Stinque Jam!

We’ve created a monster.

Stinque Jam I [Flickr]

trying it now. as an attachment in an email.


uploading a few more now!

@RomeGirl: I’m liking this.

I’m also going to bed. But I hope to see madness when I wake up.

@nojo: This will be come my personal playground for the next hour. I hope you don’t mind. Please feel free to delete pix when you wake up. Sweet dreams!

@RomeGirl: Play.

I shelled out for the deluxe Flickr account. It’s unbreakable.

@nojo: WTF? Why is my bitmappy picture the first one now? How embarrassing.

@RomeGirl: Zzzzz… wha?

Not sure how that happened, but I deleted it. (Not sure how to reorder yet, either.) Now I’m really going to bed.

@RomeGirl: I lied. Twice. I didn’t delete the duplicate, and I haven’t gone to bed.

The widget is displaying photos in order of the date taken — information that’s sometimes available in the file itself. I changed the date on the spare, so it should start showing up midstream instead of at the start.

@nojo: Oh FSM, thank you! I think it reordered on its own? (Note: just saw your msg., got it.) Anyway, I did two tests:

1. Sent email with nothing attached. Result: Does not post. Good.

2. Sent four in quick succession. Result: They all posted. Good. (BTW, the last four I posted are for you! To add to your weekend figurine discussions!)

Mine from my Crackberry aren’t going up.

It worked! There will be duplicates…

@JNOV: I think Nojo can delete the dupes once he wakes up. Also, they go in chronological order, which is why yours are in the middle of mine.

Cat yawning = WIN

Rosie = more pundits for Nojo’s panel!

Hey, it worked! The US propaganda ridiculing Hirohito is from me, as if you wouldn’t have already guessed that.

@RomeGirl: Jr gave me Rosie the Bobblehead Riveter! Just woke up from my nap. Whazzup, peoples?

Been away, perhaps missed the memo: what’s the secret flikr address, and can someone send it to nabisco08ATgmail etc?

O&BTW: seen this? If so, as I said I’ve been away…

ADD: I see the address, now. Will experiment from my slightly pedestrian mobile phone with email.

I can haz my pic on flikr? Did not appear, is there a lag time? For what its worth, I emailed in from my razr (yeah yeah I’m a prole)

@nabisco: There is a time lag, at least there was for me. Did you get my email?

@nabisco: Did you send Woodstock? I added a tag, so it should show up in a moment.

And I’m looking up alternate “subject” instructions. I think I know what happened.

@nabisco: Okay…

I’m guessing you’re only able to add a subject (not a message), so here’s what you do:

blah blah blah tags: jam

That is, just add “tags: jam” to the end of the subject. See if that works.

@nojo: I’m the Nixon piggy bank. I can add subject and message; I re-sent with corrected address, but didn’t add tag:jam. Is that crucial?

@nabisco: Essential.

Here’s the Stinque stream:

This shows everything that comes in, period. But the doohickey above only displays photos with “tags: jam” added. That’s so we can repeat this at will for different events — I’ll be bringing my iPhone to Qualcomm HateFest next week, reporting with photos from the scene, and using a different tag.

@nojo: Got it. Soccer-playing Simpsons’ characters were my test post.

@nabisco: And as you’ve now noticed, you only see the email address if you’re logged in. I was trying to think of a clever way to provide it while avoiding spammers, and without needing to email it to everyone.

I can change the address at will, so there will likely be a new one for the election itself. I’ll post it that morning.

@nabisco: Have none of us grown up? We collectively possess a suspicious amount of toys.

@nojo: I’m guessing that’s a picture of Lyndon’s home. It’s lovely.

@nojo: My Nixon piggy bank is from the 68 campaign, that’s a keepsake dude!

@mellbell: Me too. I wonder what they do to protect the garden from deer.

Baked: I’ve added the “jam” tag to your shots, so they show up here — looks like you overlooked the Essential Colon when they were sent.

So in general I’ll probably need to do some tidying when we run this election night, but having everything queued up makes it a lot easier.

I really, really like this. JNOV, next time Talibunny’s in the neighborhood, we know what to do.

@nojo: She was just in Lancaster (“LANG-kaster”), but I’m not sure I’d have the stomach to crash that party of crazees without a gaggle of stinquers covering my flank.

@JNOV: Oooooo, Dreads! My limp whiteboy hair is jealous.

Ahhh, crap, I forgot to add that “tags:jam” thingy, poopy pooping poop.

