Good Morning! Have Some Anxiety.

NPR has a fun little electoral map that lets you play along! Simply click on each state until it becomes the color you want, and then check your totals at the bottom (hover over each state for polling and electoral vote numbers). It looks innocent enough, but if you’re anything like me you’re going to push it, plug in your nightmare scenario and start hyperventilating.

What wacky combination will send you over the edge?  Mine made Colorado this year’s Ohio/Florida! Luckily for me, it’s almost cocktail hour!  Enjoy!


Severely OT BUT –

I had no idea that there was a rift (shall we say?). I just thought that everyone had given up on Cynics after the frequent breakdowns and screwy behaviors (not you Cheap Boy). I stopped checking in much. Through the long period when the originators of the site got too busy elsewhere and nothing much was posted we all did our best to keep things going, demonstrating that we all have a remarkable ability to play with ourselves. And nojo kept it all together.

Now I find there has been a rift while I was looking the other way. (Musical theatre is a cruel mistress) A certain amount of huffiness has been generated, there have been sightings of bloggers climbing onto high horses, drafts have been generated by the flinging back of capes.

I post here pseudonymously because I find it relaxing and I can impersonate some other person. So I have evolved this persona of an effete, Limey, gay, supercilious, pompous, asshole which doesn’t bear much relation to who I am in real life. Apart from the effete, Limey, gay, supercilious, pompous, asshole aspect. The anonymity is liberating. As I daresay it is for everyone else (though LynnLight, I think it was, tells me she knows who I am. And I’m considering coming out to SFL in Feb when I will be in SF. Though I’m torn about meeting in person just as I never wanted to know anything about my trick-cyclist’s real life). And it gives us a place we can rant/discuss these terrible times in the guise of our alter egos. I love it that Prommie has discovered his inner transexual dyke faghag. I find it genuinely interesting to hear from the rest of you. To get to know you in the guise by which you present yourselves here. I’m still hoping that RMLaw is going to adopt me. He is teh awesome father and I would gladly learn the way of the Sioux at his knee. Not, of course, the gun-hunting-fishing-heavy metal-sport stuff but the transcendental hiking and wisdom and lyricism stuff. But I value everyone’s contributions. It’s fascinating to hear about everone’s meds/children/douchebag husbands/struggles with life, etc. as we careen off into this new era of American unExceptionalism.

These ‘visions’ others had for Cynics are flat-out bewildering. Why on earth would I go there to read the news? That’s why God made the Review of Books, or Harpers, or the NYT. And there are a myriad ‘news blogs’ going. I read several a day. And if my postings are going to inhibit lurkers then fuck you. I cannot think why Ms Charpentier is getting quite so upstage about grammar when she works for Jezebel. And if anyone is going to start editing my posts then I want to be paid. However, I realize that most of the people who created both Cynics and now Stinque are younger than me. And so more inclined to drama. But then, it’s easy to sit back and be philosophical about the lives of others and they must run their affairs as they see fit. However, I don’t necessarily need to go along with their ‘visions’.

I like the free-association format that we all dragged from Wonkette to Cynics and now to here. It amuses and interests me. I would suggest that the regular contributors here have a combined work/education/insight level that one doesn’t meet many other places. And I like that. I’ve learned things here I haven’t come across anywhere else. And I don’t see that anyone has ever discouraged new posters. On the contrary, they are usually welcomed with glee and asked about the size of their cock. Or the most orgasms they’ve experienced in one fuck. And that’s as it should be.

It seems to me that perhaps people are getting confused about a smaller number of visitors checking back regularly through the day with a larger number of discrete clicks. However, perhaps there’s a way to separate the two: a geiger counter, or something.

I’m grateful to have found this little off-balance community. I like how it operates. I think nojo, and the rest of the editors here at Stinque, have found exactly the right tone. I would gladly read Cynic’s but there’s nothing new. And what few posting have appeared are rather dull.

As the Scots say, Here’s tae us: Wha’s like? Damn few!.

