San Diego HateFest Pregame Show

May God have mercy on Nojo and Pedonator, because we’ll be photoblogging from the belly of the beast starting at 6 p.m. Eastern. The event itself begins at Qualcomm Stadium in the morning, but no way in hell are we getting up early for it.

The Call

Pre-election prayer day set [SD Union-Tribune]

Thousands to Pray, Fast Together for California Marriage Protection [Christian Post]

Center Stage [Gay & Lesbian Times]

No on 8


So, are you going to wear your ‘Jesus is my Fiance’ T-shirt?

I can’t take this any more. I’m beginning to hope they do outlaw same-sex marriage. What difference will it make? I’m legally married and it means shit. Let the country see these people for what they are and deal with the consequences.

Question: Why do NONE of the ‘reporters’ who write about this story know anything about a) the Bible? b) the history of the US? c) the history of unorthodox Protestantism? so that they can report this issue intelligently? Why does no one seem to fucking understand what fucking marriage is in the first place? Why is this issue not understood as being about civil rights?

Question: Why does the bride’s father bring her down the aisle to meet the groom before the altar?

Question: Why did Jesus strip naked before the last supper? Why did he then wrap a towel (apron? depends on translation, but as I remember, the KJV gives towel) about his loins kneel before each of the apostles in turn, draw their feet into his lap and wash them? Then why did he lie with the head of the apostle He loved most on his naked breast? Prizes will be given for correct answers. (First prize is a weekend with Baked’s husband at Mohegan Sun)

Question: WHO GIVES A FUCK?????!!!

There I’ve said it. Now I must get to work. Musical theatre waits for no man. If this seems somewhat unhinged there is a reason: as a ‘creative’ type I’m supposed to be unhinged. It’s part of my charm to go off on mad rants.

Oh, and, Question: Why are all the ads (that I’ve seen at least) made to defeat the amendment so fucking puerile? I will not give a penny to see such tripe on a TV.

Now I’ve got it off my chest. Yes, I do feel better. Thanks for asking.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Fuck you, man! Jesus would have lived had he been able to marry those 12 guys and lived a normal life in a polygamist commune instead of turning into a weird hippie with a deathwish flipping off the Romans all the time. Think of it! He may still be alive today, choosing eternal life on earth with his 12 husbands and shit. Nojo, these are points you should bring up with those people at Qualcomm stadium today.

@FlyingChainSaw: I believe it was George Carlin who pointed out that belief in a Jewish zombie wasn’t too bright.

Also, assuming Jesus was for real, would he feel anything but pity for these hate-filled snake handlers?

@Lyndon LaDouche: “If this seems somewhat unhinged there is a reason: as a ‘creative’ type I’m supposed to be unhinged. It’s part of my charm to go off on mad rants.” Well shit that explains a lot about my problem.

@AARPrick: See how that works? And once you’ve got that established you can pretty much do what you want. I once made such a scene in a hospital before allowing a doctor to put in stitches (in my face!!! which would explain extreme reaction) that I was later ashamed to go back and have them taken out. I had to do it myself. Still. Worth it.

Probably a whole lot of embarrassment that they’re doing it in his name.

I’m betting there is a whole lot of projection going on.

Note: I grew up in a rural environs and didn’t have any exposure to gays (that I know of) so I had many of the same homophobic attitudes that rednecks had mostly because I never knew any better. In university, (ah damn librul edumakashun) I met my first gays. Only problem was that most of them were pretty angry gays (later, I realized that in many cases they had a pretty good reason to be.) But I didn’t scream out “HOMO” or “FAG” because what they did never really impacted me. I got hit on a couple of times by men who were drunk enough that their “gaydars” were off kilter. Happens. I didn’t freak out (unlike a couple of guys I knew.) Unknowingly, the old redneck attitudes slowly eroded away.

After graduation, I worked with a couple of “out” gays and one in the closet gay (at this job, we worked with a staff of rednecks and jeebus freaks so I understand why he did.) I treated them the same as my straight (or allegedly straight) co workers, went to lunch with them etc. Who they screw is really no business of mine anyway.

I didn’t realize how much I changed till I argued with my ignorant about the subject mom over gay marriage. I was Pro. As per my curious nature I read about the impact of Stonewall 1969 and the treatment of gays over time.

