Lost in all the election news (at least to me) was the fact that Christopher Shays (R-CT) lost his seat:

NORWALK – Democrat Jim Himes rode history and Barack Obama‘s coattails to victory Tuesday in the 4th Congressional District, unseating Christopher Shays.

For the first time since the founding of the GOP in 1854, New England will be without a Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Remember Chris Shays?

Representative Shays, a Republican, got into commanding rhythm in demonstrating Blackwater’s “perfect record” in protecting officials in Iraq while sustaining casualties in the process. To boot, the U.S. military doesn’t want to do the job anyway.

In a quick reply, Mr. Prince employs the boyish charm of a soldier: “Thank you sir. It’s an honor to do the work.”

What a tool.

Prince: We’ve never had anyone seriously injured.

[Republicans will say this over and over; No one killed, therefore it’s okay to kill Iraqis.]

Shays: That’s a perfect record. Were any of your people killed? I’ve had no one in military saying “I want to guard these civilians.” The military is not going to be in a Suburban. Thank you for doing a perfect job in protecting the people you’re supposed to protect.

And now he’s gone.


The killing of 4 BW guys in Falluja notwithstanding of course. Or that massacre they perpetrated that was caught on video. Or that whole covering up raping our female employees thing.

“Happy trails to you…”

Let him go to work chewing the dog shit off of sidewalks in Bridgeport. Fuck you, Chris!

The most terrifying thing about this guy is that I keep on seeing this picture out of the corner of my eye and thinking it’s Tim Gunn. Shudder.

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