P.S. Those who can hum the Sonheim setting of that line and can name the song and show from which it comes will be crowned Fag of the Day.

P.P.S. Goodness, what a long post. I should be hard at work.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Does this mean you didn’t play with the electoral map?

I have nothing to say either way about the whole dramz because I honestly couldn’t care less. I just go where the fun is. And, they let me post silly shit here. And, there’s cake.

Anyone feeling any love for the 538 stats geek guy? What does YodaPez think about this McCain re-boot strategy, or does he advise us to sit tight, wait for the debates, and then assess?

Off to watch hawks (or hawk watches).

@RomeGirl: I played, but all states went red except for Minnesota.

Do I win?

@nabisco: I saw him on Colbert and want to have his smart, witty, adorable, self-deprecating babies.

I noticed that statistically many of the PG “Strong” states are would be considered “Leaning” Obama if Obama was ahead by the equivalent percentage.

A lot of places could be tipping Black Eagle if NPR’s web gnus were a big more honest.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
I appreciate what you wrote. As for the rift, I appreciated what everyone did and still do BUT we (commenters) ran the farm for a long time till our overlords came back to reclaim it.

Personally, I saw the CP as Cynics PARTY.

@ManchuCandidate: The Daily Kos has a whole thing about that. I just look at the percentages and ignore anyone’s interpretation of those percentages.

@nabisco: YOU GET NOTHING. I do love 538, though.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, a paaaartaaaay! And maybe NPR is worried about The Bradley Effect? I was watching Rachel Maddow, and she had that Princeton poly sci professor on who said that she didn’t think The Bradley Effect was playing a part in this race. I hope she’s right.

@RomeGirl: I have Obama winning by a landslide.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Oh, do meet SFL IRL! She is delightful. As are you, Dear Lyndon. I almost Googled your quote so I can be Fag of the Day, but I’d rather earn it honestly.

@JNOV: I did, too, but then I started messing with it, and wound myself into a full-on panic attack. I mean, seriously – when you’re obsessing over COLORADO, it’s time to back away from the electoral map.

@RomeGirl: Ha ha! Poor thing!

I’ve been reading your Tweets about needing various European locals to scout for you. Did you find your people?

And if I make it out of this economic sitch with my job, I think Jr and I might need to see Europe next year. I could always assault the Parisians with my long-forgotten French, but I think I need to be in Spain. And Italy. You have reawakened my desire to visit Europe and to maybe one day live there.

@JNOV: Come on over, baby! I still need someone for Barcelona and Milan. I’ve got people looking for people for me, but no one has turned up as of yet!!

@Lyndon LaDouche: Cave 36 is the best and all the others can go to hell.

There’s no particular rhyme or reason to it, but here’s my take: Start by throwing away Ohio and Florida. Secure Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia. Concede North Carolina, Indiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, and Missouri. Take Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and, last, but certainly not least, New Hampshire. It’s a squeaker (272-266), but the victory goes to Obama.

@JNOV: Seconded. I’m sure she’s particularly fun in her natural environment.

SNORG-GIRL! Sarah the snorg-girl, she is still kindof a big deal! She was my first icon, ever.

@JNOV: I have either Ohio, Virginia or NC going at least toward Obama (if not 2 or 3), thus a win. Nevada and Colorado as well.

@mellbell: Hee. I have people come visit me with a list not of sights they want to see, but vices they wish to partake in. I’m the bad manners Eurotrash auntie who keeps all the secrets.

Nevada and Colorado, really? See, I can’t give those up yet.

@rptrcub: I have Only VA going to Obama.

See, I’m going to get all sucked in again now. Where’s my gin and tonic.

@JNOV: JNOV, here is a link to the Princeton Election Consortium study, in which they found that the Bradley effect is no more:

@RomeGirl: I’m avoiding such games as I’ve only just been talked out of the cellar with promises of Hope. I cannot even contemplate you-know-who winning the you-know-what or it’s back to the cellar for good. My survival skills amount to living without toast. I somehow doubt that’s going to be enough.

