Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch?

Fun story: We scoured Google for the actual video, but Fox lawyers were years ahead of us. Fine, we thought, we’ll just set up our own YouTube account, rip the clip from the DVD, and name it something vague so it doesn’t turn up in searches. But the moment it finished uploading, Fox flagged it, the FBI showed up at our door, and now we’re posting from Gitmo.

Awkward meeting is ahead for Obama [IHT]

The First Bush-Obama Meeting [Political Wire]


every few months i have to tell nojo how much i lerve him.
it’s time.
you had me at “LUNCH”


Stranger things have happened, but I doubt that lunch will go all that well considering the backgrounds, experiences and differences in intelligence.

“Mr President, about the transition…”
“Heh heh heh. We can worry about it later. The Longhorns won.”
“Mr President…”
“Hey, Black Bart, I said, heh heh heh, we can worry about it later. I want to show you my collection of chips that look like people…”

I’d hate to think what stupid nickname W is going to come up for Barry.

Did Fox Security show up to take you to Gitmo?

Val Kilmer Considering Run for NM Governorship

Oh, fuckinggreat. (


“Actor Val Kilmer, serious or not, is starting to mess with the heads of those who have their eyes on the 2010 Guv race. The wealthy actor, who lives some of the time at his Pecos River Ranch near Santa Fe, was at it again when he told the New York Post he is really considering a run for the Guv’s chair. Somewhat bizarrely, he claimed encouragement has come from his political friend Big Bill.

“All this is fun for Val, but what if he were to go after the Guv’s chair with the intensity he pursues his acting? Assuming he seeks the Dem nomination, it could complicate the plans of Lt. Guv Diane Denish*. Kilmer, a native of Los Angeles, could vie with Denish for Anglo votes in a primary, leaving the door open for a strong Hispanic contender . . .

“Denish may be the frontrunner to succeed Big Bill, but . . . (w)hether Kilmer, 48, is serious, just play acting or torturing Di at the behest of a mischievous Big Bill, the Dem landslide this month might encourage other Dems to get on the gubernatorial stage.”

*a political ally, friend, patron and mentor to RML. Time to turn this guy into Sarah Palin.

All you need to do is play a Val Kilmer movie retrospective. If that don’t kill his political plans then nothing will.

@redmanlaw: And with that we inch ever closer to our breaking point in terms of actors from the “Batman” series running for political office. (Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Christian Bale on C-SPAN. Rowr.)

Man, these new Obama tees are fug. Who thought it was a good idea to put Biden on there?

@mellbell: I hope they wise up to the fact that all the private graphic artisty stuff is waaaay better than anything from the campaign.

@rptrcub: TJ/ so who’s organizing the boycott of Mormon owner businesses? I know I won’t be staying in a Marriott again even if I have to sleep in my car. Do those people have any idea how many events and conferences are organized by teh gheyz? Mr Cyn was playing MLK’s last speech yesterday, in which he urges the black people of Memphis to patronize only black-owned businesses. Let’s get a list going on pro- and anti-Prop 8 businesses so we know where to spend our dollars. The pocketbook is always what hurts them the most.

@Mistress Cynica: There seem to be a gabajillion going on with angry Gheyz across the United States. SF Chron has a DB, and Blogger BStewart saved an entire list of folks who were on before the Yes on 8 people took it down for fear of drive-by glitterings.

The entire state of Utah is subject to a boycott. There’s also a nice list of powerful Mormons in bidness, too.

Also: the artistic director of California Music Theatre dared to give $1,000 to Yes on 8. DUMBEST DECISION EVAR.

Also, Roland Spongberg, the CEO of WKS Restaurant Association, gave $6000.00 to YES ON 8. They run the El Pollo Loco Chains, Denny’s and Corner Bakery.

@rptrcub: Hold on. The artistic director of a musical theater company decided to donate a grand to an anti-gay-rights initiative? Is he made of stupid!?


I heard talk of a Sundance boycott on Stephanie Miller this morning.

That will hurt for sure….

@IanJ: Or self-hatred. Either one.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: The dark sid of this all is that the libtards concentrated in SLC and elsewhere may find themselves hurt by this, too.


Yeah, think about how many Floral Arrangers, Party Planners, Caterers, Photographers, and Escorts would be hurt by a ban like that….

@Mistress Cynica: We’re also going to be having our own lil’ protests down here in Atlanta Saturday, if they can get coordinated and decide whether to do it in front of city hall and march to where our guvnah prays for rain, or at 10th St. and Piedmont, ground zero for gay Atlanta. Why they’re not aiming at the Mormons, I have no idea.

I’ve signed up to bring a green bean casserole for a charity thanksgiving dinner for homeless men, women and children with HIV/AIDS. I kinda think that trumps me getting yelly and shouty in public.

The entertainment industry, one of our only domestic industries left, would be paralyzed by a general strike of teh gays. Can you imagine what this country would be like if teh gays really took collective action? The general level of tackiness would skyrocket, people would not know what to wear, it would be complete chaos.

I would not want to live in a world without gays in it, thats for sure, it would be a drab and colorless world.

