Black Passion Lust Spell

What you will need:

• rose petals
• one red candle
• black passion incense
• an athame (ceremonial dagger)

How it works:

Make a circle with the rose petals. Use the athame to draw energy. Once this is done, you recite:

“The circle is cast and we are now between worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one. It is in this place we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate. And now we are as one. So mote it be!”

Then place the candle in the middle of the circle and visualize your lust into the candle. Say the subject’s name followed by:

“And now the spell will be cast. I, (insert your name), cast a spell of lust over (insert subject’s name). Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams of unbridled lust and passion for me, who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time. So mote it be.”

Now light the candle and say:

“And as we light this candle, it is done with no ill consequences to anyone, including ourselves.”

Say your thanks, close out the spell, and wait for the magic to happen.

Where do I find an athame this time of night? Will a steak knife do?

Rose petals…dagger…candles…incense. Dude, you forgot the hot tub.

Are those things in the photo actual sex toys? Because I can’t stop giggling.

BYU grad/49ers star Steve Young opposes Prop. 8. Probably a bigger deal than the radio ads featuring DiFi and Arnie begging people “whatever you think about marriage, don’t vote for discrimination and hate.”

Mr. SFL’s mom voted from her hospital bed for the Unicorn and for Prop. 8. Mr. SFL informed her that she will never see us have a wedding due to her vote if Prop. 8 wins. Harsh, but necessary.

Meanwhile, helicopters are circling over my home, waiting for Halloween drama to erupt over the Castro.

Could those little flappy-hands actually serve a purpose?

@nojo: Ghosts do need rubbers. No ectoplasm exchange!

@Mistress Cynica: Yes.

@Pedonator: I didn’t think about it earlier, but there must be some Caspar/Wendy porn out there.

@nojo: Caspar/Wendy porn is for the vanillahs. My hired incubus puts it all into perspective. And he uses three wetsuits, so it’s totally safe.

@SanFranLefty: Did they close down the Castro again this year?

@SanFranLefty: Well-known asshole and former Dodger, Giant and Astro Jeff Kent gave money to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign.

Careful Nojo, you’ll have the prayer warriors after you if you insist on promoting witchcraft!

Do you weigh more than a duck?

@CheapBoy: Shhh! I plan on turning everyone in the stadium into newts.

so now you tell me. where were you when my husband was on vacation last week with his girlfriend?

save the eyes of the newts…a staple in all spells.

i fell asleep again and missed after dark! this was gonna be a juicy one. determining whether my father is gay, my suspicion. jump right in with opinions…..

Tried to write more on previous comment but the machinery wouldn’t permit it. The goddess’s name is spelled Hecate. Wikipedia has a long, long, fascinating article on her. Female Stinquers, especially, might enjoy reading more about her. Goddess of the wilderness and childbirth. At crossroads, there were sometimes statues of her (in her three-headed [!] manifestation). The dog is the animal most strongly associated with her.

@lynnlightfoot: I agree.
@baked: Blackmail-quality photographs finding their way to me might just, you know, find their way onto the site. Just sayin’ ….

@SanFranLefty: Oh, no. Salt Lake is not going to be happy with Mr. Young.

(Continuing my downtown Philly bitch fest.) Then the Halloween revelers came into town to mix with the Phillies fans. Too many people! I need to move to a small town, but for some reason I love it here.

@SanFranLefty: Making pepitas from last night’s pumpkin innards. Check out Mrs RML’s Hispanic religious art collection on the stinque stream.

@redmanlaw: Loved the art collection. Reminds me of a friend who collects icons, which she displays in her dining room. I want to genuflect when I go in there.

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