@nojo: Shit, Nojo, you need to repeat this weekly just for shits and giggles.

@Promnight: Just might do that — maybe a weekly Stinque Jam instead of the Saturday morning post. This is a fun toy, and I want to get some mileage out of it.

@mellbell: Thank you that is me in Woodstock (not quite but who’s counting?) complete with dachshund. The outside of the house was just restored and painted. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever lived.

@Mistress Cynica: I plant things they don’t eat. There are a couple of places near the house that the deer won’t come because of the dogs. But I’ve given up on tulips, for example. I was in the garden all afternoon clearing up. Tomorrow I’ll do the last planting this year and more clearing up. Spectacular weather and color outside.

where do i add “jam tag” i put it in the end of subject, and thanks for removing it. so what is the address again to send pic, including punctuations and placement of this jam thingy. (my pics are going through w/out it anyway)

@baked: You can add “tags: jam” at the end of the subject line, and we’ll see whether they’re automatically removed. (The punctuation and spacing is essential for the automation.)

Your photos will still arrive without the tags, but only tagged photos show up in the gizmo above — I’ve been hand-editing some strays today.

For the address, check above — it only shows up if you’re logged in, so I don’t want to repeat it here for lurkers.

This is fabulous! love it!
@Lyndon LaDouche: While driving Mr Cyn up to the winery this AM, saw a young buck (the deer kind, you filthy minds) casually strolling thru suburban backyards at the foot of the mountain — perfect place to hide from the hunters! No one’s going to shoot around the kiddies.

@nojo: Yes, we know what to do. And the dreds are usually fire-engine red. He’s due for a touch up, but maintaining that style is a pain in the butt. His hair is just enough like mine to resist the locking.

What great pics! So cool. Baked is gorgeous, camel too. Love Proms toe nail varnish and food. All cats and dogs. Drives and houses and kids. JNOV jr v handsome. Gay mafia, nerds etc. Who is the elegant brick house in PA?

@nojo: Love that 70s pic. I’ve got an 80s pick coming…

Who’s that with the birthday cake? Yummy!

@Lyndon LaDouche: Baked is in line to be the first official Stinque hottie. Unfortunately, Mr. Rat Bastard appears to be better than average looking as well. Oh, and the bricker is chez Nabisco. We planted lil ‘murrican flags at the base of our Hopey sign, and so far so good; this one hasn’t been stolen (yet).

@JNOV: Yes, the cake was quite good my dear. Read the notes; shout out to my early 80s ‘fro!

@nabisco: I totally missed the notes part. Ah ha! Very nice hair!

I’m pretty sure I screwed up something on mine. I’m using a flip phone, nothing fancy.

Has anyone got info on where Barack will be on Election Day and the location of victory speech (not trying to be presumptious there)? If he returns to Old State Capitol Plaza at Springfield IL again, I could try to be (one of) the guy on the ground for the Stinquers.

I sent one via regular email — that should work, right?

it took a minute, then i realized where you saw mr. arrogant-bastard-cheating-son-of-a-bitch.

and everyone looks good on a camel.

@JNOV: Love the 80s look
@nabisco: You too.
I just sent a shot of myself in Shakespeare in the 80s. Dignity has been as essential aspect of my ‘career’.

Lousy quality. I should rescan it if I can find the original.

Funny I should be posting it and I’m not even drunk.

ACK! nojo — I’m gonna try and clean up the picture and send it again. Can you make it go away, please?

yes, i sent them right from gmail on picasa. worked fine.

Never mind — I can’t get the fingerprints off. Here’s a funnier one.

@AARPrick: Early word is that Barry’s going to be at Chicago HQ, which was the main impetus for getting this running — if we have a flock of Stinquers in attendance, I want them to be able to send live reports as the night wears on.

But heck, now I want everyone to send in Election Day/Night shots. Together, We Will Capture the Moment.

@JNOV: Should work with any email — I focused on cameraphones in the instructions, since I want to enable field reports.

@nojo: Didn’t I read in these parts that the campaign has already filed permits to use some big Chicago park “in the event”?

I’ve posted both from my phone and my gmail account and it all seems to work fine.

@nabisco: I think CB, HF, or BRB know the details — although Chicago in November sounds a lot more risky than Denver in August. You don’t want to tempt the Weather Gods twice in a row.

@JNOV: I like ’em both. Fingerprints can’t obscure a winning smile.

