Forward Into the Past

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“Welcome to our newest grassroots Web site, Republican For A Reason.”

Presented by the Republican National Committee, where the only grassroots you’ll find are putting greens.

And featuring Ronnie, George I, and — not until 2:50 in — Shrub.

Because the best way to inspire a new generation of voters is to run footage of presidents from before they were born, before they paid attention, or whom they resent.

Republican For a Reason [RNC]

What other reason do you need besides, “Fuck you, I got mine”?

I love the font they’re using in the sidebar — looks like a take on Gerald Scarfe. Do we have a mole among their design geeks?

Google bomb should be “lame white motherfuckers”.

/TJ/: Psychogeezer is coming to my hood on behalf of Sen. Saxby Shameless Thursday.

The irony is thick with that one. Will anyone in the MSM notice it?

The faked knee injury candidate who smeared a crippled vet is being supported by the crippled vet ex POW (and all around asshole) who was smeared by the coke snorting cowboy who didn’t go.

@ManchuCandidate: If the media doesn’t notice, it’s because they aren’t looking:

“I’d never seen anything like that ad. Putting pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden next to the picture of a man who left three limbs on the battlefield — it’s worse than disgraceful. It’s reprehensible.”

John McCain to CNN in 2002, quoted today in Political Wire. You don’t have to wait for the Daily Show on that one.

@rptrcub: Will you go to provide us some team coverage or at least some photos of pissed off Republicans for Saturday’s Stinque Jam? Take a Xanax or three and you can stay calm…

@SanFranLefty: I can also compile shots for a special Field Trip post — something I would have done with JNOV’s visit to the Philly Talibunny protest if I had the gizmo working back then.

If you have a group of event photos like that, send them to the latest Jam (if it’s running…) and shoot me a message to nojo@stinque. I can cull them from the Stream and do them right. Or just email them directly to me. Whatever. I’m easy.

@rptrcub: Can you get us some geezer photos? Can’t wait …

@SanFranLefty: @blogenfreude: @ManchuCandidate: Unfortunately live coverage is not feasible due to work-related responsibilities, namely, an interview which I must do for an alumni magazine. Something about robots. Sorry :( However, I will provide a cornucopia of coverage from our Georgia blogosphere, from douchebag Erick Erikson of Red State and Peach Pundit (also a Macon city councilman and the man who forbade any bad talk about the Talibunny on RS), to the Demrat Libtards at Blog for Democracy and etc.

@rptrcub: What, like alumni mags have deadlines?

I will, however, attempt to get pictures and possibly video of the Prop 8 protests down here at 1:30 EST/10:30 PST Saturday as part of the National We Gheyz Are Fucking Pissed Off At You People Protest. Should be a lot of fun once the fundies find out about it. (If the damn AJC would actually get off its ass and report about it.)

@rptrcub: Oooooooh, video. Can you do YouTube? Makes life easier on this end.

@nojo: It would be my pleasure if I can get it working correctly. Camera has no sound but I have an audio recorder separately and I might be able to do some ghetto sound sync on it.

@rptrcub: co-opting “you people” codespeak? classy….

Hey, I just stumbled upon, totally crazy, but I got me a sidekick sign-in heh heh

I couldn’t hear the sound on this video, so I’m gonna guess by the pictures that the theme of this little homage to honkies is:

“Hey, remember when the only time we saw Negroes was when they were in uniform taking orders from us?”

@Jamie Sommers: Just play the soundtrack from Triumph of the Will. I’m sure it’ll match up.

@nojo: no doubt.

Has anyone seen this?
What’s the deal with Harry Reid? Did he ever have any balls or has he always lead a testicle free life?

@Jamie Sommers: I started a draft today called “We Like Anal Pears As Much As The Next Hater,” but honestly it’s kinda boring me. Barry’s taking the high road, Harry’s kicking it to the committee, and the TPM crew hasn’t got the memo that the New Politics isn’t about retribution.

@Jamie Sommers:

“….has he always led a testicle free life?”

i have filed that for certain future use. thank you!

