Stinque the Vote!

Today’s theme: Americana, insufferably long lines, happy drunken people.

Stinque the Vote! [Flickr]


As sad as it is today, the Canada City election was a sideshow. As much as we Canada City types are loathe to admit it, but your election is much more meaningful then Fatty McGoo Harper’s reelection because what happens over there has major consequences here.

On a side note, we are suddenly seeing a spike of food recalls thanks to Fatty McGoo’s love of deregulation/self regulation of food inspection.

Remember, every vote for Unicorn is a bayonet plunging through the spleen of fascism!

Dream of a Nuremberg for Iraq and Haz Hope for Revenge!

Took me 30 minutes to do what normally takes 5, but I voted. All the Upper West Side grouchy poll workers were there – one told me she could not read my registration card. Would not was more like it.

And remember – this defeat isn’t so much McCain’s as it is Bush’s. He’s single-handedly destroyed his hideous party. I so want to see Dole, Chambliss, Coleman, and Sununu get humiliated.

Voted already…images up at Facebook. Was about 6th in line 30 mins before they opened….at least 350 or so behind me by the time they opened.
Free coffee from *$ after. Life is good.

@blogenfreude: I want to see them all tried for war crimes, stuffed in wedding dresses and assigned to a supermax where they can be raped and beaten to death by the kind of people who vote for them. Jesus will be pleased. Bush, though, be nice to see him go strapped to a gurney in Huntsville. “Say, pweese don’t kill me! Pweese! boo-hoo-boo!” Hah.hah.hahahahahahahhahaha. Tear his fucking liver out and fucking show it to him. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Maybe those UFOs sighted near his ranch are coming to collect him, an experiment in pure evil gone completely and totally wrong.

Will send along some pictures in a bit if my internet connection cooperates…

@FlyingChainSaw: It will be funny to watch him try, Nixon-like, to rehabilitate himself. Since he can’t publicly admit he’s a failure, this will be done through surrogates. They must be shouted down.

7:30 MDT – Record turnout expected in New Mexico. Polls have been open for a half hour now; 59 percent of New Mexicans have already voted. An early voter myself, I’ll be “working at home.” Got the MSNBC on TV, Stephanie Miller streaming and got my stinque on.

Accidentally sent one without an attachment — anybody know what happens then?

@blogenfreude: You don’t understand. Nixon actually, in his twisted way, cared about his place – too much so, he was a paranoid nutcase by the end – and in government’s role. For the Caligutard, it’s just another entertainment daddy arranged that made him a few bucks. Like a lot of burnt-out drunks, he cares not much for anything but a high-ball in the afternoon while the wife is off fucking her boyfriend. The only true thing he ever said was an interview last year in which he admitted he could imagine himself being bored, sitting on the porch of his ranch and puttering around. The surrogates won’t follow him since there is nothing to follow and no fresh money to keep them interested in telling the Caligutard’s story. Need a meme to keep fresh the idea that war criminals are at large in America, that every day that Caligutard and his capos walk free is itself a crime against humanity.

@blogenfreude: That’s already started. Mary Matalin (pause to turn aside and spit) was declaring him a great president whose greatness is as yet unacknowledged because we can’t all yet see the greatness because the greatness is blinding us. Such as.

Voted! In an unusually heavy turnout I was #131 in district 5. The West Hurley firehouse was abuzz. I’ve sent a couple of pictures. Everyone in holiday mood.

@Lyndon LaDouche: She was on CNN this morning.

Frum, tail between his legs, wrote a piece citing 10 reasons to vote for McCain, but put it in the National Post in Canada. Epic FAIL.

Here’s the comment I left:

Poor David Frum – he states the obvious (that Sarah Palin is a dangerous dispensationalist whackjob) and the orcs of the right descend on him. They probably threatened to cut off his wingnut welfare too … conservatives would be starving in the streets without Heritage, AEI, and the other wingnut warehouses.

Sadly, Frum and others guided us into a stupid war, and now hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of soldiers are dead. Trillions of dollars have been wasted. And now he publishes this little ditty, trying to worm his way back into the good graces of the worst elements in our politics. Frum has been wrong about everything. No one should ever listen to him again.

Everyone should head over, sign up, and let the little shitbag have it.


Frum, the neoconservative cults, all were acting in the best interests of Osama bin Ladin who wanted the US to bankrupt itself prosecuting a conventional war in Iraq.

Therefore, Obama needs to declare them enemy combatants and have them shipped off to Gitmo. As soon as they confess their infidelity to the US, they can be executed and be free of military internment.

Apparently already problems in MO – poll workers have the wrong registers for their polling places so all the names are wrong. In KC, of course. Trying to reach my brother for a first hand report.

SFL texts from the field…

7:32 am: 50 people in line at 6:45 at polling place I’m volunteering at.

Cult disappointed in lack of doomsday

An attorney for the leader of an apocalyptic sect says members of the group are disappointed that Judgment Day didn’t arrive as they expected Friday, “but they understand that life goes on.”

“They were looking for deliverance from God,” Sarah Montoya, an attorney for Wayne Bent, leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church near Des Moines, N.M. Members of the church believed they would ascend to heaven Friday night.

Bent, who is accused of sex crimes against underage female followers, was arrested last week for failing to appear at a court hearing.

– The Santa Fe New Mexican, Nov. 4

That was one reason why he left Canada City.

I won’t be joining the Frum slagging at the National Post (our answer to the Washington Times, founded by fraud, feudalist douchesack and guest of US America corrections, Conrad Black.)

It will be good enough to see him begging for work. He won’t be poors though. Daddy-in-law is Albertan rich scumsack Peter Pocklington and Daddy is uber rich on Toronto Real Estate.

