Mickey (1994-2008)

Teh fax machine ... we HATES IT!

Teh fax machine ... we HATES IT!

My girlfriend’s cat Mickey was born in New York but spent his final years keeping her Mom company in Okinawa.  He hated fax machines and loved to be held.  RIP.
hat tip: Nojo, for fixing the picture for me so I could post it.

Another sad kitteh loss. So sorry.

O noes! Not another kitteh! I’m so sorry, Blogenfreude.

Awww, so sweet. Love teh black & white kittehs – I haz 2. And one of them jammed up my printer so much doing just that sort of thing that I had to scrap it (the printer, obvs, not the kitteh).

Oy, not another kitteh! I hope the passing of this one was more gentle and quiet than the last one we mourned.

I guess I should just endure the “Yes on 8” adbots that I am getting on every page here. Why the Mormons and Catholics are wasting their money on ads for this blog is beyond me.


There. Maybe that will stop the ads.

@JNOV: I never met Mickey – he’d already left for Okinawa when I met the gf. She loved him a lot and happened to be in Tokyo when he died – it was easy for her to fly home and help her mom deal with it.

If I were Flyingchainsaw’s cat I’d be feeling pretty nervous about now….

All snark aside, sorry for the loss. Mr. ‘Catt and I have a superannuated chow mix, and I know that he’ll be WRECKED when Mufasa finally goes, so your wife has my sympathies.

My condolences. Always sucks to lose a pet.

Pardon my Seinfeld, but what’s the deal with cats and paper? Leave a magazine on the coffeetable, leave the room, return to the room, cat’s sitting on it — and acting like he was there all along, you shithead.

Just try to challenge a cat on the facts. You never win.

@blogenfreude: My dearly departed feline enjoyed two of her fourteen years in Tokyo. Of course, we lived in Minami-Aoyama so the living was easy.

@nojo: My cat does that too! Sits on paper. Seriously, what IS that?

@nojo: @RomeGirl: One of my cats sleeps on my bedtime reading, tears up library books, eats cardboard, jams the printer, eats styrofoam, perches her ass just so in the corner of the litter box so the poop goes on the floor, sleeps on my open laptop (my old Dell, not my Mac — I guess the Mac doesn’t get warm enough), licks my feet. Cats are peculiar.

@JNOV: It’s probably the hum of the Dell. Macs don’t have that vibrational hum that Dells do. Ladybird only comes up to my Mac when it has a DVD in it, which makes it hum.

@nojo: You look at the paper, and the cat wants your attention. If cat sits on paper, you will look teh kitteh. Feline logic.

@blogenfreude: My brother is convinced that Cats, like the Catholic Church, hate reading.

I give my cats time outs, but they don’t seem to care.

@Mistress Cynica: I read your comment about your brother’s belief aloud to my husband. He laughed and said, “Right, it’s censorship, that’s what it is.”

May I just say it’s been 2 months and 3 days since Sherpa (Himbo cat) did not turn up for breakfast.

He was warm, loving, pretty, but slightly clueless. He loved his Dad and his Dad still looks for him in the avocado tree when he opens the back door to call Greebo and Kelly in for meals.

He wasn’t James Dean or Janis Joplin or Jimmy Hendrix, but he did die before his time.

I just realised that this is the first time that I have acknowledged that he is not alive.

Previously I have believed that he had “moved out” to another home, somewhere that he got peeled and de-veined prawns more than twice a year.

He was so soft, warm, loving, and cuddly and never tried to sleep on my face. But he never cracked it for ICanHasCheezburger though, no matter how hard I tried.

It hurts.

@CheapBoy: Like nojo said to me: Cats are very resourceful. He’s probably doing fine. Your baby went missing one day after mine did. They’re probably hanging out doing kitty things. Maybe I’m just stubborn, but I believe Scout is still alive. There’s lots of good eatin’ for kittehs in my neighborhood, and Scout is so sweet, I’m sure someone took him in. He’ll make it home if his new friends let him out one day.

And yes, it hurts. A lot.

@CheapBoy: Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry. But I’m sure wherever he is now, it’s prawns every day.

JNOV & Cynica: Thank you for your kind thoughts.

I was sure he had cracked the shits and buggered off for somewhere nicer with less competition for my affection. But as the days and weeks passed, I kind of thought I was being overly optimistic.

Although there is a small small part of my heart that can see him wandering in one night wondering where dinner is, and what the fuss and tears are about.

@CheapBoy: He’s out there. Outdoor cats, they know their way around — they’re hunters, after all. Even if he somehow got lost, a cat who knows people will find people to take him in.

I once had a kitten who took off while a friend was looking after him. Turned up three miles away.

oh cheap boy,
you have my sincerest hope your baby turns up. yes, i know how much it hurts. i adore my dogs equally, but there is something so facsinating about the kitteh ways.
my gracie likes to chew wires. can you imagine what havoc that causes for stereo’s, computers, and chargers. not to mention electricution! (she LOVES chargers, phone, camera, ipod) my first stop today: computer store. wires. and now that she’s bigger, cords.
i pray your baby is being taken care of. i just feel it. try not to worry.
impossible not to miss him, though.
when my zoe was killed by a neighbors dog, i held her and wept so bitterly as all the other animals sat in a circle and watched. by the time mr. he-wasn’t-an-asshole-then, got home i was rocking her and sobbing ‘wake up! wake up! mr. said, ok, i’ll be taking zoe now. tug of war with dead bleeding cat. why do they have this effect on us? because humans suck–dogs and cats are vastly superior to us, and we know it, and covet their loyalty and devotion. can’t trust hu(man) that much.

shouting out to scout: go home! and all other kittehs out romping and worrying their people. no soup for you!

@baked: I know. He’s so rotten. Every time I open the front door, I half expect to see him waiting to come in. He’ll come home. He’s not in the shelter, so he’s out and about. And he’s fixed, so he won’t add to teh kitteh population. Fixing him was also supposed to prevent him from roaming. Ha!

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