Election Night In Canada

Later, Ron and Grapes* will talk about how Ken Dryden was not that great a goalie, and why Gilles Duceppe is a pussy for wearing a visor.  But first: Doug, go!



* “Grapes” = Don Cherry, former head coach of the Boston Bruins, co-host (w/ Ron MacLean) of Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night in Canada, protector of “kids!” who play hockey per tips and tricks during said Corner, fairly conservative guy. Almost became viceroy. Really.


If Don Cherry’s showing up, can Ornette Coleman be far behind?

Is anyone else’s page all wonky?

Throw me down the stairs my cigarettes, eh?

@JNOV: Just stinquey, here.

@nojo: +1 brother. My wife’s folks saw Ornette in Belgrade, 70ish. Pop-in-law is an old school reformed commie jazz hound.

@blogenfreude: That’s PA dutch!

@Chicago Bureau: Canada has a viceroy? Nobody told me. What does the viceroy do (in pursuance of his official duties, that is)? “Viceroy, viceroy! What did you there? / Frightened a little mouse under her chair.”

@JNOV: @Mistress Cynica: Safari is so forgiving…

Had a look in Firefox, problem noted and fixed.

lynnlightfoot: Yes — who is known as the Governor General of Canada.

Oui — il s’appelle le gouverneur general du Canada.

Quatre cinque.

Kliban drawing. Doesn’t work without the visual.

The only time I really liked Don “Grapes” Cherry was in 1987 when he was part of the team that covered the World Juniors Tournament–which was the last time he ever covered International Hockey. That year, the juniors got into a bench clearing brawl with the USSR and beat the living crap out of them and forfeit the tournament along with the USSR.

Vaguely recalled from 20+ year memories (may not be exact quotes.)
He said with a grin, “That’s them there good Canadian boys beating the living DAYLIGHTS out of them there Commie pinko bastards.”

Another commentator said, “That’s not hockey! It’s a disgrace!”

Cherry replied, “It would be a disgrace if our boys didn’t beat the crap out of the Russkies!”

Otherwise, aside from his safety tips to “them there young players, eh”, I tune him out the odd time I watch Hockey Night In Canada.

I’m resigned to another Harper Gub. Probably about the same.

Problem with Canadian polls is that they tend to undercut Lib support by 3-5% since 2001. As I mentioned earlier, the majority of the polling companies are run by former Tory hacks with the exception of a couple.

Despite what CP and AP say, Harper was pretty panicked the week before and sent the Cons in a tizzy. These Tories are much like your current crop of Republidumbs and haven’t done well in the face of adversity.

ManchuCandidate: When I die, I want heaven to be stocked with Cherry’s wardrobe. Man knows how to make a plaid suit, silk shirt, outrageous tie and flower-in-the-lapel fucking work.

CB, why do you know so much about Canada? Whose side are you on???!?
@lynnlightfoot: When I hear “viceroy”, I just think of vintage cigarette ads. Well, that and this really douche-y bar downtown.

@ManchuCandidate: Uhm, Cherry aside, did Harper et. al. take a lesson from the GOP playbook in re voter IDs and other crap? David Frum must have been on retainer up there.

Will Count Floyd be appearing as an analyst tonight?

@nojo: Charlie Haden and Jack DeJohnnette are headed over.

@ sport – Boston is two hours later and 20 degrees warmer than Santa Fe tonight. Nasty here. I want the Rays to go down as they pay for dropping the “Devil” from their name.

drinkyclown: I’m keeping up my knowledge so that, if necessary, on my vacations abroad, I can pass for Canadian. I also know my Tragically Hip backwards and forwards, and know when and when not to play a takeout shot. (Tip: last rock should be used for a draw into the four-foot only if you can score two or more. No sense giving up the hammer for a one-ender.)

chicago bureau: Plus, if ever I have to eject from the Land of the Free, it would be nice to mesh myself into Canuck wonk life.

rptrcub: If I recall right, it’s Wisconsin rules — registration at the polls is OK, including a vouch provision for those without proper ID. Which is the way it ought to be done.

Yes. I had to whip out my license to get my ballot.