@baked: My all-time favorite first line from a novel is “Take my camel, dear.” from Rose Macaulay’s Towers of Trebizond.


@Lyndon LaDouche: Jr and I say thank you and love your semi-bare chest.

@nojo: I almost sent the braces pic. :-D

@nojo: kind surmised that would be a likely scenario. If I had my act together I should have tried to get to St. Louis yesterday which is the same trip as Springfield IL from my locale, but I was ensconced in my inner circle of apathy…that and I tend not to be a crowd-type guy (especially 100000 crowd-type guy).

@baked: But not everyone has such gorgeous legs.

@Mistress Cynica:
never read it, but it’s a great 1st line.

and thanks@mellbell:
i am in a state of despair, anything encouraging is helpful.
what do we think of this? mr asshole and i have reconciled as of december 15 when he gets here. going back to israel with him in february, try to see if we are indeed destined for a continuing marriage. faithfulness, the whole enchilada. which is what we are both hoping for. but he’s keeping his plans for a 4 day long weekend he has planned with his girlfriend. i’m out of my mind. literally crazed and doubled over by it. and he’s well aware, feels bad, and said he didn’t plan on seeing her after that. it’s my fault because i didn’t go with him from the get go like he wanted…wouldn’t have gotten involved with her.
am i crazy for actually still wanting to be with this man?
i’m sobbing to him and feeling utterly pathetic. rage. helpless 6,000 miles away. it’s flattened me. am i over reacting? since we plan on going back after that. he is deaf to my pleas to cancel these plans. i’m supposed to only think about the reconciliation, and ignore anything til then.
i’m being driven mad by it, truly. bleeding from my eyes, out of tears.

@JNOV: where do you see it? I don’t see it.
@baked: planning one last booty call w/ the Israeli hussy is ridiculously cruel to you.

@baked: Agree with Lefty, something stinques.

@SanFranLefty: Third group, sixth picture in.

@baked: He’s incredibly cruel. There is no excuse for his behavior, and it is certainly not your fault that he cheated. He’s a fucktard.

@baked: First off, this is NOT your fault, unless your marriage vows had a rider about not having to be faithful if you were separated for a few months. Not calling off the weekend is not only cruel to you, as SFL says, but concerns me about what kind of hold she has on him and how hard she’ll be to get rid of. You’re not crazy for still loving him, but trusting him? I dunno if I would, or could. Hugs, baby.

@baked: It’s certainly not your fault that he continues to cheat. (Stupid WordPress won’t let me edit for some reason.)

@baked: My advice – letter opener to the taint.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Love the hairy pits!

@JNOV: Or that he cheated at all. In case that wasn’t clear.

@homofascist: Nice aerial shot. Is this what all the “bottom v. top” bidness was about?

he says she is a very nice person and has been a good friend (and fuck buddy) besides being incredibly cruel to me, i told him he’s being incrediclbly cruel to her. she is about to be dumped, blindsided, and heartbroken. he hasn’t told her anything yet. like he’s never going to see her again when he leaves on the 15th.
he’s having a mid life crisis. my hysteria is foreign to him. he says, what’s the big deal? it’s a dalliance that’s winding down and he’s not willing to “drop a bombshell” on her. he’s just gonna slither away, eventually telling her he’s with his wife when i’m there and he’s cornered. coward too.
he’s deeply selfish, confused and conflicted. i should not be heartbroken over a man like this. but i am. i am compelled to let this play out and not make dramatic ultimatums. we had 10 great years, i’m not ready to throw it away yet. am i pathetic?
chris rock: “a man is as faithful as his options”
i am crushed by this, somebody tell me not to be.

@baked: You are not crazy nor overreacting. If he were serious about continuing marriage, he wouldn’t be going on that weekend. Exes and ohs, darlin’. Hang in there.

he doesn’t know what he wants. i don’t know either. 10 years, very entwined and through all this attached. we talk on the phone 6 times a day. he reports in like he’s on parole. i’m going with the flow, my eyes wide open. i would love to fall in love and dump him. time will tell. but this weekend, i think starts 2 weeks from today, and i really don’t know how i’m going to bare it, i’m hurting.
eveything works out the way it should, a lesson in baring ego pain?
the israeli man of my dreams is waiting?

so it seems the consensus is , i forget this guys name, or i’m ptiful.

@Mistress Cynica:
remember i said she had a death grip on him and there could be craziness? he’s not helping.