Voted! Picture is up. Surprisingly painless.

@ManchuCandidate: They have an opinion piece by Conrad Black in today … wonder if he’s gotten his Canadian citizenship back …

@mellbell: Messages without photos disappear without a trace.

Yay, Nabisco, my tee twin! I’m glad your shirt came in time! I’ll have mine on tonight at the rally!

Ugh, I put in a call to my repub dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday. That’s about as far as I got into the conversation before the pleasantries ended. First, when I mentioned going to the rally tonight, he sneered “Shouldn’t he cancel it so he can go to Hawaii?” Then, when I tried to steer the convo back into safer territory and ask him what he wanted for his birthday, he told me to call my grandma so she’ll stop whining to him about how I never call when he sees her! Aaarggh, WHY does family have to be so infuriating!!

No. Even Fatty McGoo Harper won’t take his phone calls because Lord of Turdbrook is much hated here. A tidal wave of schaudenfreude was enjoyed by many a Canada City citizen long after his “Fuck you Canada City, I’m going to the House of Lords” editorial.

@flippin eck:
“Aaarggh, WHY does family have to be so infuriating!!”

You didn’t think the gift of life was without a price, did you?

@flippin eck: Infuriating works both ways. I’m sure he’ll appreciate a late night phone call from the rally, and the beautiful framed picture of you at said rally in your Obama shirt he’ll be getting for Xmas.

@flippin eck: Hey, at least you really don’t have to spend any money on that gift. That is something. If you want to get him something else, I am sure he would like one of your new t-shirts for his very own.

@flippin eck:
hey flip,
i called neocon daddy today too! to gloat!
kinda took the wind out of my sails when he told me how poor i was gonna be if PG doesn’t win. he lerves booosh/PG tax cuts, made for him.
my beloved father is the enemy, and my benefactor. and responsible for my education. and yet, i’m soo ready for change, and yes, godammit, socialism!
straight up.
i want every kid to have the opportunities i’ve had.

Added a few images to the stream…pretending to work while wallowing in datastreams…

Great tech re the images…

my pics are not going through. keep getting “send fail” messages.
what do you diagnose dr.?
ianJ? you in da house?

Just sent in 2 pics, but only see one showing up so far. Dropped my mail-in ballot at the church that is my polling place, just a block from my house. From the short line (about 10 minute wait) at the church I could see another polling place 1 block away, with a huge line already at 7:15am.

Damn I have to actually work on stuff today, with other people, so I can’t hang out much until I get home. But I’m gonna try to take off early, and pick up something special to uncork in Hope while watching the returns.

@Mistress Cynica: @homofascist: I SOOO want to gloat to entire neocon family–that’s actually the only reason I’m still tempted to make it back for Thanksgiving. However, I already decided I would lay off (assuming all goes well today) because they were very gentle with me post-election in 04 when I was heartbroken and didn’t say a word about it. Such a shame to miss this opportunity, but it would make me a total b*tch to gloat this time when they refrained 4 years ago.

@baked: If all else fails, email the photos to me and I’ll take care of it.

This, from right now, amuses me for some reason:

No matter how they vote, Americans will make history today. Democrat Barack Obama could become the first African-American president. Republican John McCain could become the oldest president elected to a first term. Sarah Palin could become the first woman elected vice president.

White male baby boomer Joe Biden gets no love, the poor thing.

I just went out to scan pictures of my friend at the photocopy place, print out electoral maps at the internet point, and pick up middle eastern desserts for sugar rush tonight. Every single person I dealt with said to me, ARE YOU AMERICAN? TODAY IS YOUR DAY! GO OBAMA! I cried happy tears the whole way home. The ENTIRE WORLD is holding their breath right now.

@homofascist: Sort of like the time I got Giants championship t-shirts for my nieces and nephew. Their father is a die-hard Redskins fan. Niece got a Favre jersey for her birthday as soon as they were available.

Forced Provisional V in Ga. Report: A coworker of mine who got her registration papers in before the deadline (but just before) was forced to vote provisionally, even though the Sect’y of State’s Web site showed her as a registered voter. The voting rolls themselves don’t reflect that. She has been urged to report the problem and I will nag her today until she does so.

@rptrcub: I am totally that old Coke commercial right now, holding hands and singing on a hill with people of different countries.

in my mind. actually, i’m sitting on the couch smoking, drinking and cursing.

@Pedonator: I’m 3 for 4 right now, and am holding out hope for the last one.

@RomeGirl: That was also one of the rumors on the Internets about Unicorn — that he wanted to change the national anthem to “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

Personally, I still want “America, Fuck Yeah.”

Cyn, you’ve totally got your own Situation Room going on. Who needs da Blitz?

@rptrcub: Don’t knock da Blitz, my best friend directs that show!

I think America’s theme song should be “I Need Some Fine Wine, And You, You Need To Be Nicer,” by the Cardigans.

@baked: My friend’s dad, the retired WASP banker with a place on Isla de Fancy Schmancy on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is going to fly with The Eagle today, his first Democratic vote that she can remember.

My own folks are solid working class Democrats and got their Obama sign at the turn off from the dirt road to their house. My dad was in the local paper last week wearing a sticker for the not-gay-look-he-has-a-blonde-girlfriend Hispanic Dem we’ll be sending to Congress tonight.

My mom and her sister just voted at the same time, one in NJ, one in FL. They’re crying, I’m crying. I’m just going to state for the record that we’ve never cried on election day before.

@flippin eck: Oh no. No. Time to gloat. These people and their supporters enabled Bush & Co. to pile up heaps of dead bodies and staggering debts, and permitted them to wreck the federal government and the military and wipe their asses with the Constitution. Our side doesn’t do those things.

