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“The New York Times obscures its true intentions — to undermine the candidacy of John McCain and boost the candidacy of Barack Obama — under the cloak of objective journalism.”
– McCain campaign, September 24,
responding to reports its campaign manager’s firm
was on the payroll of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

“I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kind of suggested, ‘Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?'”
– Sarah Palin to Katie Couric, Tuesday

“Well, I was reading my copy of today’s New York Times and I was interested to read about Barack’s friends from Chicago,” Ms. Palin said at the fund-raiser in Englewood, Colo. “Turns out one of Barack’s earliest supporters is a man who, according to The New York Times, and they are hardly ever wrong, was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.”
– Sarah Palin, Saturday,
accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists”

Palin, on Offensive, Attacks Obama’s Ties to ’60s Radical [NYT]

Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths [NYT]


I’m absolutely fucking shocked. Really shocked.

Sarah reads?

Desperation. Swift Boaters. I smells it.

Hey guys, I’ve been away (teaching) when did you all get a new playground? It seems fresh but familiar.

BTW – my internal optimist has been secretly hoping that the single aspect of the American charter that Political Organized Crime has underestimated is our genetic predisposition to adapt.

Rick Davis: So do you have a way to make folks forget about the economy?

McCain: One way to make them forget is to tell ’em stories that dont go anywhere. Like the time Obama went over to Shelbyville to meet Ayers while I wore an onion on my belt….which was the style at the time…you couldnt get those white ones, you could only get those big yellow ones…………… where was I……..oh yeah, the important thing was I was wearing an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time, you couldn’t get those…

This is the national Catholic “right to life/pro-life” weekend before “pro-life memorial day” on October 6. I skipped going to church with Mrs RML today so I could avoid getting infuriated today over attacks from the pulpit (it happens here, depending on the priest although quite a few are cool on this and are pro social justice) and from windshield flyers and parking lot activists who see Geez as their voice on this issue.

Peace be with you.

@WonkRefugee: Little known fact: refugees on average change places three to four times in the first year or so after first seeking asylum, before finally settling down.

Then Angelina Jolie comes by and adopts their children…

@redmanlaw: Holy Inferno, what time do you guys get up and go to church? The Nabisco household is full of heathens, but the kids have a rule not to go knocking on their friends’ doors until after 12 when the Believers start arriving from the matinal.

Of course, the Church of Football begins with pre-game radio feeds from Steeler Central 3 hours before kickoff, so on most Sundays I’m feeling reverent at 10am or so.

@ManchuCandidate: @nabisco:

Thank you for the welcome. Where is my Oxfam survival package?

@nabisco: Out the door at 7, butts in the pews by 7:30, 7:20 if Mrs RML is helping with communion at Mass. I can often slip out to go shooting right after Mass and get back before she’s done taking communion and reading the gospel to elderly shut-ins. I insist on the early Mass so I can get out and do something outdoors or around the house on Sunday. The main reason we quit soccer, btw, was because it was cutting way too much into outdoor adventure time.

/born again pagan

@WonkRefugee: Please accept these valuable coupons for a free car wash.

Talibunny should be careful where she treads on this, what with her husband a member of a separatist shades-of-white-supremacy independence party. For better or worse, you can’t swing a dead cat in Chicago without hitting Ayers or Bernardine Dohrn, which no doubt is even harder when you teach at a law school in Chicago.

I seriously doubt Talibunny actually read the article, it was long, dull, and poorly written, and the quotes from Tom Hayden undermine any nefarious link the reporter (or the Republicans) were trying to make.

@SanFranLefty: It’s the GOP party line this morning on the Sunday tv shows, including Bob Schieffer’s House Party. But Dianne Feinstein fought Heather Wilson of RML’s state. Yay for heathen San Franciscans!

@nabisco: I’m a member of the Kennedaw First Church of My Bed and Then the Treadmill.

Kennesaw. The iPod touch keyboard is lacking.

redmanlaw: “I can often slip out to go shooting right after Mass and get back before she’s done taking communion and reading the gospel to elderly shut-ins.”

