George W. Bush Makes History

While Shrub waits for historians to vindicate him a century from now, let us commemorate his singular achievement:

“No other president’s disapproval rating has gone higher than 70 percent. Bush has managed to do that three times so far this year,” says CNN polling director Keating Holland. “That means that Bush is now more unpopular than Richard Nixon was when he resigned from office during Watergate with a 66 percent disapproval rating.”

Bush leaving office more unpopular than Nixon [CNN]

Meanwhile, Howard Dean’s hanging it up as DNC Chair. His work is done, bitches.

Jesus. If you had told me that Dubya would be facing an exit approval rating in the teens and Howard Dean would have been proven to be a freakin’ genius four years ago, I would have asked you if your dosage had been reviewed recently. No snark, kids — Howie: you da man.

Yeah, a guy who shows up for work. I was a little disappointed that when the Obama people went on and on about their 50 state strategy they didn’t at least wave and yell, “Hi, Howie!” One of those big, simple organizing ideas that made all the difference.

Barney approves, Laura approves … who else could possibly approve of Preznit Commander Guy?

blogenfreude: The answer would shock you. Sicken you. Cause you to drink more than you do now.

Turn back. Go no further.

Howard Dean is my hero. He had a fresh take on the issues, challenged party orthodoxy and leadership, and showed how an insurgent could use then emerging technology to fire up a nationwide movement. Scratch an Obaman who was active in 04 and you’ll likely find a Deaniac. I saw him numerous times before the 2004 New Mexico caucuses, introduced him once or twice twice (kiss of death for sure) and served on a national advisory committee for him.

A bunch of us campaign types gathered in a bar on the night of the 04 Iowa caucuses tried to tell ourselves that everything was OK, but . . . Anyway, we all knew back then that the 50-state strategy was the way to win, and that we needed to get our country back . Too bad he had no traction with rural, working class, non-college educated and most minority voters.

Thank you for your service, Gov. Dr. Chairman Howard Dean

/has autographed yard sign in garage – waves geek flag

@chicago bureau: Certain Log Cabin Republicans who are due for a good hatefucking.


Must have an anus the size of a 3 inch diameter pipe!

No zucchinis in the refrigerator.

Wait, I’m all for using creative objects, but how is a potato sexy? A potato is the absolute reverse of sexy. It’s a potato, goddammit!

@rptrcub: Haha rad! Food porn: You’re doing it wrong.
I love the awful convoluted excuses people come up with to avoid admitting they were playing with their ass. No, really, he was just changing the blinds naked, and then fell on a potato! For like an hour.

@drinkyclown: Or they just accidentally fell onto a man’s crotch and had a penis in their mouth.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: @ManchuCandidate: He could also probably fit a Book of Common Prayer up there, too.


Haha rad! Food porn: You’re doing it wrong.


@rptrcub: On the way down, I accidentally hit “record” on the video camera!

no diapers unless it was dressed up in a mr. potato head ensemble. (the priest outfit, or maybe the cowboy)
and doesn’t everyone hang drapes NAKED? that’s what my window treatment guy told me.


2 diapers if it was the Darth Tater version.

@FlyingChainSaw: I laughed out loud — no, I barked — and then I saw the shadow. Now I’m just weirded out.

In other words: Yes.

Bush does the same shadow play on Condi’s round bottom

eww. eww. eww.

cocktober is looking up anyway. a man of the cloth shoving the most uncomfortable, illogical vegetable up his ass? and coming up with an explanation worthy of daily show writers? ahh what the fuck….
let’s toss this pitiful creature a diaper for his troubles at our amusement.
we don’t know the whole story. he may be having a deep and meaningful relationship with this potato. we shouldn’t be judgemental.

@baked: No, it’s a Blovember Cornucopia of Super Tubers.

@baked: His doc *did* tell him to lay off the starches. Shoulda gone for a green or yellow vegetable.

and he thought the doc said lay ON the starches.

@rptrcub: Mark Foley would like to swap recipes.

i just realized i didn’t know what month it is.
i think i hide it, but every so often, my stoned slip shows.
i had appts all day today, tuesday. sober ones.
was out the door at 9 and around 11:30 realized it was monday.
more likely freaked out about rat being here in 5 days.
i’m having a meltdown, ok though. ignore me.
carry on….

@baked: At least George Bush is not trying to grab yo ass.

I could tell you stories upon stories of the x-ray films I’ve seen of freaky deaky things stuck up people’s bums, but I am le tired, so I’ll just leave you with this one.

Supposedly there’s this thing called reverse peristalsis where suction is created and things that should move out instead move in.

So dude managed to get an old skool shower massage head stuck up his ass, and he couldn’t get it out. He had to pull the metal cord out of the wall and go to the ER with a tail. Driving was difficult.

Older men with enlarged prostates often put ice cubes up their bums to ease prostate discomfort. After a while, an ice cube just doesn’t do the trick, so an older gentleman starting freezing water in a small mayonnaise jar, and up the jar went until one day it wouldn’t come out.

And then there was the guy who liked to swallow GI Joe heads. You could see the profiles of the heads in an x-ray of his stomach. Yeah.

dear god, the dude couldn’t even get a ride!
that is heee-larious.

@JNOV: When I was a kid I always wanted to give the GI Joe men head, but this one is a new to me.

Oh, and I saw an x-ray of a guy who had the top to a bottle of Polo cologne stuck up his ass. It looked like a mushroom.

@baked: @homofascist: You made me smile for the first time today.

you made me laugh out loud for the first time today.
“driving was difficult” HA

@homofascist: Didn’t it trouble you that he had no there there?

@homofascist: I think I had the same issue with my sisters’ Ken dolls.

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