No. They must own up to what they did. Truth and reconciliation maybe, but I want genuine contritition. Period.

@rptrcub: Pretty sure that’s nojo’s situation room. I’ve just got the Macbook Air and MSNBC on the teevee.

@Mistress Cynica: Nojo’s SitRoom is a MacBook Pro at the coffeehouse, and the Batcave isn’t particularly geeked out. All that photo needs is a baby ordering stocks online.

@blogenfreude: I want to feed on the souls of the damned. Nothing short of a scene out of Chick Comics will satisfy me.


Mrs. DB and I stood in a one hour line to vote this AM in Santa Monica. I have never seen a line anywhere near that long in my 26 years in our neighborhood.

I wish I had my camera for this, but there was like a parade of people in the back of trucks going down Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta — from Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn, the home of the civil rights movement and Ebenezer Baptist Church — honking and waiving Obama placards as they made their way through the central business district. It was so beautiful.

I’m pissed that I didn’t have my camera. Dammit.

So Ped was asking me Saturday just what I was expecting for photos today. My answer was pretty much what we’re seeing. Love it!

Kibitzers at the coffeehouse: “I’m going to enjoy watching Fox News today.”

Tune in tomorrow when America does the greatest endzone dance ever.

@mellbell: And there it is finally. And I’ve answered my own question about whether BHO will win all 142 voting precincts in DC (most assuredly). The most Republican precinct (which coincides with H.W.’s old stomping ground) still went for Kerry 60-38, and for Gore 51-43. It’s a bubble, I know, but it’s good for a laugh to help keep the edge off on a day like this.

So, legal question: is it legal or not to photograph my own filled-out ballot? I have the picture, but obviously don’t want to bring trouble down on myself. I should have snapped the pic before I voted (so “buying votes” confirmation isn’t an issue), but didn’t think that far ahead. Thoughts, anyone? Is this likely to be a local, state, or federal law?

@IanJ: Well, it’s state law here that it’s a felony to accept free coffee from Starbucks in exchange for saying I voted (I’m not kidding), but I violated it anyway. So, go ahead. Police have much better things to do.

@RomeGirl: Thank you for making me cry. Hope you’re holding up.

Now I go back to dragging around blue stone slabs and planting alliums.

Beautiful day here.

@nojo: Why? All they’ll say is that ACORN’s scam worked and begin making noises about who is paying ACORN and asking if anyone is sure they aren’t Al Qaeda. Asking Fox News to feel contrition, remorse, shame, or even to recognize cold fact is like asking Julius Streicher to denounce the Nazi party. All the Fox News animals will go to the gallows shrieking their sieg heils to the last, just like Streicher.

LOL the lady on CNN, I don’t know how she spells her name, but it sounds like Holla. So every time someone throws it to her, they say, “Holla!” It’s fucking hilarious.

@IanJ: Well, it’s not easily traceable. The Stinque address is just an auto-forward (no storage), and no transmission details (like email sender) are available to me as the owner of the Flickr account. So we’re down to the Feds requesting the info from Yahoo, which probably isn’t their top priority.

Mrs. DB is off to phone bank. I’m proofreading.

@IanJ: It’s a state call far as I know; Mell passed along a link to all state election regs in the earlier post.

In mine (PA), “privacy” means that I can’t document the act of someone else voting, but I have every right to document and publish evidence of me having done it. So I did. Oh, and you can’t try and influence others while they are voting, although this year the state courts told us we were allowed to wear shirts, pins etc. inside the polling station.

(slowly moves out from under rock, blinks at glaring sunlight, adjusts sunglasses and hat) Sorry it took me so long. Knee rehab seems to be affecting my brain function. I seem to remember the site looking different….maybe it was the name…maybe it was the hospital issue narcotics? The mocha guy, I couldn’t find a black guy to vote for so I voted for the mocha guy-is it MR. Unicorn now?

Reporting from Kansas City MO–voting in Volker/Valentine neighborhood was incredibly fast and well run despite cranky Republican judges. I had enormous problems getting my address changed before the deadline and I expected huge problems. My voting place was not only running smoothly, I am on crutches and was greeted before I got to the line by poll workers asking if I would like to sit down. They brought chairs out for people to sit in. Asked if I want a judge to come out so I could vote without waiting in line (around 50 people). Complete opposite of going to the Election Board. I went with extra memory cards for the camera, all the appropriate phone numbers loaded in speed dial and ACLU voter rights lists and it went smoothly. Paper ballots. Which means things will go suspiciously awry after the polls close here.

Press is reporting 6 polling places were sent the wrong voter precinct books (registered voter logs). KC Election Board claims that the problem was fixed by 8am. Poll workers had to drive to the other locations to pick up the books and voters were still waiting at 2 locations at 8:30am. Polls here opened at 6am. Confirmed locations 4501 Walnut/All Souls Unitarian Church, 1700 Westport Road/Immanuel Lutheran Church, 3908 Washington/Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Hoping to hear something on the midday news about the other locations. Immanuel Lutheran was given wrong books twice. All are normally very high voter turn out for all elections.

There are a lot of reports of people not being able to vote provisional because their names aren’t listed.