Awesome. Sundays can be so user-friendly, if you’re creative. I tip my trashed-and-kicked-around Cubs cap to you.

rptrcub: If Heather Wilson’s your surrogate on a major Sunday teevee chat… well, I just can’t account for that. So sorry I forgot to TiVo the thing — I got home late last night (there was trashing and kicking of caps to be done) and had a moderately-painful-but-there-are-much-more-important-things-in-life case of the sad.

Breaking/ Obama endorsed by Santa Fe newspaper four weeks before election – will post when available. Also: How “Indian” is Todd Palin (opinion column). The local paper also notes that Heather Wilson called Barck a baby killer at one time.

First snow in the mountains above Santa Fe – 3-5 ins. expected at 9500 ft+

@rptrcub: Time for Plugz to pull out the knives.

And at least this time MSM on alert for Swift Boating is calling out the not-so-subtle racism inherent in “Barack HUSSEIN Obama associates with terr-ists and he’s not like us” that Talibunny has been shrieking.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

@WonkRefugee: Yay! Another lost sheep accounted for. Praise!

@redmanlaw: Santa Fe doesn’t have a 5:30 PM Saturday “golfer’s mass”? De rigueur at all upscale Episcopal and Catholic churches. Perfect for those who suffer from “Episcopal flu” (hangovers) most Sundays.

@Mistress Cynica: They do at the Cathedral and our parish as well. It’s kind of depressing. Everyone looks tired, like they’ve been working in the yard all long. It’s also the youth mass for the week, I guess so they can sleep in after going out Saturday night.

@ManchuCandidate: channeling BRB’s poetry readings of yesterday:

Gosh darn it,
Manchu, there you
go again, looking to
the past,
this is one
of the signs
of the rapture.
You betcha.


@ManchuCandidate: Can you help me retrieve a story circulating sometime in the last few months that Iceland believed their financial system was under siege from some enormous financial entity (US one, I believe)? Do you know about this one?

@WonkRefugee: Same Shite, Different Site. Welcome to the last cesspool you’ll ever need!

@lynnlightfoot: Heard something about their economy completely cratering on NPR on Friday — money worth nothing, etc. May be some links on the NPR site.

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks for the tip. Between that and Ixquick, maybe I’ll find it.

Shit, I just caught myself planning the election-night victory post. Much too early for irrational exuberance, but I think this means the election is now Barry’s to lose.

The Republicans have ruined the world. I was afraid they would, but I suspected my loathing for them was making me unduly pessimistic. Hah!

@nojo: No one can celebrate until Cheney and Co shout their last Sieg Heils from the gallows, their wives and kids are thrown from helicopters over the Caribbean and their names expunged from the public record as heinous monstrosities too horrific to archive as part of American history.

@FlyingChainSaw: I’ll settle for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission, since we sure as hell ain’t gonna get Nuremberg.

You dear sweet funny people. So this is where you all are. And you’ve been missing me! I’m touched. Is Baked here?

I didn’t click on the Thatcher link. A person I wouldn’t have pissed on if she were on fire. And nojo wanted to bait me. I’ve always said he was a master baiter. Sully, on the other hand, is more of a wanker.

A lot of work on the house and many trips to town. And something’s been happening with some election somewhere. Not sure what.

Ooo. And preview pane in two shades of blue. Sweet!

@Lyndon LaDouche: Baked is here. My informal MIA list is buried in a comment somewhere, but we’re still missing Lux and Jamie. Dodger, from what I understand, is busy saving the world, but he’ll drop by when he has a moment.

I finally found Raging Monk’s email and sent him a note. I don’t know if he will respond.

@nojo: I was clicking on the Stinque link (great name, btw, effete AND snarky) which wasn’t working. it’s taken me all this time to figure out that I could simply enter the address and see what comes up. As it were.

BTW, nojo darling, you’re amazingly intelligent as well as handsome and charming, you’ll know the answer to this. Wasn’t it Hannah Arendt who coined the phrase ‘the banality of evil’? Seems like she had Governor Palin in mind.

Everything seems to be working just beautifully here. Well done you.

Lyndon, thank God, I’ve missed you.

@Lyndon LaDouche: That would indeed be Hannah, in reference to the Eichmann trial.

