Grant Park, Tuesday Night

Flippin Eck has added some wonderful Grant Park photos to our Election Jam. Relive the moment, and invite a hundred friends to huddle around your computer to get the proper feel of it.

Stinque the Vote!

Nice pix Flippin! And the happy couple on the jumbotron sends a tingle up my leg.

Gee golly willikers, a post o’ my own! Thanks, Nojo!

@flippin eck: They’re great shots, and I realized that was the solution to making sure they don’t get buried too quickly.

Oh, and I suspect that Jumbotron Kiss will be the “icon” shot when I wrap everything up into a Flickr set for posterity.

@nojo: I’m honored. I only wish I had had some ginormous SLR camera to take it with, so the quality matched the content. If anyone with image editing skilz wants to take a crack at balance/contrast tweaks so it’s not so grainy, I can email you the original file.

Great stuff.

Where are the Victory Pestorking shots?

@Pedonator: Speaking of tingles, may I present to you The Official Website of President-Elect Obama. Holy shit, I’m covered in goose bumps.

@flippin eck: I like ’em raw. Graininess is authenticity.

@FlyingChainSaw: Wish we could have seen the big smile on the Unicorn’s face when he came into the campaign office the next day. “Nothing like President-Elect sex!”

@SanFranLefty: I just applied for First Puppy-sitter!

@FlyingChainSaw: I think the next Baby Boom starts, oh, about August or so.

@flippin eck: My fav is the jumbotron of the Prez-elect and our new First Lady.

To complement flippin’s wonderful photoset, here is the exhuberent flickr of my friend Maria, who was also in Grant Park:

@SanFranLefty: It gives me chills, in a good way. It’s nice to see a site in the “.gov” domain that makes me proud, instead of ashamed.

@SanFranLefty: Can’t you lobby to be Michelle’s stylist? You know I’m not qualified for that position and I just want to play on the team!

OK after looking through most of the Agenda pages on the web site, I notice a few things missing. For instance, the Gay Agenda. But that’s not surprising; at least they mention ENDA on the Civil Rights page. Still, I would have expected at least a mention of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

What really bothers me is I can’t find any mention of torture, warrantless spying, Guantanamo, or the more heinous provisions of the Patriot Act.

@Pedonator: My head is too tired from being angry over the past 36 hours to even get mad at Barry about it.

@Pedonator: I think the job of Michelle’s stylist is best filled by the Project Rungay boys. They’re being recruited for it on their blog. But maybe they need a fruitfly….

@SanFranLefty: That is amazing. Good to see that Obama will carry his super-smart ground game tactics from the campaign (grassroots accessibility and information saturation) into the presidency. I especially love the online job form. I hope someone has sent this link to William Jefferson oops-I’m-being-inaugerated-in-5-days-I-better-get-some-staff Clinton.

@rptrcub: Aw, c’mon her dress wasn’t that bad.

@rptrcub: I’m not gonna get mad yet, but after the honeymoon I reserve the right to fart in bed.

@drinkyclown: I liked it, actually. I know! But I kind of did?

……Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.

@BRB: I thought I was the only one! All my friends on LJ have been hating on it too, I was like, what do I know? My personal fashion sense involves buying tshirts off Etsy.

@BRB: It was off the runway – Narciso Rodriguez, a real ‘it’ designer. More info here. And yes, one of the most popular articles at the Chicago Tribune website is about her dress. Good lord.

@drinkyclown: @BRB: Perhaps the dress wouldn’t seem so bad if Michelle hadn’t raised our expectations with her usual Jackie-esque perfection, which I hope will be returning for the inaugural. I’m picturing a lovely wool sheath dress and matching coat, preferably in winter white or a bold color, accessorized with one of her fabulous brooches for the swearing in, and Carolina Herrera, perhaps this gorgeous yellow for the ball.

@drinkyclown: The dress wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what I would have chosen for her.

@JNOV: @rptrcub: I guess I’m too crushed out on her, she probably could have shown up in a tie-dye muumuu and I still would have loved her for it.

@Pedonator: “Gay Agenda?” Now hey, I done said I am a gay rights convert, and there’s no catholic like a converted catholic, as they say, but a little subtelty is a good thing. The fundietards, they don’t so much hate gays per se, its that they think teh gays have an “agenda,” their hate literature is full of it, they own that phrase, “gay agenda.” They are confused, and have mixed up gays with catholic priests, who have that agenda about molesting all the little boys they can get their hands on.

You do not want Obama to ever put out in writing that he has a “gay agenda,” trust me, it would be like saying he has a “socialism agenda.

@Promnight: You give the fundies too much credit. They do hate the gays, but it’s more polite to rail against the agenda than the people themselves. Remember, these are the folks who think you can pray the gay away. These are the folks that throw around the word “abomination” like it’s nobody’s business.

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