@Prommie: Dearest, I have no idea what that means.

tj/Mrs. RML on taking control of the little things when the big things get tough.

@Lyndon LaDouche: My heritage is Pueblo Indian/Navajo (4/4 for those of you keeping score at home). The Sioux ref was for a joke on dietary habits.

@mellbell: New Mexico looks good. The GOP is looking at an Obama landslide and its effect even costing them some seats in the state legislature. The RNCC has cut its ad buys for their poster boy in Albuquerque, the local publicity hog county sheriff who in fact raised tons of money for W. “Later, sucka! Thanks for the caish.”

Looking fwd to meeting stinquers IRL at some point. RomeGirl The RML family may go to Spain (or Central America) in the next couple of years if we can pull it off .

@Lyndon LaDouche: Bradley Effect, named for Tom Bradley, former L.A. mayor who lost his race for Governor of California after all the polls had him way ahead. Seems people lie to pollsters about voting for the black guy and then they go in the privacy of the polling station and vote for the white guy. Also known as the “Wilder Effect” after Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder, and the “Dinkins Effect” after the former mayor of NYC.

Poli-sci and psychology types have been debating how much of the Unicorn’s six point lead should be dismissed as the “Bradley Effect” – some pessimists say his Bradley Effect is about 6 points, which then would make it a much closer race in reality.

P.S. I promise I won’t bite if you want to go have cocktails and witty conversation when you’re out in SF.

@redmanlaw: Ms. RML does food porn too?! Now I really wish I were going to NM instead of NV for Unicorn campaigning…

Personally, I think it’s offset by da yout’ voters with Cellphones aka “Can You Hear Me Now” effect.

Actual Obama’s Dem Primary numbers have been for the most part higher than the polls said they would be (Cali not withstanding.)

TJ: McCain corruption and influence peddling scandal de jour. FSM bless the scrappy Monterey Herald reporters for working on this story.

@ManchuCandidate: See the study above, regarding what appears to be a disappearance of the Bradley effect in recent elections. I am inclined to theorize that this decline in the Bradley effect may be the effect of an aging population, the racist cocksuckers are getting old and dying, whereas the young people reaching voting age are all minorities, so, net effect, less racism. But, before the old fuckers die, they move to where its warm, Florida and California, and the sunbelt, so what you are gonna have to do is find the stats for average age of the population in each state, use California Obama primary results as a benchline, and Bradley-handicap each state based on the number of doddering old racists they have in that state.

@Lyndon LaDouche: No, no, I have no idea who you really are, but I do remember someone else here saying that they thought they had it figured out. Can’t remember which commenter it was.


Is she back? I was starting to thing I was hallucinating her….

…and by “thing” I mean “think”. I have a stuffy nodes this mording.

/TJ Jon Voight is bringing teh carazee on MSNBC! And messing with Contessa about her name.

@lynnlightfoot: LLD is Daniel Craig. Everyone knows that.

What you read it what you get with me.

@rptrcub: MSNBC was playing with the map just now and said (using the Newsweek poll) that McCain has to win every single toss up state to win. Huzzah!

@Lyndon LaDouche:

Girl, please. That’s from Old Friends from “Merrily We Roll Along”, but probably most famous from Liza’s Radio City concert….

You’ll have to try harder than that to stump this queen. Crown please!

@redmanlaw: You have been mistaken for a puppy eater! (Yes, it is a joke about the Sioux told by the Sioux and apparently certain Din’e. Ahem.) RML: Is it just the Sioux? I thought other Plains NDNs did the same.

@JNOV: Yo no se. See Mrs. RML’s column for reference to eating fresh caught fish – real world confirmation of my fishing reports (they have recently been broiled, not grilled, however, with nothing on them, just the taste of the river. mmmm.) Speaking of which, with a painting project, a hunting trip and firewood cutting all coming up in the next few weeks, I may not wet a line again until mid-November.

And may I say from yesterday, fucking Broncos.

@redmanlaw: I saw! And I esp liked the part where Son of RML liked to dress up as Daddy the Cook! As it should be. My son used to strip naked and put my camera bag over his shoulder like a purse and sweep the kitchen. I have photographic evidence!