But a Palinesque character was not her target — it wasn’t the leaders but the followers she was fingering, the Good Germans in the bureaucracy who carried out their orders without question. (I’m not wiki-cheating, so corrections welcome.) Palin is too self-aware, too much the demagogue-in-training to qualify.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Oh thank FSM! Your wit and wisdom have been greatly missed. Welcome aboard, sugarplum. Baked is lurking about but not posting too much — maybe you can lure her out.

@nojo: Until the next great Hamster Insurrection forces us to migrate again.

Welcome Lyndon. We are nearly complete…

@nabisco: We’re covered this time: I could switch servers overnight and nobody would notice. The database gets backed up nightly.

@nojo: I keed, I keed. The musical chairs aspect has a certain charm to it. Or maybe it’s more like “kick the can”; has anyone tried “Ollie Ollie Olsen Free”* to gather the stragglers?

*caution: discussion of regional variants on this chant could cause for serious thread-jacking.

@nojo: So I guess that would rule out Gonzales and all the other meat-faced smiling fascists the last 8 years have put in positions of power.

@Mistress Cynica: Kisses, darling.

@nabisco: Ditto.

@nabisco: Olsen? I’ll jack that with an Oxen, thankyouverymuch.

@Lyndon LaDouche: It would rule out, by my understanding, Rummy and the Dark Lord, as well as Karl the Architect. (Am I four years late in comparing Rove to Hitler’s architect?)

Gonzo and Yoo and Friends, I think we’re closing in on Banalityville — the enablers.

@ManchuCandidate: Thanks for the link.
I finally found the article I was looking for. It’s from April of this year in the Financial Times.
Title of article: “Iceland fends off hedge fund attacks”

@Lyndon LaDouche: Welcome home.
@nojo: I’m leaning toward something akin to the violent overthrow of Mussolini.

@ManchuCandidate: Discovered that the link requires one to register. I got to the article the first time by going to and searching for “iceland + hedge fund”.

Stinquers leave no Cynics behind.

@ManchuCandidate: I’ve emailed the Monk twice. I can check my records at the office tomorrow for his phone number. Do we have IRL contact info for Jamie?

I think the “banality of evil” quote applies equally well to Hitler himself. He was not a uniquely and especially evil monster. Its a mistake to elevate the holocaust and think of it as a particularly evil event, and its perpetrators as especially evil people. Doing so leads to complacency, “oh, that was an exception to the usual run of human behavior.”

It was not. It has an exceptional horror because it was recent, and well document, reported in, pictures were taken, and it was mechanized, whereas evil prior to that time was done by means of manual labor, and therefore just couldn’t be as productive.

There are millions of Hitlers walking around today in our towns and communities, the only thing seperating them from Hitler is thay are not in charge and able to do the things they dream about. Hitler was remarkable only for his effectiveness and success in evil, not in the evil in him. The evil in people is banal, its common and everywhere.

Curtis Lemay; hows that for evil? His entire career, he had to be tied up and bound or he would have launched a nuclear holocaust. He wanted to, so bad, all the time. He hated those who tied his hands. He wanted to use all the bombs, all of them.

Oh, and about where Palin gets her information, at an event today, she quoted a Starbucks coffee cup quote. She cannot be parodied.

@Promnight: Wild Bill Donovan, anyone? (Okay, I may have to retract that and substitute Allen Dulles.)

@Promnight: Talibunny misquoted the Starbucks cup. Deliberately so, some suspect.

@redmanlaw: Den Mother report:
I’ve sent a few messages to Jamie via Jez comments and the gmail I have for her from the HFA insurrection. Dodger will be back soon and knows where to go – he wanted me to tell y’all hey, but he’s occupied through the 15th or so. I also contacted LuxMentis and if you look up his bookstore you can too. I’ve emailed Monk several times.

@nojo: @Promnight: Did she bitch about the mermaid’s ta tas?

@JNOV: Too lazy to find the HuffPo link, but she quoted Madeleine Albright on “supporting” other women. Only what Albright said was helping other women. When you’re seeking votes, that’s a big shift in nuance.

@nojo: Do you think Talibunny possesses critical thinking skills?

@JNOV: Yes. Sarah Palin is a shrewd woman who knows exactly what she’s doing, even if she’s overwhelmed by what she doesn’t know.

