Chronicle of Our Death Foretold

Salt Lake City drive-in, August 1958, from Google’s new Life magazine archive. If it makes you feel better, we were doomed long before most of us were born.

Life photo archive [Google]

A quick glance through shows that the US America according to LIFE was sooo white (with the odd spots of color) till the 1970s when waves of evil hippies and tinted folks suddenly appeared.

In that way I can see why so many Cons want to return to that era of Madison Ave Plastic Fantastic, but it never existed from what I gathered. Life was just as messy back then and the MSM did such a wonderful job of covering it up.

I suspect that when my generation X slacking bums grows real old that many of my dumber cohorts and their descendants will think that life was much like Sex And the City or Friends or Family Ties–especially smart mouth proto NeoCon Alex P. Keaton. Um, okay.

One commenter somewhere, sometime, asked if Heston’s final words were: “Let my people go you damned dirty ape.” Heh.

Freaking going to hell in a handbasket, the world.

Life in its later years had lots of pictures of black people; that was progress? It makes up for horrid slums, failing schools, the criminalization of several generations of black men with the war on drugs? I guess a black face on the cover of Life is better than a black face living next door, think what that would do to your real estate values.

blogenfreude: Speaking of old folks: Ted Stevens gave his last speech this morning. And I just saw Robert Byrd (he of past sins and big projects and surprisingly dovish tendencies that warmed me to him a little bit) send him off, very haltingly.

Note well — Robert Byrd don’t look so good. Also with the shouting of exclamations interrupting other speeches. Sad to report, but: 60 might be short-lived.

@chicago bureau: Adios, Ted, you schmuck. I wonder how many other crooks in the Senate are wondering if they are next to get caught.

Note to Nojo: is this one of our hamsters?

@chicago bureau: I don’t think 60 is going to happen. I am trying desperately to think that Jim Martin will get elected here, but I really think the stupid white GOP male vote will swamp him, even with Bill Clinton and Al Gore coming down to campaign.


And their idea of Gen-X Counterculture? Early nineties gays (pride rings, act-up tees, cutoff shorts, and immaculate steel toed-workboots with rolled down sweatsocks), Candy Ravers, and the ubiquitous grunge rock ascetic.


@Dodgerblue: I knew that sex tape would get out sooner or later.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
Little did I know. Guess the joke is on us.

I am part of Gen X, but I am as horribly out of fashion then as I am now.

rptrcub: You don’t know the half of it because, according to the American Family Association (who had a kick-ass boycott of McDonald’s, by the way), THEY’RE COMING TO YOUR TOWN. [They, of course, being the gays.] It’s true because Sully told me so.

No word on what the scary background music is when they show the title slide, because I would have to buy it and watch it and I don’t want to do that.

(BTW, the gays came to my hometown a while back. And now my hometown is faaaaaabulous! Thanks, gays!)

I, for one, welcome our new fabulous gay overlords.

@chicago bureau:

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Fabulous is coming to town…

They’re making a list
They’re making it pop
Gonna find out
Who’s bottom and top
Fabulous is coming to town…

They see you when you’re sleeping
They know when you’re awake
They know if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for Heidi’s sake…

O! You better watch out!
You better be fierce
Better put out
And get something pierced
Fabulous is coming to town!

@nojo: I would have to doubt the veracity of that list due to obvious lying in re top or bottom due to the “versatile” label. It will have to take actual, er, “field research.”

@chicago bureau: Won’t someone please think of the children?

@nojo: Got a little time on your hands there, big boy?

@Benedick: Just enough time to look up Heidi’s name and decide whether that works better than Tyra.

@rptrcub: Why is Santa getting all up in my chimney?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Did you just describe Officer Dangle on Reno 911?

@IanJ: To paraphrase Kent Brockman, “Hail, Gays.”

nojo: For that, I promise to never, ever make the website go FUBAR on account of my inability to embed video properly. [Proviso: add “until the next time.”]

That was the AWESOME.

@nojo: @Prommie: @redmanlaw: This site is becoming the paradigm of just how gay straight men can be when they put their mind to it.

@Benedick: I once had a German-Jewish philosophy professor who did the most unsettling Eartha Kitt impression.

@Benedick: Straight gays are soooo gay; they go gay for other guys all the time, you should see the way their eyes glisten and they get all squishy when they talk about their sports heros, or fighter pilots, or whoever they have one of those mancrushes on.

@redmanlaw: Only to be topped by Colbert: “Good evening, godless Sodomites!”


No kidding. What I wouldn’t give for our Senatards to be give one of those personality inventories, like the MMPI, so that we can find out which specific afflictions cause their bizarre behavior.

@rptrcub: So that’s what my friend was talking about. We were having breakfast at the Mexican joint down the street, and I had my back to the screen playing Headline News. He asked me who “Stevens” was and why the standing O, and I thought Ted? Impossible.

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