Last night, I was at the Blackhawks game. The pre-game festivities are sappy, as they are in any sports arena — music and imagery designed to pump up the crowd seems awfully contrived. But, of course, the National Anthem is different here. Usually, people stand silently until the last few bars. Here, the crowd loudly applauds and cheers, drowning out the song. Last night, I got a little emotional during the Anthem, thinking about what is to come.

Due to spotty internet connections and other responsibilities — working for Barry up in Madison, primarily — I will not be posting again, probably, until it is all over. Hopefully, we will take down the enormous forces that have been built and refined over the last eight years. May I just say, however, that you guys have helped me laugh through these years, and that I am grateful? (I may say that? Gee! Thanks, you guys!)

Now then — let’s go win this thing.


CB, something got screwed up again with your embedding. Have fun in Madison! Make sure all those college students go vote (and their votes are counted).

Ho ho ho! Let’s talk about fans a bit. Yesterday was the Phillies parade. Over 1M people came into Center City. At 1 PM, they stopped all inbound train service. I think they did this because there were way too many drunk people roaming the streets. I saw a guy peeing on the side of a building while posing for pictures. Yes, people were taking pictures of him peeing on the wall.

Here is a slideshow of the celebration. Check out the guy in his briefs with the “P” spray painted on his chest.

Some random guy was walking down the street throwing punches at strangers. One guy was left with a split lip.

People were pulling coolers down the street as they made their way to the bar in my building. Crowds of folks were just standing around trying to figure out what to do next.

I stayed in the city until 8:30 PM thinking that they’d have the trains back on schedule by then. Oh, no. When I left my office, the SEPTA’s (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s) website said my train was on time. Ten minutes later it said my train was 20 minutes late. Then 60 minutes. Then 80 minutes. I decided to take the El and then a bus. Three hours after I left my office, I was home. It usually takes about 30 minutes on the train. When it’s running.

ZOMG! And the train station was a mess. Dirty Philly people. ARGH! We don’t know how to behave.

ADD: Firefox is acting wonky with this post. The display is kind of dicked up.

@JNOV: Damn, Cole Hamels is hot. Had I known that, I might have taken an interest.

@JNOV: Deadspin’s coverage was awesome.

@Mistress Cynica: I know, right? And he seems to be a nice guy, too. That makes him even more attractive.

@redmanlaw: Coverage of the parade and the looting?

Hope to read your posts when this is all over.

“Till we meet again, don’t know where don’t know when…”

@JNOV: Those are some crazy grandpa briefs right there…

@homofascist: I know! We also had streakers yesterday. The cops got one, but the rest somehow escaped.

@JNOV: I was getting alerts throughout the day from center city officials. Friday morning a cabinet meeting consisted of “well, they’re saying it is only minor looting, so that’s good.”

The ‘burgh never behaved much better. I remember having to look up “rape” in the dictionary the day after the Stillers won their first SB.

@JNOV: It was just one of those statistics reported in the paper the next day “X number of muggings, 4 rapes, as Pittsburgh celebrated its first championship….” and even though I was fifteen I had to look up the word. Pittsburgh in the mid-70s was a pretty bleak place.

OTH, I guess that’s good that I didn’t know what rape meant until I was fifteen.

@nabisco: I didn’t know you grew up there. My dad used to work for the Federal Reserve, and I was born in Allegheny Community Hospital. We moved to Philly when I was six months old. Go Steelers! But yeah, to live fifteen years in or near a city and not know what rape is is amazing and probably is a good thing.

@JNOV: Hell yeah. A game is a game but fucking police cars getting overturned and chicks going to work showerless smelling of beer hair (and maybe vomit), THAT’s sports coverage.

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