Talibunny Whimpering for the ACLU to Protect Her From the Marxist Media ?

Fucking Psycho Whimpers Marxist Press is Mean to Her

Fucking Psycho Talibunny Whimpers Marxist Press is Mean to Her. Therefore, the First Amendment is doomed!

The Talibunny, a confused theocratic fascist from the socialist state of Alaska transformed by her vice presidential candidacy into the comedic sensation of a lifetime, whimpered on a fascist radio show in Washington, DC Friday morning that her First Amendment right to shout mendacious political porno is being threatened by reporters who question the veracity of her claims, for example, that Barack Osama is a space alien who will eat voters’ babies if elected president.

For the Talibunny, it is all a huge conspiracy by the Marxist Elite Media who would step on the throats of the righteous and godly that would speak the truth about the depthless evil that stalks America: godless Marxist reporters who hate America attacking her sooth-saying as ‘negative’ campaigning. What would be left of our freedoms if we could not quote from ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in every speech and call for the internment of all residents of the United States with three or more vowels in their names without reporters wafting their farts at us?

ABC News reports:

Palin told WMAL-AM that her criticism of Obama’s associations, like those with 1960s radical Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, should not be considered negative attacks.  Rather, for reporters or columnists to suggest that it is going negative may constitute an attack that threatens a candidate’s free speech rights under the Constitution, Palin said.

The Stinque.com Waaaahmbulance has been dispatched with Emergency Whining Technicians to apply discipine instilling gnoogies.


Welcome to the jungle, baby. Your (political career) is gonna diiiiiiiieeeee!

I never understood why a reporter didn’t join an Assemblies of God church, learn their rap about end-times and sit down with Palin and break into tears about the end times and her destiny as the gatekeeper of rapture, etc. to see what he or she could get out of her. Churches like that instill the serious crazy and, if you know where to probe, you could get the Talibunny babbling.

I think she will have a long run as field marshal of the Adkisson Brigades who view her as a combination of fertile earth mother, valkyrie, commander-in-chief and queen of the white race. She clearly digs provoking hatred and political violence.

Being called on one’s stupidity is not “threatening one’s right to speak”. You *have* the right to say whatever you like. Others have the right to say, “Wow. That is some seriously fucked up speech.”

The depth and breadth of her stupidity seems to be growing…I didn’t really think it as possible…

Fantastic photo–really brings out teh crazee-eyes.

“Why is everybody always picking on me?”

I’m still wondering about her links to the AIP and why that makes her, a real US Amerikan as opposed to Barry. This would be like a Parti Quebecois (Quebec Separatist) joining the Tories…er, uh, that already happened…Fucking Lucienne Bouchard.

All my plans for Halloween fell through so I ended up giving out candy to the kids tonight. No costumes that stood out.

@LuxMentis: She is a fucking performance artist. You can’t buy or train this kind of stupidity. It is a gift from a cackling, twisted God. The ‘Drill, baby, Drill!” speech at the solar place – in Toledo, a place of important industrial history in glass fabrication and big troubles with overseas competition, no less – was just the apotheosis of Talibunny-go-duh!

@ManchuCandidate: just had an absolutely adorable 4 yr old pink-haired Tinkerbell. Otherwise mostly fat teens.

Talibunny makes me stabby.

My first, knee-jerk reaction, is a combination of rage and disbelief, that Talibunny, like most of the christian right, has such a persecution complex. How, just how, can christian white people, the dominant group in our culture, feel so sorry for themselves, so persecuted, they think they are under siege and are being persecuted simply because they are being asked not to persecute others. What the fucking fuck produces this mindset of righteous martyrdom, in a society where they dominate, and control, everything.

But then I realize, its not really about their beliefs and values, its about teh stupid.

They have enough awareness to know that they are looked down on for their stupidity. No, thats wrong, they have enough awareness to know they are looked down on for something, and cognitive dissonance, combined with stupidity, being what it is, they can’t accept that its because of their stupidity, so they comfort themselves (being a righteous martyr is very comforting) by thinking its because of their whiteness, and their religion.

So in that sense their persecution complex is justified, even though they don’t recognize why they are persecuted, its not their whiteness or chrsitianity, its their astounding stupidity.

She still makes me feel very very stabby.