Yesterday, big problems in areas of low income with mostly elderly trying to vote at an absentee voting location in a Community Center. The lines were so long and slow that people were given numbers and told to wait in an area of the building that had seating. Every time they tried to vote the lines were still too long. Apparently legal action has been taken as most were never allowed to vote. One woman had brought her mother and a neighbor who were both unable to stand for very long. She said they had just given a deposition to an attorney.

rome girl and i have a perspective you don’t have in the states. this election has captured the attention of the world like none before.

i get so verklempt to see the obama fever in rastaville. these good folk want what’s best for the world, they have no personal stake in it, and it’s not the black thing. they are the buddies of my white self, and have welcomed me into their clan. they follow the news like we do, and our discussions are riviting.
whoever is good in the world is waiting for barry!

@RomeGirl: Is that Halle Gorane (not sure how it’s spelled, but her last name is a permutation of Albanian for gypsy)? She was one of my faves on CNN International; god how I miss CNN International! Richard Quest came over to CNN-I from BBC, that coke-addled crazee….

Some asked Chris Rock what he thought of speculation about the possible response in the black community if Obama loses ( a polite way of saying “how bad will the riots be?). He said something to the effect of “I don’t know what they would do if he lost, but I know what they won’t be doing if he wins; going to work on Wednesday.”

God I wish I could take tomorrow off.

We should tear down the goalposts.

@baked: Right? Doesn’t it get you all choked up?

@nabisco: I dunno, they haven’t showed her name and I’ve got it on mute half the time so I might have missed when she might have announced herself. But there’s this hilarious weather lady who finishes and goes, HOLLA! And it’s totally cracking me up.

@becominginvisible: The site looking different with a different name? I can’t possibly think what you’re referring to…

But I’m glad you caught up with us. I think we’ve had enough schisms for now.

SFL via text…

10:56 a.m. Lots of thumbs up on Prop 8 so far. One guy called me a fucking dyke and another called me a bitch.

11:03 a.m. Both were fat white guys in big pickups, no doubt to make up for tiny dicks.

@RomeGirl: HG has a totally sweet voice, is Ranita Radjpal still on as well, or Ralitza Wasilova? The latter is like the Isabella Rossellini of international news, imho.

See, the furriners get all these furriny anchors with furriny names and furriny accents. We get Larry, John, and Wolf.

Easy to respond to. SFL should just shout back, “Hey, asshole, I get more pussy in a day than you’ll see in a fucking lifetime!”

@nojo: 10:56 a.m. Lots of thumbs up on Prop 8 so far. One guy called me a fucking dyke and another called me a bitch.

@nojo: Must be some frustrations because they can’t actually physically master the mechanics of sex due to the tiny prongs.

@FlyingChainSaw: Texted your suggestion to SFL, who texts back: “So true, and I’m not even a lesbian.”

Also covering up their secret desire to be bottoms (I think I have the term right…)

@nojo: She can try this one, too. “Hey, bugfucker, wanna sniff my fucking face to find out what pussy smells like?”

Does anyone else thing McCain speaking right now sounds like an old stroke victim who’s just saying random shit? It’s like he’s just saying the lines he remembers the best from his speeches. And Joe looks like he wants to be anywhere else.

He sounds random. Sometimes he’s yelling, sometimes he’s quiet, with no rhyme or reason in correlation to what he’s saying.

HA he said CUNT. hahhahahaahha He meant to say economy, started saying country, and stopped and said CUNT. hahhahaahahahhaa

It has just been a very long recovery time for me. My knee formerly known as having “torn ligaments” was in reality “multiple fracture” with a fractured kneecap. My brain chooses to be amused by picking out memory bits that don’t always go together. Example–Linament package was black with blue writing not the other way around and was not made by Absorbine. Although brain insisted it was when I was looking for it at the store.

@nojo: I hate blogger, too. Couldn’t log on, couldn’t get them to stop sending endless blogger help links to my email. Both my sites now on wordpress.

“I voted” sticker goodies in my area:
4 blocks–a beer at McCoy’s Pub
7 blocks–Starbucks swill
5.8miles–Chick-fil-a sandwich
5.8miles–CrispyCream donut
12.6miles–Ben and Jerry’s scoop of ice cream

I will certainly be taking advantage of the closest goodie, I am sure it is on my knee rehab walking route. And I get a ride back from the neighbor who works next door to McCoy’s. I am looking forward to the usual slamming of politicians after today. The endless drivel and lack of media reporters is getting depressing. It was fun for about 1 RNC commercial of “no experience in this chair”. Okay and a week of laughs with fellow city bus riders.

@RomeGirl: The Joe the Plumber guy is there? He trying to dry hump Talibunny?

@FlyingChainSaw: him and first dude are doing coke off her ass as we speak.

@ManchuCandidate: You are correct, albeit bringing up some disturbing mental pictures.

@becominginvisible: Beer = WIN.

Man, the Flickr resize-mo-tron is crappy, isn’t it. What are the dimensions it wants, so I can do a clean resize preemptively?

ADD: Ah, so that’s what the zoom function does. Ass-tastic resize artifacts go away. Pfeh.

(What? Wait? We have time out to edit after submitting? )
Biden seemed almost lost when he was speaking in Lee’s Summit MO yesterday. Voice was scratchy and it was a good thing he was preaching to the choir. Not so inspirational. But not as bad as Tallibunny and gizzard brain.

Walked two blocks my local vets’ hall and voted at about 10 AM local time since in my media job, I don’t head to work until 2. There was a line there, even with people at work. There is NEVER a line at my local vets’ hall on election day during the down hours.

As for work, doing an election newscast is like a stimulant fueled orgy for TV broadcast hacks, no matter what your level.

@ManchuCandidate: All guys have secret desires to be bottoms. Just the way it is.

@IanJ: “Ideal” size is 470×470, but from here larger photos look fine when reduced. It’s the smaller ones that pixelate when enlarged.

@Signal to Noise: I geek out on election-night media. Back in the day I earned some spare change phoning county totals to AP, and even that was fun.