If they had allowed her to gestate awhile longer as governor — allowing her to learn gradually what she’s had to cram in five weeks — she could have been very dangerous.

Ronnie enjoyed 25 years in the public eye before he was elected — first as a GE shill, then as governor, then as a failed presidential candidate. He did what he could to destroy the country, and what he couldn’t do Dubya has done for him.

Palin is much sharper than Shrub, and she’s much better at playing the media. If we’re lucky, her premature debut has spoiled her future viability. Even then, she’s exposed a very willing populace for future demagogues to exploit, in ways Karl Rove can’t even imagine in his wettest of dreams.

More than Ronnie, more than Bush I, more than Dubya: Sarah Palin is the closest this country has come to outright fascism in my lifetime. Because unlike her predecessors, she’s one of them.

@nojo: Folksy Fascism, as it were?

It’s harder to notice the noose is around your neck when the voice telling you this is just trying to reassure you that it’s all about keeping the country great, don’t cha know?

@nojo: Agreed.
She knows how to use all the tricks of the trade.
There is a feral cunning in her that is very disconcerting.

The chirpy ragdoll act, the beauty-contestant mannerisms, maybe these will eventually stick in the craw of even the drooling masses. Let’s just hope there is enough time.

@Signal to Noise: Yes.

@Ewalda: Yes.

Everyone tries for Folksy Fascism. But it takes Feral Cunning to make it work.

@Ewalda: The drooling masses will never forsake her. But the mass of the drooling masses seem to be in their 40s and older — their kids aren’t quite as bad, not quite as rigid in their views.

It’s like the children of the Iranian revolution: the shah is history, and they’re a bit pissed at the ayatollahs. Evangelical Christianity may be the burden of my generation, just like the Boomers are stuck with Vietnam.

LYNDON, darling!
you have lured me from lurking (hi cyn)
it’s difficult to type, you see, as my fingers are frozen into a garrotting position waiting for the neck of mr. baked and his girlfriend.
i have solved the dilemma.
i overheard this whore who is fucking my husband complain about me calling, and he told me how upset she is that he is coming here for december and january. i am not a jealous person, but i am possesive, territorial, and competative. so i had to fix this bitch, obvs.
i am going back to israel with him in january! the shadenfreude i’m feeling anticipating this breaking news she will be receiving, is so fucking joyful. my girlfriend says, oooh, be careful, those israeli chicks are tough. shrewd doesn’t mean smart. luckily i’m both. the dear has no idea who she’s fucking with. the mr. does, he’s nervous. but looking forward to picking up the pieces. i don’t know what i’m going to do with the pieces, but my first mission is crushing the competition. then i’ll decide.
he’ll be here soon, marriage rescued, whore put down, and as of feb. 1st, i’ll be taking back my husband and house in jerusalem for a year.
far flung stinquer with a front row seat to the rapture.
at the least i get to rapture that bitch’s ass.

missed you lyndon!!!

btw, my 2 cents on gov palin. make that one cent, i took a beating last week.
did you see her almost lose her pea brain during the debate about gay marriage? her conviction on this issue was obscured by the forum…almost.
she retained decorum, but she is scaaaary, and her zeal for idiocy barely masked. she started to get frothy around the mouth, and her pupils became fixed and dialated.
somebody up there said it. she is fascism with lipstick on it.

Very good points.

Fascist pig with lipstick?

i haven’t been posting much. attention needs to be focused on a certain other pig whose lipstick is on mr.baked.
like charity, freaking out on lipsticked pigs must start at home.

Well, I now understand why pigs aren’t Kosher…

@baked: As long as teh Gheys can visit their partners in illness and on their death beds, that’s all that fairness requires, in her mind. Whereas equal rights in other matters, including being healthy and being alive? Nah.

@baked: Hi, Baked one. Glad you’re OK. Right now it seems like Mr. B is only half-Baked but will be removed by you from the oven when done. Hope all works out. After all, an affair is just sex. A marriage is a much more substantial relationship. Though I must admit, his timing was a bit harsh.