@nojo: It’s – “you owe me a favor . . . Joe.” Sen. Bootlick McLickspittle will also know whom he owes for his existence, and that there is a “T” branded into his cheek for all to see. It’s almost better than having private dirt on someone as in a J. Edgar Hooker FBI file. Lieberman may eventually die of shame.

@redmanlaw: I was going to reach for the Godfather angle — favors granted, favors called in — but yeah, that’s about right. Barry’s saving his Mandate for the big fights ahead instead of wasting his time on squabbles. Dude’s all about strategy, in case everyone suddenly forgot.

WTF kind of bullshit newspeak video IS that? Do they think people are now so dumb that you can show them three old white men and then flash, BUILDING OUR FUTURE?

CHANGE: UR DOIN IT RONG. Jesus Christ, the GOP sucks. They are just… so… wrong about everything.


I set up an account, and am posting little excerpts from Mein Kampf. Let’s see if they bite….

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Thanks! It’s my default pose while reading the news online.

@nojo: There is also, Nojo, this ugly thing about the big dog, Bill, lobbying for Lieberman. Is this the beginning of the Clintons starting their own little traitorous revenge plot? Establishing some network that will put her in charge of the opposition democrats, seizing every opportunity to fuck Obama, putting together some little Clintonista coalition, to be a thorn in Obama’s side, to control just enough votes so they will be able to get some concession before anything passes, so they can claim all credit for their input in every legislative agenda Obama has?

I mean, what really are the chances Kankles would let Obama succeed where she and her husband failed, health care?

Some people, when you get them down, you have to finish them, or they will dedicate their lives to stabbing you in the back.

If its true, the Clintons were orchstrating a campaign in support of Joe shithead asswipe fuckwad douchebag, then it looks like they will be more trouble for Obama for the next 4 years than the Republicans willl be. They are just as conniving and vicious and evil.

@Promnight: Yes indeedy, speedy. That’s why I was troubled by the pick of Rahm. As dreamy as he is, he’s a Clintonista first-and-foremost, and while that may salve some of the hurt wounds of the drama couple, I don’t trust Rahm as far as I could throw his skinny ass. And Hillbot, while being very nice and gracious to Michelle about how to prepare the girls (as I would agree that Chelsea is one of the Clintons’ best accomplishments), is bitching far and wide about how the Unicorn hasn’t asked his supporters to pay off her 9 million dollar debt to Mark Penn. I ain’t giving those two a dime to pay off Penn. Billy-bob can go give a few speeches in the Ukraine.

Although the Unicorn perhaps is smart to pull the Clintons’ ass boy tight to his chest. God knows Black Eagle has shown that you shouldn’t question his strategy – in the words of the Economist, he outwitted and beat two of the strongest monolithic blocs in the US – the Clintons and the conservative right.

@RomeGirl: It should be just fine for their target audience: drunk frat boys at large Southern universities and their dimwit debutante girlfriends.

@SanFranLefty: I am convinced you cannot give Clintons concessions, or power of any kind. Its like inviting a rattlesnake into your tent. Bill is definitely not acting ex-presidential, his involvement in politics at this point should be a scandal. His involvement in protecting Libermen should have the Party debating whether to throw him out too. If there is anything that proves that he wants it back, he wants to call the shots again, by proxy, through Hills, this is it.

The Clintons and the Clintonistas are gonna be a cancer on Obama’s presidency. There’s no upside to getting in bed with them, they will either betray you or embarrass you, tar you with their sleaze.

@RomeGirl: Ha, let alone a major political party funding a video and calling it grassroots. Nooo, that’s called astroturf.

Oh, and everything and anything Bill does, Hillary should be held directly accountable for it. Hillary is now standing with Lieberman. Did Joe shitbag fuckstick asswipe fuckwad douchebag shitstain start his real evil only after Obama started to threaten Hillary’s inevitability?

I am sorry, but this makes me put the Clintons in the very same category as Lieberman, they are just keeping their backstabbing disloyal republican traitorousness somewhat quieter. Even more evil. The smiling gladhanding assassins.