Hey kids, it’s me!

FCS, you were making me crack up in a cold breeze.

Now I’m on a quick break on some hijacked wi-fi while my laptop still has juice, recovering from my 4 am wake up call and passing out my No on 8 fliers outside two different churches in Oakland. I am so freaking nervous.

I’m about to go drink in about 50 minutes – 1 pm isn’t too early is it? I mean shit, it’s probably 9 pm in France right now…

I HAZ TEH HOPE(tm)!!!1!

@Signal to Noise: @SFL: I’m personally high on Hope (TM) and Pixy Stix left over from Halloween.

Santa Fe Bureau has just posted to the stream.

@becominginvisible: I had an ACL replacement about 3-4 years ago. Hurt like an incestuous male offspring of a dog. The pain even burnt through the painkillers. I can’t run anymore, but I can hike, backpack, ski and hunt all day long without the brace I affectionately knew as The Iron Maiden so long as I don’t kneel on the accumulated scar tissue.

@nojo: When I was a reporter we went from the county clerk’s office to various polling places in Albuquerque to read off the results posted there to the city desk.

ADD: Election night coverage is fun. I was in a hotel room in Albuquerque with Stewart Udall, Tom Udall and his wife Jill Cooper when Tom won his first statewide race. We’ll be sending Rep. Udall to the Senate tonight is what is expected to be a Dem sweep of the five member congressional delegation.

OMFG, I’m sitting at my laptop surrounded by people I don’t know and I’m crying because of reading this.

Holy fucking shit, he’s going to do it.

@SanFranLefty: And Pew — which is historically dependable — is predicting 52-46 in the popular vote, or something like that.

Here’s where those Cali votes count: Not just an electoral landslide, but a clear popular majority — something Bubba wasn’t able to accomplish with Perot splitting the right. Fox & Friends will scream ACORN, of course, but a majority of voters in a high-turnout election seals the historical moment.

(Nader kibitzer within earshot: “They say I’m throwing my vote away, but I’m making a statement.” Nothing says “I’m an Asshole” like a Ralphie vote.)

I was in Brand Review all morning…did I miss something? Are we holding steady? Do I need to break out my work scotch?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Has Mickey voted yet? I understand he’s registered.


The mouse is on another coke bender. We’re not supposed to talk about it.

OK. I’m considering bringing up the vodka from the cellar. It’s looking good.

Is there a pool on what time PG concedes? I say 11:15pm.

BTW. Actors’ Equity in NYC closed its offices today so they could vote. We’re affiliated with the AFL-CIO which is pretty butch.

@Lyndon LaDouche: But the polls don’t close in Alaska until 1 AM EST! That means Talibunny’s vote won’t count, or something.

@SanFranLefty: There were two “No on 8” people electioneering 100 feet, or 50 feet, whatever it is, from my solidly No on 8 precinct this AM. they left around 9 AM, I hope to go somewhere where they could make a difference.

@Lyndon LaDouche: He’s hitting Colorado and then Albuquerque this afternoon before Phoenix this evening. Maybe the campaign plane will divert to Chicago to crash into the stage in the park.

@nojo: I’ve spent the better part of the past week planning an hour-long newscast plus local updates in the middle of network coverage. I had to vet and bring in a poli sci prof from the local university to be our analyst. I have talked to dozens of candidates and their flacks on the phone. I got interns scheduled to enter in vote totals for the local races. Every reporter and photographer has his or her assignment.

I am fucking psyched to get this stuff going.

@rptrcub: I’ll be working on a couple shooters of Hope (TM) in my desk, plus sizable amounts of Red Bull and election night pizza on the company’s dime.

Plus, I’m rooting for an early win for Black Eagle, because if it’s too close, network’s gonna knock us off the air and I put in too much work for that to happen.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I’m putting even money on Talibunny pre-empting the Geeze and offering her own live presser, conceding such as you betcha before PG can gather up the spittle from around his mouth.

Let me just say that the photo jam has been the highlight of my day…a day during which I’ve spent doing 30 second bursts of “real” work then an hour of poll geekery. I particularly like what I assume is IanJ’s hand-filled ballot. So very old school, I hate the flimsy plastic buggery that PA has installed.

God help us when Prommie surfaces and joins the party. I hope he at least has leftovers. I’ve got vodka and some bubbly in my car, too superstitious to take it out last night and tip my cynical hand to the missus.

Foreign correspondent story: RomeBoy just came back from the bar, and said that his pretty well-educated English friends thought America was MOSTLY BLACK. wtf? We’re also having trouble explaining that Obama won’t be president until January.

From TPM:
My polling place is at the fairgrounds in Southern Maryland, about 40 minutes from Washington, D.C. This used to be tobacco country, but is slowly being developed, or other crops are grown. We waited until 10:00 to vote, to avoid the lines. When we got there a 97-year-old Black man was being wheeled out of the polls in his wheelchair. It was the first time he had ever voted in his life. When he came outside he asked if anyone could give him an Obama button. There were none left at the Democrat’s booth so I gave him mine. He was so proud and I started crying. He looked at me and said, “why are you crying? this is a day for glory.” I am still crying.

@nabisco: Assume nothing. But I’ll say that I’m glad my county still has scantron-style paper ballots. At least that way I can be fairly sure there’s a permanent record. When they ask me whether I want a paper or electronic ballot, it’s paper every time, baby.

Edit: Also, I love that I get to personally put the ballot into the scanner, and see the little LCD screen update to indicate one more ballot counted.

@Dodgerblue: Oh God, crying AGAIN. these stories are just puring in from everywhere. YAY AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!

