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A. “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakehandlers in my motherfucking government!”

B. “No on Prop 8. The very worst there is. When you absolutely, positively got to piss off every motherfucking sensible person in the room… accept no substitutes.

C. “DO YOU ACT… LIKE… A BITCH?!” [Screamed denial.] “Then why did you try to vote like a bitch?” [Interrupting mumbled retort.] “Yes you did! YES! YOU! DID!”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Post has been edited to (a) try to fix the whole embedding thing again and (b) delete reference to someone getting whacked by Sam. Increase the peace, motherfuckers.

I live in Cal and vote for “B.” Prop 8 is hate.

TJ/ Can we show some love for Kay Hagan? I mean, srsly…

nabisco: Rule No. 1: Do not piss off a Southern lady. Never, ever, ever.

@nabisco: I am so proud of Mr. HF. He gave his first political donation ever to Kay Hagan after that horrible ad. And after her ‘bear false witness’ line I did a sassy snap and a ‘oh no she didnnnnnnn’ at my desk. Much to the amusement of my coworkers.

@homofascist: So, is it worth another $25 for a chance at the Barry Lottery? I feel so Tiger Beat right now…

@nojo: I donated there. We are spreading around our gay dollars…

nojo: Nah. Why would you want to be at a defeat rally? John McCain’s new ad basically seals the win. You see, John McCain was a POW. Barack Obama wasn’t. There is no comparison, really.

But also: Liddy’s back with a new ad. As they say in the poker world, she is pot-committed, so why not push?

(Jokes about (a) pot or (b) being committed are acknowledged in advance, warmly.)

@chicago bureau: I recently had the misfortune of holding the third-highest full house in a game of Omaha. Ouch. Pot-committed, indeed.

@chicago bureau: He was a POW? I did not know that. (goes next door to blow out brains).

@chicago bureau: Liddy, you better hope there isn’t a god, ’cause if there is, you’ll have to leave the Senate and go home to Mr. Viva Viagra.

Dodgerblue: I got you beat. I made Broadway on the turn and made a continuation bet onto this calling station in a tournament a while back. He calls. On the river, same bet. He raises. I re-raise, he’s all in, I call. He made straight-flush to the queen on the river, and I was walking. Royally pissed — but it was good play by him, I wasn’t reading flush (much less straight flush) and I was only out $60. Just one of them things.

Speaking of Prop. 8, can someone explain the collection of bumperstickers I saw on a car today on I-80 between Sack-o-tomatoes and SF? (Near Davis, to be precise).

The following stickers were on the bumper of a van that sped by me:

(1) Obama ’08

(2) U.S. out of Iraq

(3) Yes on 8 – Protect Marriage


my head hurts.

@SanFranLefty: Was it neatly placed on the vehicle? Obama doesn’t support gay marriage either (although I must believe he is pandering, but alas), so I guess supporting Obama doesn’t necessarily mean you would be No on Prop. 8.

@homofascist: Yeah, I know he doesn’t (and I agree he’s got to pander on it because as a Con Law scholar it’s hard for him to argue with the reasoning in the California marriage case)….and as I was reminded by a mailer today featuring four black ministers that said “Barack doesn’t support gay marriage” that apparently is targeting black voters and somehow got sent to my (very gay) zip code.

It was the juxtaposition of the Out of Iraq and Yes on 8 stickers that got me. I didn’t realize that anyone in the anti-war peace movement were homophobic.

@SanFranLefty: You do get the pro-peace Catholics now and then.

I wish someone would put out a commercial like that for Prop 102 here in Arizona. (It’s basically the same thing as Prop 8) The airwaves are saturated with pro-prop ads that make me wanna barf.

@mellbell: Oh SNAP!!!! You go, Miss Hagen! Liddy Dole got served, muthafuckaz!

@Mistress Cynica: I saw that thing on the Cooper firearms guy a couple of threads back. That’s bullshit. A prominent gun writer got into deep shit last year when he questioned the need for civilian ownership and use of AR-15 style weapons for hunting. Dude got his ass reeducated fast in public, almost lost his livlihood and reputation. And the right wing says we’re PC.

@Jamie Sommers: Tim Gunn did a fabulous a for No on 8. The Rungay boys have it on their site.

@redmanlaw: Maybe they spend so much time focusing on the 2nd amendment that they forgot about the first.

@Mistress Cynica: I saw that! The Jezzies posted it too. Tim Gunn is made of awesome.

@Mistress Cynica: And guns over habitat. Some gun assholes who focus on tactical and defensive arms derisively refer to hunters as “(Elmer) Fudds”. Fuck ’em.

TJ: Early voting report from Oklahoma: “In person absentee” (srsly, that’s what they call it) is so popular that there was a half-mile-long line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot at the election commission. Wait was about 2 hours. Some people who are actually going to be gone on Nov 4 are having problems getting to vote. Won’t affect the presidential race, but there’s an ugly US Senate race (Inhofe) and the first openly gay statewide candidate (Jim Roth, favored to win for Corporation Commission [they regulate energy companies and utilities]).

@Mistress Cynica: Record turnout in Texas, too, as my parents had to try three days in a row to early vote last week before the wait was less than two hours. Too bad it isn’t this year that (really, not gay) Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry was up for reelection.

@Jamie Sommers: Jeez, I was so consumed with our hateful discriminatory proposition I didn’t realize that y’all had one next door. What exactly does it say?

P.S. I heart Rachel Maddow even more – stretching out the football metaphor again (after mocking McCain’s new ads featuring Hillbot and Obama praising McCain’s solar energy policy): “Barack going after Arizona is like challenging McCain in his locker room.”

LOVE.HER. And not just because everyone says she reminds them of me. She’s way smarter than me, and less cynical, both good things.

@SanFranLefty: Some of my OK friends were having a discussion on facebook about getting time off work to vote. One woman’s company had already sent out an e-mail saying that you ONLY get 2 hours off to vote, unless you get off work 3 hours before the polls close (@7pm)–then you can’t take off at all. Oklahoma statutes state that is all employers have to do. How many people is this going to disenfranchise, if lines are more than 2 hours on election day, as is probable? And of course, likely dem voters will be more affected. I gave them the 866-OUR-VOTE info.

@chicago bureau: I don’t get too mad if I feel that I assessed the odds correctly, bet the hand right, and get beat because a wildly unlikely thing happened. That’s why it’s gambling. I do get mad when I make stupid mistakes. How people in Vegas can drink and gamble is beyond me.

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