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Fun facts about Alaska:

  • Alaska pumps less than 800,000 barrels of oil a day, compared to two million barrels twenty years ago.
  • Oil taxes account for 85 percent of state government revenue.
  • Oil prices were still at $115 per barrel on August 29, when Sarah Palin was plucked from obscurity. Friday’s close was $61.
  • Alaska needs an average annual oil price of $74 to balance its budget.

  • Alaska has no state income or sales tax, and suspended its gas tax.
  • Alaska’s $8.1 billion state budget has increased 30 percent during Palin’s term as governor.
  • Alaskans this year are receiving $3,269 each from the state government.
  • Boston Globe, September 13: “For much of [former Governor Frank] Murkowski’s term, low oil prices stretched the state budget and resulted in budget cuts that angered constituents.”
  • Sarah Palin, Friday: “Now we kick in that fiscal conservativeness that needs to be engaged.”
  • Sarah Palin’s approval rating among Alaskans was 82 percent the day her veep candidacy was announced. A week ago, it was at 61 percent.
Back Home, Palin Finds Landscape Has Changed [NYT]

Fueled by oil taxes, Alaska spending soared under Palin [Boston Globe, 9/13/08]


If Talibunny keeps working on her 2012 “bid” then who the hell is going to be minding the store? First Dude Todd?

This is what makes me laugh about politicians from oil producing states/provinces. They think that fiscal “conservatism” is so easy. Of course it is when OPEC and/or the futures market jacking up the price of oil. Despite what they think, the Onion had it right. How do you make an an instant asshole? Just add oil.

800K barrels a day vs 20+ Million a day (2007 figures)? Not even 4%! Silly Talibunny, maths aren’t for stupids.

Er. Silly Engineer, English isn’t for engineers.

The 20+ Million a day figure refers to US America Oil Consumption.

“Your dreams were your ticket out.”

Drift away
Fade away
Little tin goddess

Ash to ash
Dust to dust
Fade to black…
But the memory remains
Faded prima donna

Dance little tin goddess dance

Tod Palin was right about one thing: Alaska is an economic colony of the US, or more specifically, the oil companies. Like other areas that depend on selling a non-renewable resource (read: Mexico. Adios, Pemex), when that resource is gone, they are hosed.

@Dodgerblue: And the colonists are deluded. How many families in the lower 48 would benefit from a $3,300 pay out? Thank FSM that they did not get to pick the next Presnit.

She will spend Alaska into penury just as she did Wasila (and just as Reagan did with the country). It will be more difficult for her given how hard it is to borrow, but she’ll figure out a way to piss it away. History will label her a fiscal conservative. Obama will go down as a tax-and-spend liberal even as he hands the country over after eight years in better fiscal shape than it is now. History is written largely by idiots.

@Dodgerblue: Back in my reporter days I asked a governor’s chief economic advisor a question that portrayed New Mexico as an energy and tourism colony of US America, probably in relation to the oil and gas severance taxes that we rely upon to fund state government as does Alaska. He said, “that is the most depressing analysis I’ve ever heard.”

More on Bill Richardson: His press staff have been instructed to knock down the ambassador to China story, our spies say. Kitteh has left the bag, however.

There is some serious concern in Calgary, Alberta right now thanks to oil’s collapse.

Break even point for Alberta Tar Sands oil is $60-65 bucks.

Of course she will be viewed as such, but wait till the idiots disappear when we are either long gone or senile. In history, the truth eventually leaks out.

Lots of people hated Lincoln some 20-30 years after the Civil War (some still do to this day), but no one gives a crap about Andrew Johnson.

@WonkRefugee: And I am angry that the taxes I pay in NY flow to Alaska and other white trash locales to pay for their jihads against things they don’t like. Better to spend it here to keep our bridges from collapsing.
@redmanlaw: I’d feel better with Richardson at State, but at this point I just want adults back in charge. My comments during the election included that he was the most impressive adult of the bunch.

Gov. Palin is nothing if not consistent. In six years as mayor of a town of about 6,000 residents she increased Wasilla’s debt by more than $20 million. In less than two years as governor she increased Alaska’s spending by 30 percent. Let’s not forget her expenses in a few weeks as the VP candidate. Just imagine what she could have accomplished in four years of running the Senate.

You have to give her credit, she makes the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette look positively frugal in comparison.

@Dave H:
Gov. Palin! The peasants have no money!

Let them shop at Neiman Marcus!

@ManchuCandidate: Hasn’t that always been the problem with the tar sands, that it takes way much more energy to get oil out of the sands than the actual energy you’ll get out of it?

Yup. That Natural Gas Pipeline from Prudhoe Bay that Talibunny “awarded” to TransCanada Pipelines is to feed the beast.

Also wastes water like there is no tomorrow.

There is an area (allegedly the size of Everglades) in Northern Alberta and Sask that is polluted with detergents and petro chemicals. On top of that the dumbasses are burning though a very large aquifer that feeds Alberta and polluting the MidWest watershed.

Of course, this isn’t mentioned anymore since the “Sask” Party aka Sask Conservatives took over Sask and Alberta is a lot like Tejas news wise (no shitting on beef and oil or ELSE.)

@redmanlaw: “I asked a governor’s chief economic advisor a question that portrayed New Mexico as an energy and tourism colony of US America” — just substitute “Alaska” for “New Mexico”.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m pretty sure Obama gets it that it’s not a good idea to turn Canada into an energy and tourism colony of the US so that we Americans can keep driving them big SUVs.

@redmanlaw: RML wins the Theme Song I Couldn’t Get Out of My Head Saturday award!

I’m not worried about Obama. I’m more worried about the idiots of my nation who want it that way.

@ManchuCandidate: Would the rest of Canada honestly miss Alberta? Not that we’d want it, but still?

I think we’d miss the Rockies, Banff, Lake Louise and many of the folks.

About the only thing I’d not miss are shitheads like the oil dukes, beef barony and the various lickspittles (including fundies) who do their bidding and the attitude (I know folks from Toronto are #1 when it comes to being assholes, but Albertans come a close second.)

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