@ManchuCandidate: No, it wouldn’t. The Quebecois had at least a dialogue with the federation that culminated in the 1995 referendum. They’d engaged the federation to consider, bring to democratic vote and close a process that could have ended with Quebec independence – or not. For what it was worth, it was an orderly program that resolved the issue peacefully. The US is so fucking hypermilitarized, Army Airborne would have the leaders of the AIP beheaded and in bags the moment they aired a proposal to secede. Any sitting governor who reads the newspapers knows this. You can’t have a lunch room protest without special forces being called out. She was putting her citizens in harms way with this crap and, if she had half a wit and cared about her people, she’d tell them to put that toy away before they hurt themselves with it.

@Mistress Cynica:
I’m just glad I bought an extra box of chocolate bars at the last minute or I would have been screwed. It also didn’t help that I, er, imbibed a little bit.

Last year I got more than a few mouthy snots who demanded candy without saying trick or treat. One kid started at me for a whole two minutes before it clicked into his head why I didn’t give him any goodies.

Dear Gov. Palin, are you putting on weight on the campaign trail? Your face is looking wider. No wonder your new $150K wardrobe seems a bit snug. Are you still trying to add Zamboni to the 2009 Palin family photo?

Awwwww, maybe those of us in the big bad media would treat Bible Spice better if she actually held a press conference and, y’know, answered questions.

It worked for the Psychogeezer for a long time.

It certainly was civil. What really put a damper on things:

1) if Quebec wanted to go they would inherit their share of the debt
2) Quebec is a lot like Alaska where they think that they pay into Confederation. They do not. They get the largest hunk of total bucks, but not per captia.
3) They wouldn’t get Northern Que which happens to be the source of most of their revenue from mining, forestry and the James Bay Hydro Electric Project.

I agree with your comment about her view on her “people.” She’s a narcissist so her followers are just tools to be used for her glory.

@ManchuCandidate: Just had the most awesome trick or treater: tween girl dressed as a hippie, who thanked Mr Cyn for her candy, then said, “Vote for Kennedy!”

There was a psychological study on cognitive recognition of competence.

Those that are not competent generally don’t question their abilities and usually give themselves higher marks in their abilities than their actual skill level.

This highlights why the “common” man isn’t often the best to ask about judging someone’s abilities particularly in areas that require lots of training and ability.

@Dave H:
You’re right. If that’s a current photo that is. She seems to be also enjoying eating on the Repub dime, too. But that also is because she isn’t running a lot these days.

@Mistress Cynica:
I don’t get anyone that creative. Mind you I can’t say much. My best costume was 10 years ago when I dressed up as Judge Lance Ito.

I was wearing an Obama 08 shirt while giving out candy. A little girl saw it and told me this joke:

Q: What is Obama’s favorite vegetable?

A: Barak-oli!

@Mistress Cynica: I just got a hippie that was old enough to really be one.

@FlyingChainSaw: You are wise. I do beleive that there will be domestic terrorism after the Obama election, various retarded and pathetic pigufucker groups will attempt hopeless and stupid actions which will all fail spectacularly.

But there will be no repeat of 1860, because even though the military is chock full of the offspring of pigfucking retards, there is no way the US military would ever support an insurrection. I may be paranoid to even need to feel comforted by this thought. But I do.

No, any manifestation of violence by our mouthbreathing racist elements will in the end be a good thing, there will be a lot of closet racism revealing itself in the light of day as the ugly thing it is, and there will be a cleansing.

To put it more simply, the southern religious racist power base which has supported the corrupt fascist wing of the party will reveal its ugliness so thoroughly that even the sane republicans will be forced to disavow them, and the coalition that began with Nixon’s southern strategy, which should never have been called anything but the “racism strategy,” and all it comprehends, the war on drugs (blacks), war on crime (blacks), reaction against welfare (blacks), and the christian right theocratic movement,(abortion, gays, and prayer) will be forever dissolved.

So I am hoping for violence, christian racist whackjobs revealing their true agenda, their complete lack of commitment to the real ideals of freedom and democracy, revealing their true agenda, fascist theocratic dictatorship, so that once its out in the open, the good people of this country will gather around with their pitchforks and picks and scythes, and destroy the ugliness completely and thoroughly so that it will not dare raise its head for generations.