@baked: You’re not pitiful. Is he worth the pain? That’s something only you know. I would not presume to judge — no one can truly know about someone else’s relationship. We’re here for you no matter what.

@Mistress Cynica: You da man. Noone can know, noone can understand, whats between two people with a long history. Last thing Baked needs is these kneejerk soap- opera reactions.

We are all of us assholes in some way or another, none of us DESERVES love, love is always a gift and an acceptance of imperfection, flaw, and sin. Thats what makes it beautiful. If people were confined to love only those who “deserve” love, there would not be much love in the world. The comments flying around sound like high school schoolyard romantic advice, not like middle aged people who have seen some life. The unrealistic expectation of perfection is the cause of all heartbreak.

Now I have to go give my wife a surprise kiss, for no reason, except that she is imperfect and thats OK.

@baked: You’re not pitiful. You’re loving, hopeful and committed to this relationship. That’s what you should be. The flaw lies with him, not you. Never forget that.

Dammit, I uploaded my first pic with a typo! Oh well, at least I got it to work.

p.s. I’m the one who linked to the Obamapalooza story–I little love for the female Stinquer in Chicago, eh?

@baked: Also Baked, as with the last after dark thread, I’m not really qualified to weigh in here, but I’m sorry you’re going through this shit and I hope the advice/commiseration of the Stinquers will be helpful.

@baked: Sorry you’re going through this again. Thinking of you.


I second what Cynica wrote. There are tons of reasons to stay in a marriage–love, commitment, history, kids, finances, etc. Balance those reasons with the current and proposed situation. Let us know how it goes.

Just here to see if my pictures posted.

/slips out

I L-O-V-E all the photos!!

I’ll have to figure out how to send some in. I have to go to Minneapolis on a business trip this week, so I’ll try to send some in when I get back.

@ JNOV, your fashions make me weep with joy! P.S. I may need to borrow those glasses; do you still have them?

Here is what I think about it all. It sucks, I don’t want to grow up.

Tom Waits ranks very high in my personal pantheon.

@flippin eck: Mwuah!

So, let’s see…

I think next time I can make this work without requiring a hand-typed tag (looks like I can automatically tag it on the Flickr side), and I might even be able to twist some wires to provide a much easier @stinque address to use instead.

We’ll run another jam next Saturday, see how it goes.

@baked: Girl, I can’t advise you as to what you should or should not do – this is your life, your relationship.

But I’ve been thinking about this all evening, and I do want to forcefully reiterate a point that Cynica and JNOV made – do not let anyONE – whether it’s Mr. Baked, Mama Baked, Friends of Baked, or Baked herself – tell you that his cheating or ongoing cheating is somehow your fault for not uprooting yourself from your home, your life, your friends, and furry ones, to join him on some long term several month business trip 3000 miles from home. Bull fucking shit, I say. He is not 5. You are not his mother. If he is so in lack of control of himself that he can’t figure out a way to pleasure himself for a while without having you five feet away at all times to satisfy his needs and/or police him, then that’s just sad. And nobody should perpetuate the bullshit line that “he’s a man, he has needs, a hot lady is throwing herself at him.” Sure, we all have needs. But unless both parties in a relationship had agreed to sexual-need filling with others when miles apart, I don’t think so. Homeboy can grow the fuck up. It’s an insult to men to say that because he’s a man he can’t exercise some fucking self-control and figure out ways to meet his needs that don’t involve third parties or emotional injury to a spouse. El hombre tiene dos manos, verdad? That’s one way to meet his needs – self-service.

@baked: so it seems the consensus is, i forget this guys name, or i’m ptiful.

Well, no.

The consensus is that he’s a shithead.

Reconciliation starts now, not when he gets back. It’s not something you schedule like a party. It’s not a contract that begins at date certain. He’s either in or out, on or off the bus. He’s either acting in good faith or bad.

That said, the heart — your heart — isn’t a rational organ. What may seem obvious from a perspective isn’t at all clear from the inside. If in your soul you want him back, you’ll have to accept him as is, know that he’s capable of doing it again — as he’s doing it to two women now. If you can live with that — if you can live with yourself knowing that — then hop on the camel and ride. But don’t fool yourself that he’ll be “changed.”

Back in the day, I used to drive to Florence, take very long walks on the very long beach. I would walk until my head cleared — when I started hearing waves instead of voices — and then walk back. That turn, that moment, was when I understood, when I knew how to address whatever was troubling me.

Take a walk on the beach. And bring the dog.

Simplified Instructions!