@Lyndon LaDouche: It is from Mel Brooks and Rob Reiner’s “The 2000 Year Old Man.” Mel says this is the first world’s first national anthem. I thought it echoed the sentiment of the scottish toast.

@RomeGirl: Wasn’t there talk recently of your having a blog to document your Eurotrash adventures? Nojo, I can has link under Stinquettes if Romegirl is cool with it?

@Lyndon LaDouche: I’m glad Tommmmcatt jumped in there with his queenly knowledge, because I was about to mutter something embarrassingly vague about Robbie Burns. Note to self: 1 semester in Aberdeen may have turned me into a Scotophile, but certainly not an expert.

@redmanlaw: Thank you. I love DC, and I have ever since I first saw him act [in The Ice House, a Brit production of a Minette Walters mystery, seen by me and other Americans on PBS].

@flippin eck: My knowledge of Scotland is limited to Talisker, Oban and *sigh* Shirley Manson.

Mrs. RML has some Scottish heritage from the Union solider stationed here in the late 1800s that gave the family its non-Hispanic surname.

@flippin eck: There’s a link next to her picture under the “Stinquers” heading.

OK, people, Tomcatt is now officially the biggest fag out there. Knowing not only the provenance of the Sondheim song but the fact that it also appeared in a Liza Minelli concert. This merits a season pass to the Goodspeed Opera House.

@redmanlaw: I actually remembered that. I was using the old cliche in, I hope, an ironic, way. Actually no, not Daniel Craig and I want to make it very clear that I am not Christopher Hitchens. Mmmkay? He is not me. I.

@Prommie: I have a great frend in Lime City who adores that record and knows it practically by heart. I’ve listened to it a lot but didn’t remember that. I think the first Scots toast is actually projectile vomit. They drink more than the Austrians.

So how was the Loudon Wainwright concert?

@mellbell: Thanks Mellbell! I have a gift for overlooking the blaringly obvious.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I have a gay sister, who, when it came to music, was a traditionalist and owned every album in the official gay canon, and she played them constantly back in the early 70s when I was 10 and 12. She also held her High School discus record, yet still, we had no idea. But anyway, I know every word to every song on every Streisand album through about 1973 (when was Stoney End?), and I thought I knew every Liza Minnelli album, but alas, not that one. Surely, the ne plus would be Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli Live at the Palladium? Oh, I can just hear my tone deaf sister attempting to belt out “if I hadn’t tried Dubrovnick I might still be alone.” I am amazed to think, if not for this omission in my sister’s collection, I could have been the biggest fag here!

@nabisco: My preference remains, since they just average nonpartisan polls over the past seven days. adds some math to project trends — as if these things don’t turn on a dime — and 538 is just too sophisticated for my taste. Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

As far as Psychogeezer himself, all Ayers did was sink his numbers further, and I’m positive “we’ve got them just where we want them” has been used as a punchline somewhere. The only way he can win this election is to steal it. And they’re working on that as hard as they can.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Well, I would never have believed you are Christopher Hitchens, of whom I am not so fond. Henceforth I’ll think of LLD as Not Daniel Craig but Another Englishman I Admire and a Self-Revealed Gardener.

@lynnlightfoot: No, no, I am NOT Hitch. Thank you very much. Is he a gardener? I find it improbable but I’ll believe anything.

@Prommie: You’ll always be the biggest fag so far as I’m concerned.

@nojo: And if it hasn’t, “measuring the drapes” certainly has been. I re-watched “The War Room” yesterday to get into the mood for these last few weeks (ok, further into the mood), and it’s just like James Carville said about H.W.: “He reeks of yesterday.”

Hitch endorsed Obama today. The NRO crowd, running out of shot glasses to fling, is now buying them by the case at Wal-Mart.

I always inagined Lyndon LaDouche to be Darryl Richard Dawkins.

@nojo: . . . where you’ll also find $13 straight leg corduroys, essential for any bookish liberal professional.