That’s an old photo of Talibunny cuz she’s wearing fleece. Not that there’s anything wrong with fleece, as I pull my fleece vest closer around me…

Back to Caribou Barbie, according to my US Weekly that arrived today, the “stress” of travel and campaigning has resulted in her “shrinking” from a Size 6 to a Size 4. I call on the Stinquer Fashion Police Tim Gunn comrandes to back me up on my call, but I think she went from a Size 10 to a Size 10/9.

/Granted I have no idea how tall she is and so if she’s super short, Size 6 is possible as her starting point. If she’s over 5’6″, she’s a size 10.

@Promnight: You should be licensed to prescribe meds.

@SanFranLefty: Although, as we’ve discussed previously, she may be wearing a 6, even though she needs a 10. And will a four require a new shopping spree? At least she could go to sample sales.

@Mistress Cynica: Eggg-fucking-zactly. Where are Nina and Tim and Heidi when we need them? If she’s a Size 6, then my WNBA ass is a size 10. Maybe 8 years ago, before Bush seized power and I went to law school.

If ours was a conscripted armed forces, I’d agree with you. We’ve gone decades with an all volunteer force and that kind of recruitment scenario does tend to breed a deeper disaffection between civilian society and the military. It’s hard to imagine an Air Force Academy going Jesus ga-ga with Catholics and old line Episcopalians and Methodists being thrown into the mix at a proportion representative of the larger population.

There’s been a good deal of discussion inside the military about this and some philosophy developed by military academics. Gary Hart, no less, weighed in the dialog between society and its military in a book on the subject called Citizen Soldier that argued for a draft, in part, as a mechanism to slow the march to war.

The convergence of trends that are most discomfiting now unwholesomely combines the presence of long-time career military in the officer and non-commissioned ranks – and the emphasis on non-conventional war which has discussed under so many neologisms that I can’t remember any of them.

Scholars at armed forces colleges forty years ago were arguing for the refocusing of priorities for smaller, more intense off-battlefield engagements, the likes of which US armed forces are enduring now in Baghdad. Some scholarship envisioned affinity group conflicts requiring military engagement inside the United States, right, like all the lesbians in Seattle go militant and seize the port armed with cat dishes or something.

The non-conventional warfare scenario takes men and materiale off of the battlefield, into cities and neighborhoods and here the monster is made: soldiers get acclimated to shooting civilians and civilian non-combatants. The saner ones go crazy from it when they get home. The monsters take it as part of the job, shrug and collect their checks and count the months to their pensions.

Guys who’ve gone through years of this kind of desensitization are coming how now. If there is conflict, real civil conflict that brings large numbers of protesters into the street and provokes military response, even from National Guard troops who’ve been doing long rotations in Iraq, we will likely see large civilian casualties as soldiers respond from their experiences in Iraq and their alienation from civilian society.

@Promnight: there is no way the US military would ever support an insurrection. I may be paranoid to even need to feel comforted by this thought. But I do.

@FlyingChainSaw: Not sure I feel as comforted. Insurrection is so often in the eye of the beholder.

Unless insurrection is that deflating feeling I get just after I’ve pestorked?

@FlyingChainSaw: Also, thank you for relentlessly magnifying my inchoate fears of a dawning future of zombies, neighbors armed to the hilt, gang warfare over community tomato gardens, and a total blackout of internet porn.

But I’m a Pollyanna at heart and I can keep my chin up through all but one of those calamities.

@Pedonator: We’ll still have crude bathroom drawings to get us through the hard times.

@Pedonator: a dawning future of zombies, neighbors armed to the hilt, gang warfare over community tomato gardens

You mean PB?

Breeaking – The Who’s 1970 Isle of Wright concert is on VH1. (Like a dvd of Live at Leeds, y’all. Pour a tall one and settle in.)

@redmanlaw: Wight.

The only reason I know has to do with a quarter of my mongrel European heritage.

@nojo: Whatevs. They are jamming like hell, regardless of how you spell it.

Per Huffpo – will PA be Geezer’s Kursk?

Just wondering… What are the odds on “Riots as polling stations close doors on huge queues” ?

Oh and can I have 5 bucks on ” Bomb Threat closes inner city polling station”

@Promnight: I’m looking at the hate and vileness of the far right, and I see a festering boil in dire need of lancing.

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