@chicago bureau:
We up here always suspected that the Daily Show was heavily influenced by 22 (as much as 22 was influenced by BBC stuff.)

breaking – Homecoming Queen Leaves Throne

The side gig as a stripper may have had something to do with it.

A dramatic sweeping shot of the CN Tower. Always good for pumping you up, instead of, say, the Parliament itself.

@redmanlaw: People criticizing the reporting of a student paper should know how to use commas and apostrophes correctly. Seriously, if they’re getting college edjumacations.

Green Party of Canada = FAIL. This is news?

@chicago bureau: But they’re so so so chipper about it. Mainly because the Greens believe in green, and some of their eyeballs will probably betray that if the cameras focus in closely.

@Mawnchu: One contributing factor may be the intake of beer and reefer prior to deadlines.

Well, it looks like that the Liberals may be in deep trouble in Ontario. And with the Prairies to come? Looks like Fatboy’s in the clear, perhaps.

@chicago bureau: Called it for Bush’s buttboy; the question now is how bad Dion fucked up in Ontario.

@redmanlaw: Somehow that change escaped my notice until Friday when I caught a glimpse of the game and thought, “Hey now, something’s a little off with their uniforms, but what?”

@chicago bureau: OK, so if we have a Hope win next month in US-America, will all the pissed off mouthbreathers here flee northward, or will they stay at home and try to bomb marketplaces?

rptrcub: Boy. If some of your pals in Georgia want to eject, I wouldn’t miss ’em, for one.

Also: Canadian election-night result babes are HAWT.

Just watching C-SPAN. Man, can we import This Hour has 22 Minutes, please?

@chicago bureau: No kidding. Even I noticed their beautiness. And yes, I will show them the way to I-75 and they can make their way to Sault Ste. Marie, if they don’t get afraid of all the black people they’ll have to encounter while driving through Atlanta.

This, of course means that we’ll get more lovely, angsty, tortured yet beautiful music from Arcade Fire for the next few years.

rptrcub: True story: friend of mine and I drove from my homelands to Montreal for a ballgame once. Greeted at the border by an impossibly hot customs officer. Driving back? Greeted by a surly fat guy with a moustache and three-day beard. Canada’s got us beat there.

rptrcub: Also: Broken Social Scene recruiting ejected Liberal MPs by the bucketload. They’ve been shorthanded lately — they only have 43 members at the moment.

Odd suggestion just now — they are saying that the economic clusterfuck actually helped the incumbent. Huh?

@chicago bureau: Of both genders and multiple orientations, I may add, learning from chatting online with several of Customs Canada’s finest.

@rptrcub: Arcade Fire was opening for U2 throughout much of the Vertigo tour, so who did we get in Vegas? Damien Marley and some dude waiving a big ol flag during his set.

Neil Young’s dad was a hockey analyist, I understand.

Live blog tomorrow, I assume. My call for The Big Word: judgment.

Buyouts hitting Mrs RML’s newspaper this week.

Boy — the Liberals might finish fourth in Alberta. The Greens may beat them. Wow. Stephane Dion — call your agent.

@chicago bureau: Beat by a Green? Hang it up, pal. You, sir, are no politician.

@rptrcub: They will not leave, they are incapable of it, they hate foreign, they hate everything except their own little boundaries and they hate anyone with larger or different horizons. The idea they would leave is ludicrous, emptiest threats ever.

Only liberals ever emigrate. You must be fearless, open to change, accepting of differences, adventurous, to emigrate. I believe I just defined “conservative” by defining exactly what it is not.

There will be some pathetic domestic terrorism, lone shooters, bungled assasination attempts, bombed ACORN offices, talcum powder faux anthrax letters, but that is all. They’re stupid and ineffectual people, thank god. The angriest are only angry because of their impotence, andf thus, the angriest are the least likely to be able to pull anything off. Except for the damage one suicidal fucktard can do before being shot down, there will be nothing of note.

redmanlaw: Alberta, of course, is as Conservative as Utah is Republican. But Utahns can elect a Democrat every now and then. This is a wipeout in the Prairies.

Harper’s pals are taking about two-thirds of the vote there. But the NDP is in clear second, and the Liberals are fighting off the Greens (about 10 percent to about 9 percent). That’s just dreadful.

@redmanlaw: We always waited until after the paper was put to bed to get wasted.