@rptrcub: Hope you heard KO’s SPecial Comment tonight. He made me cry.

Add Staples to the boycott and, ::sniff:: Jet Blue. I will also miss The Corner Eatery. Piss on the Marriott and their Books of Mormon and on-demand pr0n.

@Mistress Cynica: Unfortunately, Comcast does not carry MSNBC on its basic tier. I’ll have to go search for it.

@JNOV: All their PR people will be all over the gay blogs trying to keep angry homos and their allies from causing them to lose money. This happened in the summer when it was revealed that the founders of Cold Stone Creamery gave to Yes on 8. And unfortunately, according to the later comments by others on JMG after the Prop 8 win, some gays apparently are franchisees of said business, making things more complicated.

@rptrcub: Cold Stone Creamery, too? Bastards! WTF is wrong with these people? I double checked to make sure my mom didn’t give the yes fuckers any money. I’m happy to report that I don’t have to boycott her, no do I have to boycott anyone with my last name. Is there a comprehensive list that I missed? I just saw the SFGate’s search engine.

Oh, it just occurred to me, you know boycotts are illegal, don’t you? A combination in restraint of trade and all. He he. Apparently, however, most of the Bushies have already abandoned ship throughout the administration, and the old die hard bureaucrats who hung on are celebrating their survival and sharpening their knives, somehow I don’t think there’s any danger.

@JNOV: SFGate is only through 10/29 but should be updated soon. LA Times has one but I don’t have the linky. I believe the Cal SecState has one too but it’s a bit less user-friendly than the EssEff Chronicle’s.

In fairness to CSC, apparently the Sutherlands, the founders of the chain, are not involved in the company anymore, or CSC’s PR people say (Kahala, I believe, is the group running CSC). They came to Joe.My.God.’s blog really quick when they saw that gays would not eat their cream anymore (thanks, I’ll be here all night).

@JNOV: I can rarely avoid flying thru SLC when heading east, so I’m going to have to pack a lunch and, more importantly, boycott the bar. Never say I didn’t sacrifice for the cause.

@Promnight: It’s not a boycott, it’s a product avoidance strategy.

@Mistress Cynica: Your sacrifices will be duly noted and rewarded with drink coupons.

@rptrcub: When I have some manicy energy, I’m going to start writing letters detailing exactly why I won’t patronize their stores/airline/hotels, and I’d like to get something up on my blog about the evil doers. I’m kind of tired tonight, and it’s past my bedtime, but it would make me feel good to scream and shout.

I got a Facebook notification today about a prop 8 protest on the 15th — my friend in Portland, Oregon is going. Did you hear about it? I think it’s going to be nationwide.

@Mistress Cynica: I haven’t been to see my ex-mormons for a while. I’ll take a turn through and see what intel I can dig up. Most of them have abandoned not only Mormonism but also the closed-minded bigotry it engenders. I’ll do my part on my fundie relatives who probably think prop 8 was a good thing.

I find it very hard to believe that the CA SCt or even the SCOTUS will tell all of the CA folks who were legally married before Tuesday that they are no longer married. Even though Consitutionally (and I’m sorry I’m about to write this, because it’s utter bullshit) being gay does not make you a member of a suspect class subject to equal protection, that is going to have to change. I have faith that it will. The alternative is unthinkable to me.

@JNOV: Yep — or at least they’re trying to.

@JNOV: Keep your Scalia and Thomas voodoo dolls at the ready while praying for Ruth Bader Ginsburg et. al.

@rptrcub: Exactly. We need a modern day Warren.

@Mistress Cynica: Thank you! OMG, that was powerful stuff.

At any rate, I boycotted Coors for 20 years, and you could say I have been boycotting Utah all my life, I would no sooner go there than go to Saudi Arabia.

I will boycott anything for my gay friends.

@Promnight: You needed a boycott to avoid Coors?

@JNOV: Staples??? I spend megabucks on office supplies. They are Morons? (inside joke. heh heh. In Angels in America someone says to someone if they (mormons) worship the angel Moroni should they be called Morons? Great joke. Better in play. Watch for it at your local high school). I will never shop there again but first I will go in the store and make a scene like they will never forget. The kind of scene they will hand on to their grandchildren. The time the crazed queer came in and shut down aisle four. Amen.

@Promnight: Hey Prom. More serious effete Limey bastard here. I was in a play in SLC 3 years ago. Drove across the country to get there. Total thrill. stopped off in Laramie to check out all the local homo haters. Found a fab town much like Woodstock but with more seriously intentioned mountains. Drove through blindingly beautiful scenery to the home of nuttery. And had an OK time there. Weird liquor laws but it’s the US. But the state is so gorgeous. And I didn’t even see the beautiful parts.

They are us. We are them. They want a meaningful life. I want a producer for my new script. They massacred the men woman and children at the Mountain Meadows to stop incursions into Deseret. I won’t work with William Ivey Long. Life goes on.

@Benedick: “Bodily fluid spill on Aisle Four . . . “

@Benedick: Check out the International Gay Rodeo Association’s 2009 calendar at (Google IGRA and you get the both rodeo association and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.)

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