@Promnight: @SanFranLefty: I think it may be the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” strategy.

@Mistress Cynica: I tend to prefer “destroy your enemies utterly and completely.” Obama has a mandate, within this party, that he should push to the hilt early on, before the inevitable setbacks occur that will empower the Clintonistas, and thats inevitable, so let them start their undermining from a weaker position. Because they are gonna do it whether you hold them close or keep them distant. The fucking rat bastards.

Bill Clinton exported more jobs than every republican put together, and then he signed Gramm Leach Bliley, the DLC-Republican cause of this fucking shitstorm that has fucked the economy.

I think this is a very lovely new grassroots Web site. You can’t even see the tubes!

Speaking of Rahm, I have been in a photo shoot the past two days with the owner of a small business who has him as a client. She said he is extremely nice and actually not a control freak at all. She said he can be a little ‘salty’ with the language, but she doesn’t really mind that so her impression of his has been really positive. She also is thinking of hitting him up for inauguration tix…

I just feel it necessary to confess that I am now watching “Up The Creek,” on Netflix instant, its the very worst movie ever made, but glorious because it is the high point of 80s teensploitation gratuitous toplessness, I am only 20 minutes into it, and there has been at least 20 scenes of topless chickadees, with absolutely no reason for it at all, the most purely gratuitous shameful trash movie ever, and I am happy, so so happy.

@Promnight: Movies on a school night? By the time we’re done watching Keith/Rachel/Jon/Colbert it’s 10 pm Mtn and people start heading for bed. I want to see the new Get Smart. I’ll pay a dollar for it on Wednesday at Video Weirdness by Mrs RML’s paper.

@Promnight: They’re a fucking disease. OB needs to have them quietly collected, taken for a ride in a helicopter and thrown out over the Atlantic.

@Promnight: I need to confess that I am listening to an audio feed from a bug planted in the wall of Suite 2311 at the Mayflower Hotel by the CIA and routed to a server by a friend and former agent who is intrigued by Laura Bush’s liaisons there with the President’s Own Marine Band. I can hear cackling, sporadic groans and screams for cigarettes occasionally but I must tell you it is very difficult to hear much through the crushing acoustic onslaught of these guys playing ‘Russian Christmas Music’ at full tilt.


I heart Ewe.

Are you coming to DC for Black Eagle’s inauguration? I already have my plane ticket, but meeting you will be the icing on the fucking cake, and frankly, your promised presence will take about 20 people off of the fence on the “Should I stay at home or should I go to DC” matter if you will swear to make a drive by (even incognito) at a Stinquer happy hour somewhere in our nation’s capital.

I’ll try to be there–I’m interested in witnessing history. Might drive down… depending on the availability of plane tickets. Is there someone willing to organize?

@nojo: It’s my hope that Obama can be seen to be magnanimous, and then the Senate Dems will go to work and strip Lieberman of the chairmanship he used to shield Bush/Cheney from senatorial oversight. If he behaves himself, then he can be spared the treatment Prommie recommended: being tied to the bumper of Obama’s car and dragged down Pennsylvania Avenue in the inaugural parade.

@ManchuCandidate: I shall be in northeast Georgia at an inauguration party just to piss off Paul Broun’s constituents.

@ManchuCandidate: Hoping to have some info on Hope Weekend ’09 up here by the end of the week.

Short version: Hint re: flying – fly somewhere else on the east coast (Philly, NYC, Richmond) and then take the train in to DC. Hella cheaper and/or you can use FF miles. Hint re: hotels – you ain’t gonna find shit for less than $400 so you can crash on someone’s floor or look on Craigslist for room rentals. Hint re: inaugural parade tix: they’re few and far between, but the swearing in on the Mall is open to all and we can go drink at a bar and watch the parade on teevee.

More to come…

@SanFranLefty: I wonder if there’ll be those creepy CL ads where people want to trade sex for accommodation, like how some of those listings trade sex for discounted rent (or used to before they cracked down).

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