Only person I know who still cracks homophobic jokes is RWer acquaintance of mine. He still thinks all gays are mincing sissies. And freaked out when a guy hit on him once. After Cocktober 06, I’m pretty sure now that he’s bi-sexual and absolutely scared of his gay tendencies like he is scared/insecure about pretty much everything else.

So there you go, a reformed ex-homophobic dumbass.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Question: Why does the bride’s father bring her down the aisle to meet the groom before the altar?

Well as you may well know, women are property, and need to be handed from one owner to another. Can’t have women running around un-owned and out of control of a firm, loving, husband who is head of the household, and to whom the woman must be submissive to.

beat me to it. yes, a tradition to remind us we are still, in traditional ceremonial customs, chattel.

fun fact: the bride carries a bouquet because bathing once a year was the custom at one time. allowing her to marry and mask the gamey.

@baked: And posies were meant to mask the smell of 16th Century gutters, and prevent getting the plague :)

Hence Ring-a-ring-rosie… and we all fall down.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I have used my temperamental creativity as leverage at work along with my age and experience to be the resident “prick”. I used to regret it a bit, but after 30 years is “well f’you if you don’t like it”. Tho I think I should culture it a bit more so it’s a bit less strident more blase’.

The hissy fit to me seems to be over the semantics of the issue. I really don’t see a difference between a civil union and marriage as long as the the rights are the same who really should give a squat. I personally think that all unions between persons should be civil and done at a governmental office, like any legal contract , thus adding $$$ to the state coffers. If you want a wedding/marriage then do the private religious shit. Sort of like they used to do in the Eastern Bloc countries, the old communist style, said the aging Bolshevik.

Also I have the impression that if the fundies lose on this issue they fear the polygamists will want their rights on marriage, which leads to the irony that the LDS are so active in defeating Prop 8, though I grasp their motivation.

From my personal stand point, if I would live with the man I love, I don’t know if a civil union would be considered. But we both are older, have been married, with children so we would be an atypical same sex couple.

@AARPrick: We’ve got a similar problem her in Australia.

The quickest way to resolve inheritance rights, medical decisions, visitation rights at hospitals or prisons is via marriage.

But marriage to me is abhorrent. It’s a ceremony of ownership, not of recognising mutual love and respect.

It’s also become a pissing contest about how much one spent on one’s wedding, and how grand the gown was.

One of the 6:30pm current affairs shows (think trashy tabloid, chasing dodgy tradesmen down the street with secret cameras) is advertising a “Does Marriage mean anything any more ? ” story, as defacto couples (them what live in sin) are going to get the same “rights” as married couples.

It’s archaic, it’s barbaric. And the chicken dish at the reception is inedible.

that was chilling! ashes ashes, we all fall down.
i was right, my childhood was nightmarish.
you have ruined ring around the rosey for me!
now are you going to tell me the odd one out in musical chairs was originally a virgin sacrifice to the volcano?

@CheapBoy: Exactly right. At one time the bride didn’t even appear. The contract was between the previous owner and the new owner. Any ideas on the ‘towel’ issue? I thought the ‘rosies’ were the buboes caused by the plague.

@AARPrick: Couldn’t agree more. The whole issue only serves to inflame my piles. However, I would like some form of legal protection. I tend to think the whole marriage deal is framed in a hopelessly bourgeois manner. The confusion about polygamy (which I always enjoy) arises over the fact that it is a religious form of marriage, which takes as its authority the old testament. So it has no place in our civil society for that reason.

As for the ‘hissy fit’: it takes a considerable amount of training to pull it off properly. It takes years of flouncing about and over-reacting to get it right. however, it’s a skill not to be sneered at and can be very useful when judiciously deployed.

@baked: Many Nursery rhymes have a political context to them. Georgie Pordgie Pudding and Pie was meant to be about some British politician, and Humpty Dumpty too.

It’s a fascinating topic, but not one I’d spend too much time on unless I was doing a doctorate.

@CheapBoy: @Lyndon LaDouche: The argument here involving Prop 8, and the primary electoral motivation on the “No” side, deals more in my mind with the emotional dimension.

In 2004, when Mayor McDreamy allowed same-sex weddings in San Francisco, many states were subject to a barrage of state constitutional amendments. In addition to the blow that Kerry lost, to know that your neighbors voted to be retrograde in their thinking and voted against you hurt. Rejection fucking sucks. I don’t care if people say the argument isn’t “about hate.”

I found out that some of my own relatives, whom I thought accepted me and loved me for who I was, voted for the measure. I still have problems with them and they wonder why I refuse to show up to some family occasions or call them or associate with them.