@RomeGirl: I don’t remember what it’s like to be proud of our President. I was 12 when JFK was killed. I admired Clinton for some things (not what you’re thinking) but can’t say I was proud of him.

Politics alternatives: Moose hunting on the Outdoor Channel, “UFO Files” all day on the History Channel (why?).


Me too! I loved that union..if you had problems with your insurance, for example, there would always be someone available to give you the runaround before hanging up on you by accident. Or, say you had problems with getting the correct percentage of the house off-broadway. there was always a union rep. available to explain to you that the producer’s math was correct. Good times.

@IanJ: One of the poll workers here alerted the voters signing in that there was a 15-minute wait for electronic voting and no wait for paper voting. People were waiting in an additional line to vote electronically. I wanted to throttle them.

Well, It’s just after 8am here in Oz on the east coast and I can’t wait for the polls to close.

Unfortunately I’m a work today, and I will be flirting with reprimand for the amount of checking of CNN I’ll be doing. If I can find a good audio stream, I’ll be listening to that too.

I has the Hope(tm)!!

SFL: Please keep us updated on “No on 8”, I want that proposition to “Epic Fail”!

JNOV: I do hope you and Jr. got out to vote today and it was hassle free.

@mellbell: “Oooh, pretty lights. Pretty lights, and noises. ”

@ Cheapie – try, although they are kind of toolistic. Live coverage starts in 3 hr.

@Dodgerblue: I don’t remember what it’s like to be proud of our President.

Michelle was right, even if the Right crucified her for it.

Incedentally, Nojo, the jam is really messing with Firefox on Mac…just an FYI, really, I’ll switch to Safari.

@mellbell: Feckless half-wits, the lot of them.

Much, much better offer for voters than a small cup of Starburntbucks coffee!:

Babeland locations in SoHo, the Lower East Side and Carroll Gardens will give men who vote a free $20 “Maverick” penis sleeve. Women get a free $15 silver bullet mini-vibrator.

“Source: Los Angeles Times

….As Americans are turning out to the polls in record numbers, Bush’s approval rating, according to the latest CBS News tracking poll, has dipped to 20%, the lowest ever recorded for a president. His disapproval rating of 72% matches his all-time high, reached last month….

Read more:

You realize he is gonna punish us all for this, don’t you?

@RomeGirl: I hope he didn’t correct them. “Yes, I was the only white guy in my high school. Black women pass me around just for the freaky experience of being with a white man. Some start screaming when they see me naked. When white people see each other on the street we give each other the high sign – swipe of an air guitar – and break into the BatMan dance.”

@Prommie: You imagine he cares one way or another?

@SanFranLefty: Things are looking good. Great to hear you were out re Prop8. We sent cash (and moral support) from the Right Coast…all up to ya’all on the Left Coast to avoid that whole Wrong Coast thing .

435 here. Time for a drink … I’ll raise a glass in hope that things go as they should. Another later when it is done. Look forward to seeing you and doing so in person when we are out in SF next…

@Prommie: the LAT has declined to point where it’s now somewhere between fish wrap and cat box liner.

@redmanlaw: Thanks. I’ll give it a burl.

Will the faux-news website implode or asplode in about 3 hours time? I feel so dirty just having it open, but it gives me a sense of schadenfrued. I wish I could hear them squeal and shriek… “I’m melllllllting!!”

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Just had a look in Mac FF2 and FF3, and everything’s cool here.

Do you have the latest Flash installed? Or do you have FF plug-ins that ruin my exquisite coding? Because, really, it’s all your fault.

@Dodgerblue: I went to sleep last night thinking “I was born when Kennedy was elected, and was 8 when Nixon arrived. My son was born when Bush was elected, and is 8 when Hope ™ arrived.”

Glory indeed.

ADD: Mad props to JNOV, or whoever is posting pics from Philly. The Foreskinnersfathers/Founders would be damn proud of how this experiment appears to be turning out.

@nabisco: I went to bed the other night thinking, “Olbermann is only three months older than me? Because I’ll be damned if I can find a gray hair in the mirror.”

@FlyingChainSaw: Oh yes he does, FCS, thats the thing with the sociopaths, it burns inside them all the time, rage and resentment at their inferiors who fail to bow to them. Its what makes them so fucking mean. Oh yes, he fucking cares. Watch the arrogance climb off the scale now, if he even bothers pretending to do any presidentin’ from here on out. And even dropping out and taking his ball and going home is arrogance too. I’ve long said he will not live long after he’s out of office, not normally, anyway, he’ll go mental or die somehow, and there is also a longshot chance he won’t make January.

@RomeGirl: I just came from the office of a very prototypical Ivory Tower elitist: a philosophy (neurophilosophy) professor wearing loafers without socks, and he’s from Milan. Nice discussion of the election, but also I had to explain the significance of Prop 8.

The sociology chair was brimming with faculty (fellow Unicorn supporters) who are very willing to talk tomorrow during the aftermath of the election.

God, I love my job. I will bring y’all reports tomorrow from a faculty expert on health care and whether or not Unicorn/PG will be able to follow up on their promises.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Yeah, I totally hearted them. They were always SO NICE and helpful and really understood their membership.

@FlyingChainSaw: LOL he was so in shock that he couldn’t even be witty. It reminds me of when I helped run a school in the South Bronx, and the kids thought America was 90 percent black. I definitely went back to the curriculum drawing board on that one.

Also, folks, I will be out of touch for the next few hours as I’ll be at a Black Eagle watch party with copious amounts of blue Obamatinis, with fellow Demrat Libtards in Bob Barr’s home of Cobb County. I will attempt to report back when SFL’s polls close in Cali, but I make no promises.