Check the post again if you’re still playing — the old method will still work, but the new method should be a lot less hassle: simple email address, no tag business to fumble.

I’ll be changing that address each time we play, but I’ll leave it live for now.

Fifth_Ave: Rescued a couple of your photos from the untagged bin, so Kitteh should show up now.

Good photos everyone!

No, you’re not pitiful. It’s easy to say logical things when you’re not in the middle of an emotional maelstrom.

Just don’t beat yourself up over this (easy to say, hard to do.)

Late to the party, but got a few pix up.

@baked: Is the four-day weekend with the chippie a goodbye thing?? In any case, there is nothing you can do but ride it out. Don’t make any decisions until you see him face to face. In my experience – and I’m sad to say I’ve had this experience – it’s never decided until you see him face to face. Until then, my humble advice is to cut communication down to the bare minimum. Make him work for it and realize what he’s risking losing for good.

@RomeGirl: I know right! So is the gay Roman mafia – you can keep posting those to your hearts content.

@nojo: New instructions work great, thanks! BTW is there any way to send pics to the Stinque stream that are already uploaded on my own Flickr stream other than emailing? I’m guessing not because it’s a separate identity as opposed to a group within Flickr, but I thought I’d ask since you’re on an IT-whiz roll.

@RomeGirl: Good advice, Rome Girl. And @baked: Like nojo said, walk on the beach with your doggies — fur babies are a great comfort when people are disappointing us. Also, this might be a good time for a distraction, like doing GOTV or acting as a election observer in FL. Anything to keep from obsessing (easier said than done, I know).

I *heart* your photos, rptrcub.

And Santa Charlie made his appearance! My sweet guy is famous!

@Original Andrew: Thanks! And added my plump kitteh for everyone’s animal-loving pleasure.

@nojo: New addie works great!

@rptrcub: @Original Andrew: My kitteh hasn’t signed his consent form yet.

hey all,
thanks for your support. the stinquers are the best people in the world.
and since we got our new flikr toy, we’re all cute too!

took in all your advice carefully. told him today, no ultimatum, just sanity. that he will have to give up the hussy or me. and i quoted nojo’s exact words, “the reconciliation starts NOW”, not when he gets here in 6 weeks. he actually promised to be faithful but will not cancel the trip to her sister’s house because he wants to see that part of the country, but promised not to touch her, and she would know that weekend their relationship will be platonic. do we believe him? of course not! but i believe we are making progress. rome girl is right about keeping the communication to a minimum. face to face will tell the story. i’ve been pathetically emailing him lovey pics of us, and he said it turned him around, brought him back. to be continued, with my posse in my corner.
thank you all, you smart funny cuties….lefty, i’m promoting you from den mother to spiritual advisor. you are my rabbi.

LOVE the pictures! nojo and bisco are right out of that 70’s show–so adorable. i have that same hat on top of cubbies cute face, jnov’s pics are as adorable as she is. i fell in love with pic of lefty’s baby, and love those martini glasses. love prommie’s dogs in seat belts! nice job on the floor reds, and OMG, my very fave is lyndon’s. i so want a copy of that. it would tickle me endlessly, just like he does. what a handsome lime!

nojo, can we upload anytime, or we have to wait for saturday? what’s the deal.

you know, i’m so trusting and gullible. when i got back, i was talking to prommie on the phone and i mentioned he didn’t seem to have his usual sexual ardor. he immediately said, he’s fucking someone else. i was like, WHAAAA??? he said, no doubt-good call prom.

oh and miss rome, since i’ll be in jerusalem for so long, we will def be visiting rome, so i’m looking forward to bumming that cig and drinking whatever your pouring in the pic….

@SanFranLefty: I love that pic of your pupster. I hope there’s a copy of it on your St. Francis alter. Speaking of, we had our annual blessing of the animals service at church this Sunday. It’s a methodist church, but we cherry pick some of the best bits of catholic and orthodox traditions to incorporate–not to mention some completely UNorthodox practices like U2 eucharist and Pride Sunday (before we go march in the parade). Anyway, the animal service this year was, as usual, 97% dogs. But we did have a rat this year too. It would sadly be much too traumatic for them to bring my own furbabies (the two bunnehs I added this morning), so I have to settle for bringing a picture of them to be blessed. I still wouldn’t miss the service for anything–it’s nothing if not holy to have the singing and sermon accompanied by doggies barking.