The argument about marriage aside (I personally have no intent to join a civil union or marriage for a long time), this is about giving the mob masses of stupid and easily scared people the right to take away a right which was granted to another group of people. A yes win can be interpreted by some as an incredible bitchslap in the face to gay people. It’s a step back for many people who thought society had advanced beyond its prejudices, and it hurts like hell to think of it. Naturally, we’ve seen the kind of sign-stealing, neighbor-against-neighbor screaming and outright violence because of this.

To some, a yes vote says that “we’ll put up with you, but only to a certain point. So go sit back down and be good little faggots and just go back to interior design or dog grooming.” I can completely understand the civil unions v. marriage nomenclature argument. But emotions outweigh the logic in the drama over Prop 8 (2, 102 and etc.).

If there could be an absolute guarantee of absolute equality in the law between civil unions and marriage, or at least allowing for “civil” marriage and “religious” marriage, I’d be fine with that.

Yo, boys, this isn’t a one way mission, is it? If so, take as many of them with you as you can.

RML supports gay marriage, not only as a matter of equality, and recognition of commitment (or momentary insanity, viz. Britney Spears in Vegas) and partly because as my esteemed colleague Mr. Cheap says, it resolves a lot of legal shit. Hell, more non-gay people should get married to get that stuff nailed down. There was a case here in New Mexico in which long-term non-gay partners attempted to have their union recognized as the functional equivalent of marriage for insurance purposes and got shot down in the state appellate court.

So go in there wearing a shirt saying “what part of liberty and justice for all do you disagree with?” (my signature line on a friend’s gun blog) and also respectfully inquire of those shitheads whether they deny the self-evident truth “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

[OMG – a hunting show has stolen the MST3K thing of sillhouttes dispensing snark to what’s on the screen – a guy in a outback hat and an antlered buck. Something I’m philosophically opposed to: shooting game over bait. There’s a reason it’s called “hunting” and not “killing animals”.]

@Lyndon LaDouche: I could write a long post on the ignorance of reporters. Mrs RML once worked with someone she sent to cover a Christmas thing that knew nothing of Christianity and another guy who thought MLK founded the Lutherans. “Go to whatever college you went to and get your money back, because they didn’t teach you anything,” she told him.

I respectfully disagree with my learned friend Mr. LaDouche on whether creative types must also be unhinged. That point of view on the part of my instructors was one reason I quit studying art in college.

Brides may have been property, but a hell of a unique kiind of property; its the only kind of property I know of that the first owner had to PAY the second owner to take. Ya know, the dowry?

Anyhoo, please, don’t hate the ceremony, there is a fine line between “membership” and “ownership,” and the transfer from father to husband also maybe signifies leaving one family and entering another, you “belong” to your family, but that does not mean your family owns you. Definitely patriarchal, but not as disrespectful viewed that way.

These christianists are the totes bugshit, I mean the completely crazeeee and dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Anyone that dumb, they’re just lucky the Mormons didn’t get them first.

If we don’t make it back alive, I want baked to have my CB3000 for use on RB.

So the November Surprise is Obama’s illegal alien Kenyan welfare aunt? Too little too late.

@Pedonator: Ya really shoulda put a warning on that link, really, not for the faint of heart. He he.

@redmanlaw: Do you mean you are not aware that you are unhinged, my xon?

I think the more important question is, why is the bride smiling when she walks down the aisle?
She knows she’s given her last blowjob.

On a serious note, being unable to marry cost one of my dearest friend’s his life. He was an artist, his partner was the one with the pension/insurance/etc. After his partner died quite suddenly, he had no steady income, none of the benefits he would have received as a widower, and of course no health insurance, or money for health care. He died two years later of totally preventable causes. I am bitter, bitter, bitter about it.

@Pedonator: I think she should invest in one in every color.

@CheapBoy: Whats totally fascinating is that there is this transmitted, continuous, childhood culture thats passed from child to child and has a history of hundreds of years, they sing the same songs, they chant and play the same games, it evolves, but it is continuous and it is completely seperate from adult culture, only open to those from 5 to 12.

Anyone sing “Ta ra la boom de ay? Our teacher died today, we have no school today, blah blah blah? I read Mencken’s memoir “school days” and learned he sang the same song in grade school almost a hundred years before.

Comet, it makes your lips turn green, comet, it tastes like gasoline, . . .