@JNOV The “musical theater” thing is a dead giveaway that Lyndon is Hugh Jackman.

@flippin eck: @nojo: Nojo, you can go ahead and add it! Thanks!

@redmanlaw: I lurve his sideburns! And adamantium claws.

@JNOV: You just try to pick your nose while you’re wearing them.

Could somebody help me name my food porn blog? There are a gazillion degustibuses out there. Its the name of the cooking school at Macy’s Herald Square, for cripes sake. Oh, to be unoriginal, a fate worse than death. It could be like a contest, anyone whose idea strikes my fancy will receive the prize of always knowing that they helped me name my blog, which is a pretty good thing to have going for ya, dontcha think?

Oh, yeah, thats right, almost forgot; this blog:

@flippin eck: The link’s there, but on the other side. I’m crafty that way.

RomeGirl’s under the Stinquer list on the right, where you’ll find her blog and twitter. (Gad, that sounds nasty.) I didn’t include the name of her blog, since we don’t want to tip off Mom to her presence.

@Prommie: How about “Farms, Shores, Fields and Stores”?

@ LLD, JNOV – or scratching your butt.

Why not something simple like Prom Night Food Pron?

“Pron” so that it is SFW.

@redmanlaw: RML, its too sincere and nice, I am thinking something that reflects my interests and values; ogling, martinis, laziness, martinis, leering, manhattans, backbiting, bitching, bloody marys, and fine food, done dirt cheap. And narcisism. A debauched, hopefully witty, cynical, perverse, clinically depressed, drunken food forum.

@nojo: That’s right! I forgot about the mom-ducking strategem. Doesn’t like the naughty cuss words we use here, right? I can sympathize–I couldn’t figure out a way around ducking a friend invite from my dear sheltered, conservative sister, who’s now on Facebook. I keep my liberal vitriol to a minimum there, but I’ve already had the fun experience of her commenting on a fairly lighthearted status update of mine about PG’s repetitive use of “my friends” that at least that wasn’t as bad as Obama’s “stupid smirk.” Oy.

@Prommie: I got nothin’.
My vote goes to RML’s “scratching your butt”.
Wait, oh, I see. Nevermind.

@flippin eck: Has Sis got around to dissing Michelle’s scowl? That’s all the Pumas (remember them? time flies!) could do while watching Hillbot’s convention speech. Their descriptions of Michelle’s obvious mental state were nearly Dickensian.

@Lyndon LaDouche: However, I realize that most of the people who created both Cynics and now Stinque are younger than me.

49, mister. Doesn’t bother me, but scares the hell out of my parents.

@Prommie: How about “Jersey Cuisine That Doesn’t Taste Like Ass”

@Pedonator: And for the trifecta, Tastes Like Fish.

@PromPron, Pedonator: “Open Mouth, Insert, Enjoy”

I predict one million hits in a month

Andy Rooney has ruined the word “curmudgeon,” hasn’t he? Kitchen Curmudgeon wouldn’t work, would it? How about “Two Fat Ladies?” Oh, thats been done. The Stinky Chef? The Cranky Chef?

Nojo, I jut got it, “Prom Night’s Dumpster Diner,” I didn’t get it, shit, it took me a half hour, man, thats lame.

The Raging Gourmet? The Raving Gourmet? The Ranting Gourmet? The Ranting Gourmet, anybody? “Eat This”

Or, do I dare, something so simple, and probably also done to death, but it does say it all, “Eat Me?”

Acknowledge My Hippo?

@Prommie: Open your mouth and close your eyes.
@nojo: 48, and I chuckle each time JNOV refers to herself as “old”.

“Eat Me,” oh, oh, its love, this is love, Eat Me. A cultural reference, too, the deathmobile in Animal House, of course. Its an expression of pure drunken truculence, and so 70s.

Oh, just great! Some fool in Philly is in a standoff with the cops saying his SUV is full of explosives.

@Prommie: Acknowledge My Hippo?