@flippin eck: St. Francis of Assisi’s saint day is the first Sunday in October (I think), but your church was close enough for government work. If you are ever in NYC the first Sunday in October, go to the blessing of the animals at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine over by Columbia. There are giraffes, monkeys, all sorts of animals.

This weekend was “Blessing of the Bicyclists” at a church that I drove by yesterday. You gotta love Nor Cal.

@SanFranLefty: @flippin eck:

Ohh, Saint Francis. Love him. The prayer attributed to him is one of my favorites…it’s even good if you don’t believe in teh Jeebus, I think. In fact, I’m gonna post it next to my computer at work. Thanks for reminding me of it:

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


The Innocence Mission does a kick-ass version of this set to music, by the way.

@SanFranLefty, flippin eck: St Michael’s Day, Sept 29. I have two retablos (primitive/rustic New Mexican Catholic depictions of saints painted on wood) of him holding the scales of justice, sword in hand, crushing evil underfoot. Patron saint of fighting the bad guys. I’ll upload some images.

ADD: @ Baked re: Rat Bastard – so is he lying on the knife or did you use poison?

@baked: Darling, is it very wrong of me to think that He Who Can’t Keep It Zipped might at least – you know – lie about it? Must he also get your blessing? Hope you’re OK there. I’m sure it’s right to wait till you’re face to face before doing anything.

Love Sergio.

That’s a picture of me in an astoundingly bad production of The Merry Wives of Windsor some years back. I was playing a vicar, hence the dog-collar under my romantic tutu. Oh, and the football boots.

@redmanlaw: Even better–she ignored the safe word.

Just sent in photos of this morning’s walk to the Castro. They’re in Group 11. Along with some of my anti-Bush propaganda.

@SanFranLefty: Sigh. I miss San Francisco. I must get out there soon…

@flippin eck: Never the twain, &c. The Stinque Stream doesn’t play well with others, so you’ll need to email your photos to it.

@baked: I’m leaving the Jam open until I find a reason not to, or until Saturday morning, whichever comes first. New Jam this Saturday, although the week following I’ll be commandeering the Stream to photoblog HateFest ’08 at Qualcomm.

@nojo: Expect beautiful mountain pictures from this corner of the Stinque next Monday.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Vicar in a tutu? Were you the inspiration for the Smiths’ song?

@nojo: Geezer has a rally around the corner from my office tomorrow. I’m meeting a foreign election observer for coffee just before she gets in line for it, so I’ll look for teh crazee to add to the Jam. If she brought me the iberico ham I asked for, I’ll post that for the foodies!

@nabisco: That might be worth a separate set/post. But Follow Standard Procedure if something turns up, and I can sort out the pieces afterward.

@Mistress Cynica: Smith’s? No idea. It was an act of desperation on my part. I was Evans in that hateful play. I mostly wore football gear. In the duel with Slender my shorts were pulled down to expose fuschia panties. All of this happened at the Guthrie. Moscow on the Mississippi.

BTW. I was teh hot then. Now? Not so much.

Pity I didn’t get a pic of the dead squirrel one of the kittehz brought into the basement this AM. Even Mr Cyn kinda yelped when he saw it.

@nojo: My cam phone sux (evidence above) but I’ll document what I can. Fortunately my clown suit will make them think I’m Respectable, and Anonymous Foreign Observer is teh hawt and has only the slightest accent.

Who has the “Obamanos” bumper sticker and where can I get one or 7? Muchas gracias!

@Original Andrew: Makes me weep, too. Nope, don’t have the glasses anymore, but I just sent in a picture of my current pair. Let me know if you approve.

Who’s that with Kofi Kofi Annan?

cubbie is a cutie.

I finally sent in a decent pic of a book store ad in Toronto that was mocking the W.

@SanFranLefty: Should be able to get one in Reno. I’ll swing by the local HQ to see what they got.

Your photos are pretty good, too.

You look so serious as a kid (I did too.)

@ManchuCandidate: Love it. I wanted the American Library Assn to put him reading “My Pet Goat” on a “READ” poster, but they were too busy sucking up to Laura for the IMLS funding.

@redmanlaw: I found them here with some good Si Se Puede/Yes We Can gear.

Yay! It’s not closed! Of course, I’ll post pics of my cats.

I just realised. I don’t have any good pictures of Kelly, the 3rd cat.


and everyone looks good on a camel

I miss her.

@JNOV: Damn, girl, thanks for digging up this walk down memory lane, pre-08 election. I miss her too.

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