McDonalds is my kinda place, hamburgers in your face, french fries between your toes, something I forget up your nose. . .

This one is quoted in Caddy Shack: “great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, chopped up little birdies feet, french fried eyeballs rolling down the dirty street. . .”

Yes, these are recent, but I suspect these are purely child-inivented and child-transmitted. There are so many nursery rhyme books that preserve the “Ring around the rosie” and the Humpty Dumpty things, and if in fact they were originally political commentary, then they were adult created. There is a mix of witten transmission and oral transmission going on with those materials. But the little rhymes and jingles that appear in no books, those are pure oral tradition, and that its an age-segregated oral tradition, thats so fascinating.

Anyone remember any others?

It is a heap o’ silliness. In another life, I spent a lot of time at a certain world famous art school, and ended up getting to know the instructors and lecturing studio artists and their work quite well. Some of the most productive and provocative instructors approach their work with about the same level of stolid commitment as a brick layer. One fellow, artist whose specialty was these vast, photo-impressionistic still life scenes I found out lived four door up from me. If you saw him on the train you might guess, from the bits of plaster and paint flecked on his flannel shirt, that he was a tradesman. The only giveaway was the enormous portfolio he took home some times. I’d catch him coming up the hill when he was returning from the school, portfolio tucked under arm and ask about his work. He’d just grin and nod most times but occasionally he’d remark about an elusive motif or technique he couldn’t quite master that he had to give a little midnight oil at the home studio. The soul of hingedness. I’ve been lucky to be able to go to a number of fine art museums in the US, Europe and Asia – but the most telling exhibit I ever attended about the process of art was at the regional art museum in Hamilton, NZ where they gave a showing of all the sketches that Picasso made of the bull before he committed the figure to canvas. It covered the walls in a large exhibition room, edge to edge, with 20″x”24 charcoal/pencil sketches, showing the progress of the figure and Picasso’s experiments with perspective. You read the bio about the babes and high living. Then you walk into this room and get the other side of the story: what a relentless grind the guy was in quest of a way of seeing the world and his own ideas. I think all art students should see that exhibit before they enter art school just to show them the kind of bridges one has to build and cross on their own to a place only they can see – and then show it to the world.

@redmanlaw: @redmanlaw: That point of view on the part of my instructors was one reason I quit studying art in college.

May the FSM bless our brave Stinquers as they go into the heart of darkness tonight.

@Mistress Cynica: There are so many of those similar stories that it breaks my heart.

@redmanlaw: What astounds me is that there are still states in this union of ours which recognize common-law marriage among opposite-sex couples, like in Alafuckingbama, but those states have the anti-gay marriage amendments in their constitutions.

@rptrcub: While we’re on a tear, let’s not forget the states like Oklahoma that refuse to recognize adoptions — from ANY state — by gay couples. If a gay couple from California had a wreck while driving through Oklahoma with their kids, the dumbfucks would refuse to recognize their parental rights and would make their injured children wards of the state. And yes, that passed on a fucking ballot initative, a/k/a mob rule.

@Mistress Cynica: This is really what terrifies me. We are both supposed to go to CA for work next year. If this proposition passes and we are left with no defenses it means that if anything were to happen to either of us we’d have no legal standing. FL too. I’m supposed to go there but if the amendment passes there FL will become off-limits. I daresay I’m over-reacting but I want to know what the practical ramifications are.

@FlyingChainSaw: Alright, I admit, I have flounced in my time but not for years. Making anything is long and difficult. Then you finish and have to try to get it produced. The arts are no different from any other endeavor. The truth of the matter is that the only people left in the theatre with what used to be called temperament are the agents and producers.

Um. Is that video real?

I’m sorry, I’ve been immersed in an unbelievable amount of work, and am only fully concentrating on this post now.


If muzzlins did that? If tens of thousands rented out a fucking stadium to pray and fast for something they didn’t approve of? Can you fucking IMAGINE what people would think?

This was so not the thing to learn about on a PMS day 4 days before the election. I am literally seeing red.

@RomeGirl: The video is very real. Now imagine a stadium full of that shit. Or just wait three hours, when we’ll show it to you…

@Lyndon LaDouche: If you have to go, get a durable power of attorney and health care proxy in case anything happens. They do recognize those. When I worked for an estate planning attorney in OK, that was part of our standard package for gay or unmarried couples.