I don’t get it, but I think it’s catchy and vaguely dirty. Even if you’re settling on Eat Me, please explain this delightful runner-up.

@JNOV: Stuck in traffic to the Linq and missed the puck drop?

Srsly, that sucks. I’ll have to put on the local bullet-and-fire affiliate.

@Pedonator: Don’t explain it. Just run with it. As an acquaintance once said, meaning abhors a vacuum. With a dada name like Hippo, it has to taste good.

@nabisco: Hey. Don’t blame me if y’all don’t want to see the truth.


Hi from NYC. My hotel is one block from the NYSE, which is cordoned off so that people driven crazy looking at their 401k reports don’t recreate the storming of the Bastille. The Dow went up 800 or something today so my wife and daughters went shopping.

Talking heads here seem to agree that McCain is toast. I would like to think so (it’s Monday!! a new plan!!), but fear offending the karmic gods. We would never have to hear from or about Sarah Palin again. Unless . . . .

@nabisco: I saw it on MSNBC, but the local channels aren’t covering it. He’s sitting there in his car on Roosevelt. Just sitting there. Waiting to blow up.

@Prommie: When Springsteen was inducted into the Jersey Hall Of Fame (who knew?), didn’t he say something about: “the desire not just to do our best, but to stick it in your face.” ?
So: “Stick It In Yer Face”

@Pedonator: Eat me is taken, I am going to Bite Me.

Acknowledge My Hippo is a Promnight family joke. On my first trip to Vegas (Mrs. is forced to go on business all the time) I bought a stuffed hippo for my son at FAO Scwhartz in the forum shops. Then Mrs. said she wanted to go do some shopping alone, and parked me at the bar at Spago, where I had 2 martinis with my hippo. Then we went for dinner. We sat down at the table, and I sat the hippo in one of the chairs. The waiter came, and took our drink order, and pointedly refused to comment on the hippo. I was failing to conceal my mirth, and I think this increased his resolve to ignore the Hippo. Finally I could take it now more, and told him “Ackowledge my hippo, dammit; you must acknowledge my hippo.”

@Prommie: If you don’t use Hippo, I’m hacking your blog.

Back in the day, our Spy/lit/zine/tabloid was called “Emergency Horse.” The name alone guaranteed attention far beyond our meager print run.

@nojo: I vote for Acknowledge My Hippo.

ADD: But I Fight the DJ, so, you know.


I’d be disappointed if you didn’t go with Acknowledge…. I think it’s brilliant.

@JNOV: Lurved your reference to Double D, btw.

“Eat my hippo,?” he asked, in a soft voice?

@Dodgerblue: Fuck the economy, are your Dodgers giving you an ulcer?
@Prommie: Good FSM, you must name your food blog Acknowledge My Hippo. No contest. You could always use a photo of the Hippo as your avatar, unless you’re planning a return to Snorg Girl.

@Prommie: I swear I shall cast more big fucking ocean tornados upon ye if ye even think about another name.

@nabisco: He’s my favorite atheist b-baller!

@rptrcub: I love them and all the happy people who carved them! I’d make one if I didn’t think it would end up smashed on my car.

@rptrcub: Amazing. Over on the other side, they’re warning against such merriment because it might dull your knife.

@rptrcub: Oh, now JNOVJr (AKA Dopey Hopey) wants to carve a unicorn with the word “hope” underneath.

@JNOV: Philly isn’t the only place with a guy threatening to blow himself up. This dude was around the corner from my office – pissed that he didn’t get picked for a teevee game show, so he threatened to blow up a law firm.

UPDATE: Naturally the local snarky blog sfist has more info than the SF Chronicle, namely that the teevee show is The Price is Right.

@SanFranLefty: It’s good to see people finally taking up arms to fight for their constitutional right to be on teevee. People just don’t take the erosion of the fundamental principles of the Republic seriously enough.

@SanFranLefty: Not that I’ve watched it since 1975, but Drew Carey?

Although Drew Carey hosting Truth or Consequences might work.