@nabisco: Me too on all counts, nabisco; born, son’s birth, wow.

I gotta get drunk quick, I am crying too much already. Thinking of Bush and the pain of the narcissists insatiable need for admiration, and his frustration that we hate him, it brings absolute tears of schadenfruede to my eyes.

I am leaving work and heading to Wegmans where I am gonna buy the most extravagant, fancy, ridiculous, expensive food available.

@RomeGirl: Another story to make me and everyone else verklempt, from AJC:
Bob Gaye of Decatur walks home after voting for the first time in 45 years. He remembers the sorrow after his parents voted for John F. Kennedy and the pain of his assassination caused them. He vowed never to vote for a candidate he wanted elected because he was afraid the same fate happen. So why this year? Barack Obama.


Ooh, outmaneuvered by your tricksy nerdisms again! When did they change Flash? It seems unfair, them doing new versions without telling me, because, well, I am the center of the universe and all.


Ooh, drunk posting! Looking forward to it….

Have any DC Stinquers checked on the availability of commercial grade Document shredders?

@RomeGirl: ‘Well educated English friends…” NEVER try to explain things to Limeys. It’s a waste of time. Particularly the politics of the US. They’ll all just start hooting at each other and demanding gin.

@Dodgerblue: What a wonderful thing to have seen happen. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day.

@Prommie: I’m terrifies what they’re going to do between now and then. He will do as much damage as he can. Which is plenty.

@rptrcub: OMG you guys, I’ve already been crying since Sunday. Although these are now happy tears, which I surely have enough hydration for.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Honey, I’ve been drinking four three hours. RomeBoy brought home wine and gin tonic, and we’re having CHEEBURGERS. And we’ve got a split of Champers at the bar on ice when…. when.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: You know why I hate Google’s new Chrome? Because it’s one more damn browser I have to test against.


Shhh! Don’t say it out loud yet!

I’ve got some Veuve chilling just in case too….

@RomeGirl: YAY CHEEBURGER!! It’s only 2pm here on the left coast, so I’m at work, sober, and burgerless :(
Two more hours and I’ll be running out of here to go vote and clean up before the partay tonight!

Why wait for January?

Oh, tomorrow’s gonna be fun.

@Lyndon LaDouche: BBWAHAHHAHA. Yeah, that pretty much defines my Limey expat friends. They all want Obama to win just becuae it is a chance to drink with us at the bar at 7AM, along with the off-duty street cleaners and the food market vendors (them, pastis; us and the expats, champers, darling).

@Lyndon LaDouche: BBWAHAHHAHA. Yeah, that pretty much defines my Limey expat friends. They all want Obama to win just because it is a chance to drink with us at the bar at 7AM, along with the off-duty street cleaners and the food market vendors (them, pastis; us and the expats, champers, darling).


I want a cheeburger too. I also want to spend some time just saying “Cheeburger” over and over again, becuase it is one of those words that just sounds cool and is fun to say. Like “Chicken McNugget” on ecstasy.


I hate new computery things in general. For example, there was absolutely nothing wrong with those old Compuserve bulletin boards, why did we need to reinvent the wheel? Damn kids.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I’ll be drinking for (and in the style of) Teddy K. tonight, so expect some of that out of me later, too.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I was happy with newsgroups, and then the damn Web came along and ruined everything.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Whenever I make cheeburgers, I always holla when I’m finished, WHO’S READY FOR CHEEBURGERS and RomeBoy and the cat (named Ladybird Johnson) come running. And some of our French neighbors. But, fuck them.

@homofascist: Veuve is the only champers worthy of such an event. The bottles at our liquor stores come in their own little wetsuit-material snugs, to keep them cold once you take them out of the fridge. Awwww, right?

Interactive electoral thingy in 90 minutes! TPM is starting theirs up in a half-hour, but it doesn’t seem worth the trouble for two early states.

@nojo: Newsgroups?!? Next you’re gonna be waxing nostalgic for ASCII porn and Net Trek.

@drinkyclown: Well, I don’t miss assembling grainy photos from ten posts…

James Carville is like an idiot savant who has no control over his bowels and drools into a cup, but ask him about some obscure congressional district and he just perks up and rattles off shit-hot information. LOVE HIM.

I’m am so jittery and I have hours and hours of waiting in line to look forward to yet today! I’ve been following developments for Obamapalooza all day, and despite the fact they have to screen nearly a million people headed to the park (75K to the live, in-person event which requires tickets and many more for the ticketless jumbotron screen in the adjacent field), there is only one security gate. My friends and I are getting there as soon as we can (7ish), but the gates don’t even open until 8:30 and people have been waiting in line since this morning, so we will just be standing, standing, standing…and all the while actual results will be coming in!

This is where my measly little low-tek phone comes in handy–it has a radio! So while others are frantically scrolling through iPhones and Crackberries, I can shout out NPR-announced results instantly!

@Lyndon LaDouche:

They’ll all just start hooting at each other and demanding gin.

Hah! Now I’m just imagining a group of inebriated gibbons, or maybe bonobos.


He always reminded me of Michael Jeter in The Green Mile.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Indiana and Kentucky. Although polls remain open in parts of both states until 7 p.m. Eastern.

@flippin eck: I will also be providing posts of from the event text messages from flippin’…

In a less than two minute drive home from my mother in law’s place, I saw four Obama ground teams going door to door in a blue collar Hispanic part of Santa Fe to get voters to the polls (no vote by 11 am, you get a phone call; no vote by 4 pm, they go by your house).

Son of RML caught my cold and hijcked the only TV in the house to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Probably won’t go anywhere tonight. I did quit the game to be at home, so this is a fitting end to the campaign.

