a task better suited to one of the cats….

/TJ/: Malkin & Coulter in furs for conservative glamour shots calendar. Gird yourselves.

No matter how hard Mann tries, I can still see the Adams apple.

baked: Take a break. Go to other side of island, find a motel and just stay there for a day. Or, better idea: send him there. [ADD: This presumes that I know Thing One about what you are going through. Do what you needs to. You know that.]

rptrcub: Actually, there were a couple of lookers in the thumbprints. A bunch of butterfaces in there too, however. (Also, the ideological rants while quietly humping would get old. And of course fur is murder but you knew that already.)

[ADD: the quote on the linked page, with respect to Clare Booth Luce v Dorothy Parker, ought to be a credo of sorts around here:

….there’s a story told of the encounter between the writer Dorothy Parker and the aforementioned Ms. Luce. Meeting at the entrance to a party, the younger and admittedly more beautiful Luce stood to the side and invited Parker in with the cliche, “Age before beauty.” Parker strode past and into the party with a flourish: “Pearls before swine.”


Gah! Honey, nothing is worth this!

All my love tho. Wish I could make it better.

@ManchuCandidate: ESFP? Really? (Got the same for my own. Goofy.)

Last I checked, I was either an INTP or INTJ. My writing voice is definitely not my public persona, though, so maybe I write like an ESFP. I think they’re just going off the theater references, though.

@baked: Just now checking in – big hugs to you…

@rptrcub: Ugh. I didn’t think they let Asians be a part of ‘old Hollywood’. And shouldn’t the pictures be in B&W. And, you know, done well.

@baked: I hope you are doing okay. This isn’t anything that is fun to go through. I do have one question – if he was successful in business, couldn’t you just divorce him and take half his money? I mean, at this point, I say take him to the woodshed and throw yourself into a brigade of Israeli soliders. Of course, not only am I not married, I am not even allowed to be, so of course take my advice with a grain of salt.

Speaking of suck, “Monster A-Go-Go” is a sorry piece of shit of a movie.

@chicago bureau: Thank you for this addition to my treasured Dorothy Parker lore.

@baked: A long time ago, you wrote that you are the one who makes the jokes in this relationship. If he’s not funny and unfaithful to boot, if you can get loose of him and still be okay for money, do it.

@baked: Rereading your post, it sounds as if he’s sadistic. If so, no good is ever going to come of this.

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