@SanFranLefty: Our guy was given a bullhorn he hollered into for a while, and the last I saw he wandered away from the car and got hit upside the head with a nightstick. Don’t know if there actually were explosives in the car.

@nojo: Dude needs work since Wayne Brady cut him loose.

@JNOV: the last I saw he wandered away from the car and got hit upside the head with a nightstick

Or, another community policing day in North Philly.

Srsly, JNOV, some day I’ll have to dish to you on my deep Philly roots. I think I’ve got a love/hate thing going.

@nabisco: I would love it! I definitely have a love/hate thing going. I have left Philly several times only to eventually come back. I don’t know why, and my ostensible reasons are always thin.

Acknowledge My Hippo its shall be.

@Promnight: Hooray! I’d think it’s a blog about your schlong.

@JNOV: Everything a man says or does is about his schlong, in the end.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I did not misunderstand you when you said you were not Christopher Hitchens. I was paying you the compliment of saying that had someone tried to tell me that you were Christopher Hitchens, I’d have said, “No way.”

Are you not a gardener, whoever you are? I seem to remember comments of yours from long ago about plants in your garden in upstate NY and a fountain or some kind of water feature, or was I dreaming?

@JNOV: Seriously, he needs to send that one to those folks. Win.

@rptrcub: I just consulted with my silent creative partner (see, nojo, I has one, too), and he thinks no one will get it, but he has agreed to sketch out a unicorn head. His idea is more detailed, and actually quite awesome, but I’m not going to share it lest some biter steal his idea. We’re going to carve it this weekend. I’ll let you know if it makes the site.

@lynnlightfoot: I do have a garden here. With streams and dogs and great tall weeds that rise to greet the sun. One of the dogs became addicted to tomatoes and ate most of this year’s crop. I’ve got hundreds of bulbs to put in for next year’s spring: a sign of optimism let’s hope isn’t misplaced.

i think lyndon is dr. house. the subtle wit and intolerence for teh stupid masking a funny streak and good soul. yes, dr. house.

Dr. House was Bertie Wooster, that still kills me.

Someone must make a Jeeves and Wooster movie so that a new generation can discover Wodehouse. Wooster would be played by that dude with the rose up his ass from Coupling.

Ooops, my auxiliary brain informs me that was James Nesbitt from Cold Feet. Wrong show. But he looks and acts Woostery and did have a rose up his ass.

@baked: I did, too, but you see, Nojo threatened to hack me if I did not go with the hippo. The cool thing is if you google “acknowledge my hippo,” my blog is the first hit.

@Prommie: I liked Ewalda’s suggestion of “Stick it in yer face.” However, I can see there are some problems with that. Timid persons might be scared off before the full resplendent, effulgent, sublimely savory glory of the blog revealed itself to them. And “S” is very far down the alphabet.

Is that a hippo in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

@Lyndon LaDouche: The consensus among election watchers and electoral vote watchers and even people fully aware that the Republicans have not changed their spots is heartening. The tide has turned, it’s beginning to look like a landslide, and that means the election stealers probably can’t get away with the massive and ubiquitous chicanery necessary to take it away from Obama.

So, you can come out of the cellar and plant bulbs by the hundreds, even thousands, if your muscles and tendons and ligaments and bank account can hold up to all that digging. (The last time I planted hundreds of bulbs, the ensuing bursitis lasted past the next bulb-planting season.) Now that Promnight is going to provide for our food pron needs, I’m hoping for some horticultural pron to get me through until spring. I’ll try to get the ball rolling here: first we’ll see Crocus tomasinianus and winter aconites, then chionodoxa and squills and Dutch crocuses and species tulips and species daffodils, while out in the woods there are harbinger-of-spring, spring beauties, hepatica, bloodroot, toothwort, rue anemones, squirrel corn, Dutchman’s britches, wild ginger, dogtooth violets, birdfoot violets, several colors of plain old violets, Virginia bluebells, Virginia waterleaf, fire pinks, shooting stars, and marsh marigolds, and all that is just for starters. We’ve barely got to May with that roster. I think I’ll try hard to go on living.

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