News: Hung Parliament. (Huh huh, huh huh.) Next election in about 16 months or so.

@chicago bureau: Hillary declares residency and candidacy; after win, invades U.S. She will not be thwarted.

nojo: Too late. Michael Ignatieff is already on the U.S. American invasion front. Harvard Ph.D type, almost became the Liberal leader. Hillbot would have a hill to climb.

Dion’s pretty much out. Need a new leader.

I hope it’s not Iggy. It’s not so good as perhaps it would be Bob Rae?

TJ/ I’m so proud! We have our own Republican sex scandal right here in River City. Rensellear county, upstate NY. It involves a state congressman, computers, police entrapment, motels and (imaginary) children of 11 and 9. Which puts us ahead of NYC. Woo hoo!

By the way is this thread all about sport? Dear God. And Canada? A combustible mix.

Sex scandals!! Yay!!!

@Prommie: Interesting that according to your take, the US American frontier was settled by liberals, albeit some who kilt Indians, wiped out the hippo buffalo, and kicked Mexico across the Rio Grande, but liberals nonetheless. Not putting you down, it’s just an interesting thought.

@nojo: The star legislative reporter back in Albuquerque after unwinding on the ride down with the public television reporter was asked by the college paper’s ME “are you drunk or stoned?”

“Both,” he replied, and went back to pounding out his piece on the progress of higher education bills in that day’s session.

8th grade youth group trip to Toronto: We listeded to the Great White North tape the whole week, and our white van got lots of honks because we had written “How’s it goin, eh?” in the dust on the back window.

@rptrcub: Two words: Montreal. Cops. I know BRB can back me up (as it were) on this one.

@homofascist: From this side of the aisle, may I just say, “Oh hell yeah.”

I can’t believe I missed Election Night In Canada!

I would’ve totally voted for Elizabeth May’s Greens btw, though I’ll admit the NDP does appeal.

See you guys at the Japanese Election. I hear there’ll be a bitchin’ chase scene at the end.

@Original Andrew: Careful with the tapping. You don’t wanna hear the feedback this thing emits.

@nojo: Gracias!

@nojo: Well, if we could post pictures

@rptrcub: Speaking of disenfranchisement, I was in a panic yesterday when I realized that I lost my driver’s license change of address card. I know my name is on the rolls (unless they purged me like they did back in ’86 because my mailbox in my old apt didn’t have my name on it), but I’m concerned that they’ll want ID this time. I called the DMV, and my change of address card should be here way before the election. I don’t think they even asked for ID last time — I don’t know PA election law. But I do know that I live in Maaaverick Land, and they would love to find a way to send JNOVJr and me away without voting. I’m programming the number of the ACLU in my phone just in case something shady happens.

Oh, and when they purged me in ’86, somehow I found out before the election, and I had to take a day off from work to swear in court that I am who I am and I live where I live. There were about fifty of us from West Philly, all African American and/or Penn college students.

@redmanlaw: I was trying to remember his name! I had a crush on the actor. Ew?

@JNOV: See the Count Floyd article at wikipedia. The Court also did a video intro for a song when I saw Rush back in the day. That, and a guy passing out and smashing my foot with his head, are my most vivid memories of that show.

@Mistress Cynica:

Yeah, I missed you guys. Work has been crazy over the last few weeks.

Let’s just say that the “Invisible Hand” gave a hammer and sickle to Comrades Bush, Paulson and Bernanke, then gave me the finger.

But thunderous singing of “We’d Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover George W Bush” is keeping spirits high.

@JNOV: JNOV, late to this thread. Here is a link to what you can use to ID yourself on election day. DO NOT LET THEM MAKE YOU USE A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. Those are what will be contested by the malcontents and will never be counted. You shouldn’t even need your DL if you have utility bill, etc.

@nabisco: Very servicey! Thanks! Jr. has a paycheck stub, and I have a utility bill, so we should be covered.

No one gave us shit in the primary, but all the polls workers kind of sneered at us, the brown Democrats. Someone said to Jr. “I bet I know who you’re going to vote for.” And I said, “I don’t even know who he’s going to vote for — it’s his choice to make in the privacy of the booth.” Grrrrrr.

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