@homofascist: Excellent. I was going to offer to slip my cell number like I did with SFL this morning, but, um, I forgot.

Heading back to the Batcave. If everyone insists I fire up Electoral Vote Thingy before 7 p.m., I’ll flip the switch once the Batcivic is parked.

Hola Stinqueros! I left work went straight (heh heh, straight) to vote, 3pmCST, no waiting (tho they said they had been constantly busy all day) and now in for the rest of the day, decided to pass on the local Dem. victory party. My conversation today with bldg. secretary is typical of a lot of people voting today. She said she has never voted Democratic ever in an election, but today she and her hubby are voting for Obama. And it isn’t a “lesser of two evils vote” situation.


Oh, come on. You know you want to. It’s like picking a scab.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Aaaargh!! I went to FreeRepublic and read garbage posted by desperate losers. Aaaargh! Must get back underground where it’s safe.

@mellbell: Have a look. It makes the schadenfreude that much more satisfying.

Obama’s up by nine in exit polls in Indiana????

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
Kerry folks were pretty excited about the exit polls (so was I.)

Looks like the Freepers not only cling to guns and religion, but also denial.

@Lyndon LaDouche:

It takes a strong stomach, but then, you’re Englsh so I imagine you have a pretty strong one from all that Brit cuisine.

@RomeGirl: Exit polls lean Dem, supposedly. But this is such an extraordinary…

…hold on, Prop 4 robocall…

…vote Yes on 4 because girls can be kidnapped and taken to abortionists without their parents’ consent.

Well. Haven’t heard thatangle before.

Freepers: Fap fap fap fap f… WHAT THE FUCK? Palin. Hmmmm Todd. Hmmmmm Fap fap fap fap fap fap…

@nojo: That’s arguably the first thing that goes through the parents’ minds when their pregnant daughter is kidnapped: “What if she comes back not pregnant?!”


Also, apparently, by 15 points in Pennsylvania. The same people reporting that are simultaneously predicting a McCain landslide victory though, so, ah, consider the source….

@nojo: It’s already changed, Obama up by one. I just got all excited, is all. Don’t listen to me.

@mellbell: Well, anytime there’s a slowdown in the abortion industry, some people kinda go freelance, if you know what I mean.

@RomeGirl: Oh, you’re looking at the first returns that have trickled in, aren’t you? Those are bound to be erratic.

Hell, this is worth transcribing…

“In California, anyone, including a child predator, can take my 13-year-old daughter for an abortion, a serious medical procedure, wthout me even knowing about it. That’s wrong.”

Ummm… okay.

Tweety: “Pennsylvania is a John Wayne state, not a Jane Fonda state.”

Do we even have a Jane Fonda state?

@nojo: Dude. You’ve heard of serial rapists? This is just the sort of opposite end of the spectrum. Serial abortionists. Totally.

RomeBoy saying VA will go to McCain. Am thinking about leaving him.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Werd. But, he’d like it too much.

CNN called Kenutcky and Vermont – but ISN’T CALLING GEORGIA??

@RomeGirl: That’s a good sign that they’re not calling Georgia. Right?

Hey. I’ve been lurking all day, and I should be doing my duty for the ACLU, but I had to stop by and say Hi! So Hi! And I’m looking forward to being with you guys later tonight. Are they going to call the race at 8 pm EST?

Hey, is that Flippin Eck I see in line??

Ooh, Wolf unveiling something “never been done before”…a hologram!

ADD: their producers are either drunk or tripping; that is the stoopidest thing I have ever seen.

@nabisco: Oh, and yeah, that was me at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall today. Felt like seeing some history. Seems fitting.

@JNOV: Very fitting. Hey, we’re now over on new post with the nifty electoral map gizmo

@nabisco: Thanks for the heads up. Be right there!

The decision has been made and the red feather boa is coming along as an accessory for Obamapalooza. Watch for me to be dragged off in straightjacket (and still wearing boa) for trying to party it up at a dignified, historic event.

Alright, here we go. Homofascist is standing by to pass on texts as evening unfolds. Over and out–keep the faith, people, and have some champers ready!

My Obamapalooza pics are here! They have been added to this Jam–come check them out! There’s a particularly adorable picture of Barack and Michelle that I need you all to see, so you can melt like I did when I saw it!

@flippin eck: “The First Couple” is the single best photo of the event I’ve seen. Good job.

@flippin eck: Awesome pix, the cineplex-ready First Couple shot is more than worth the price of admission. And way to rock the Got Hoop? shirt!

@flippin eck: Heart melting at the First Couple photo. Did you see the Sasha Obama slideshow at HuffPo?

P.S. You’re so cute in your “Got Hoop?” shirt.

P.S.S. Who is the guy a few photos earlier in the “Got Hoop?” shirt?

@SanFranLefty: That’s Nabisco! After I linked to the vendor where I bought it, he went and bought one too! Isn’t that cute?

Thanks for reaffirming my reaction to that couple pic. As soon as I saw it on the camera LCD screen, I started jumping up and down and I shouted at my friend, “Oh my god, they’re a romcom movie poster!”

@SanFranLefty: That is Nabisco – if you go to the Stinque Steam there is more info…

@flippin eck:
i can’t stop crying.
dodger’s story and that pic you took are NOT helping.
my god, they look like a GWTW poster!

@baked: Sent you a message on other thread in response to yours to me from early this morning. Email me at or and I’ll send you my phone number, too.

@flippin eck: You look much better than I do, however. I was two sheets short of falling over from drink and Hope ™, and my hastily assembled hijab was a weak attempt at remaining anonymous.

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