@nojo: I don’t think you should go. I fear for your safety. And your mental health. You’re either very brave or a fucking lunatic. Holy shit. It looks like the opening credits to True Blood. And the guy talking sounds like a WWF star.

@RomeGirl: @nojo: I couldn’t make it through more than 15 seconds. Nojo and Pedo, be VERY careful — I’m serious.

@Mistress Cynica: Jinx! They are so fucking rabid and scary.

@Mistress Cynica: We’ve done all that. You’re still at the mercy of a fundie nurse who doesn’t approve. And if you’re in a state that explicitly forbids any kind of legal recognition you’re fucked. And not in the good way.

@RomeGirl, @Mistress Cynica: I’m not sure how long we’ll last, I have a doggy to come home and feed anyway, so I can’t stay for the grand finale/Rapture after sunset.

I had a dream last night that I got into a shouting match with a Christianist as we were leaving the stadium. But unlike the Geez, I don’t have a short fuse — I think we both agreed we’re going to try to avoid confrontation (I hope there’s a sizable contingent of protesters there for that). It’s an anthropological excursion.

I’m secretly hoping the Talibunny makes a surprise appearance.

Wait! They’re throwing Amiee Semple McPherson in there? She was a true nut job who faked her own suicide in the ocean. (I couldn’t watch much of the video either.)

Jr has kids over playing Dark Heresy (a DnD-type game), and two of his friends that are over are gay. The one who is old enough to vote isn’t registered. I lectured them that if prospective bans on gay marriage and other things piss them off, they have to at least vote. Gar!

Ped and Nojo – look on the bright side. You will probably be able to get a really good blowjob in the men’s room.

Seriously be careful.

@homofascist: I missed that opportunity when I went to the Sondheim 75th birthday tribute at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. The line for the men’s room was a mile long. The women were laughing at us.

Just to clarify. If I was eligible to vote, I would vote no on Prop 8. It’s just the whole wed, forever, thing I can’t understand.

I think the pagan hand binding ceremony, which specifies a period of time is much more sensible.

i sent the link for the cb3000 to rat bastard. with a short note saying happy anniversary and what color do you want.
he called and was LAUGHING. ped, this man laughs every leap year, so kudos for amusing the rat. makes my life more pleasant.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
mr. baked is all in as first prize.
i don’t know what happened to him. his standard response when this subject came up was, i can’t have another lover, i need help handling bonnie.
then he goes away for an extended trip and voila’ he’s a swinger.
he’s still talking about ‘open’ marriage. the only thing that will open when we get back together is one of his major arteries. for a short guy, he has some pair on him.

a shadenfreude moment: he finally told her he’s going back to his wife–she’s inconsolable!! goody!!! goody!!! goody!!!
let’s bow our heads and give thanks to FSM and KARMA.
what you get when you poach a married man–nuthin.
the wife will always trump a dalliance. our marriage wasn’t broken, we just were apart too long…take heed! a fiesty lonely dick has no sense!

@baked: Baked dear, while weeding yesterday I was considering your dilemma. It seems to me that if you have been plunged into this much turmoil then clearly you’re not ready to call it quits. When RB gets back, or you get there (though it must be tough to leave Sergio), I hope you can reach an understanding. Every marriage goes through its ups and downs and sideways.

@CheapBoy: I don’t disagree. However, I want joint tax filing – it’s cheaper. I want inheritance. Pensions. Etc. But long-term one-on-one isn’t for everyone.

@baked: What, he didn’t think you were serious?


@Lyndon LaDouche:
we’re sideways, we’ve been up, we’ve been down. i don’t know if i’m ready or not. he’s coming here in 2 weeks for the winter til february. (pay attention!) THEN i decide if i go back with him to jerusalem. i already decided the GF had to go. and he had to drag his cheating ass home now. this is all that has happened. i forgave him, he forgave me. we’re curious to see what’s left. seems like a lot….
i’m betting i do some time in the holy land, as rat’s bodyguard.

what are you thinking? leave sergio? no way! he’s traveling on a cargo only flight specializing in transporting large animals, and the little critters fly with us in the hold where an attendant monitors them almost constantly. you know how batty brittish air would be about pets!

coming from someone on husband #4 and fiance’ #6, one on one never worked for me. i was a species that didn’t breed in captivity. but rat changed all that. i’ve been with him longer than all the rest put together and still melt from how pale green and beautiful and intelligent a rats eyes can be…..

ya know who i am? who rat is?
we’re perry and jordan from scrubs.

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