This might amuse you. Some years a go I was in a play with a young actor who had a particularly annoying GF. We would enter together at one point. So we’d meet offstage before going on. One night I passed him with said GF huddled on a sofa in the green room. They seemed deep in conversation. I did not remind him that he should get his ass to the stage as I was all huffy about the impropriety of having a guest backstage during a show. Our cue came and there was no sign of him. So I went on alone and really enjoyed being able to vamp a bit till I heard the inevitable clatter up the stairs and the rush on stage – where he arrived out of breath and red-faced. Turns out that his GF was telling him that she never wanted to see him again in the middle of the second act!! He later married her.

How are dogs and cats? How’s your house? How’s the island?

@nojo: She’s Evita. I see a musical in the making.

sorry about the spelling, dear nazi’s. my spell check is not working.
i can remember every word moose said to squirrel, but i can’t remember how to spell. i have my mental priorities straight.

speaking of nazi’s, you have to stop defending hitler, REALLY.
i was just at the holocaust museum in israel, remember? there are not hundreds of hitlers running around every street corner.
but let me know if you spot one we haven’t rounded up yet.
worse than hitler were the “just following orders” crowd, and worse yet were the friends and neighbors of the jews. who did nothing, said nothing, and cowered in a corner.
btw, hitler loved dogs, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been put in a wood chipper.

ah the affairs of the heart. comedy and tragedy right there.
are they still married?

the island is back to normal. we got so amazingly lucky. i credit you all for blowing ike (insert joke here) away from my house and babies.
who are about to be stuffed on a plane end of january and go back with mommy and daddy to israel, where daddy can finish up his business and mommy can assert her alpha status in her own house with her own husband. i’m expecting a bit of a struggle with her removing her hooks, looking forward to it actually. CAT FIGHT! yeah!
hey, he’s very cute, can’t blame her. and he’s a morally limited man with an unlimited sex drive. can’t really blame him. torture him a little maybe, but he’s getting a pass this time. i can tell though she will not go quietly into the night. this is gonna be fun…stay tuned.

@baked: Not defending him at all, Baked, just pointing out there are many more of them out there, too many to ever round up, the only thing to be done is make sure they never achieve the power to do the evil that is in their hearts.

@baked: Are they still married? Oh God I hope so. He was a Juliard graduate and so not deserving of pity.

“hey, he’s very cute, can’t blame her. and he’s a morally limited man with an unlimited sex drive. ” He might be popular around here.


@baked: That’s the spirit, darling! Bring those talons out — Jungle Red!!

@baked: As my grandmother used to say, “A standing prick has no conscience.” Unlike you, I felt free to blame Her (actually, there were two Hers, separated by nearly a decade, so I got a breather between crises). What is it with these women who think it’s okay to poach other women’s men, and actually seem to go out of their way to find married men to vamp? I think it’s the female version of swashbuckling. Clearly they haven’t read enough of the right kind of novels, as in great ones, not romantic wish-fulfilling claptrap. To quote Joyce: “A sentimentalist is he who would enjoy without incurring the immense debtorship for a thing done.” (I think I got that right, must check though.) Do you know the scene in Truffaut’s “Jules and Jim” where one of the characters confronts another with a pistol. The trigger is pulled, and out pops a red flag reading BANG! I always wanted to do that, especially to the first Her, a femme fatale who had already distressed several other marriages before my husband came home reeking of her perfume.

Anyway, the important thing is keeping it all a comedy. Farce is preferable to tragedy. You sound as if you’re striking out on the right path for you at this juncture.

my grandmother said the same thing! and my dad, who i think is wrong about everything else, told me months ago to get over there.
“you don’t let a good looking successful man wander around unattached for so long, it’s hu(man) nature to seek companionship”
that’s why he’s getting a pass. and i’m no angel. it’s my karma for being emotionally unfaithful. i accept my pennance. and he’ll be recieving his, you betcha!
i’m happy to hear you worked it out, and i could stand it if he wanted a little strange every decade or so. thanks lyn, i can haz hope now?

now about the whores who think nothing of going after, and i mean chasing, other women’s husbands. karma takes care of everything.
i am expecting some craziness. she has her long hooks in, which will make it that much sweeter when i break them off. i will avenge us all!!!

yes, sister cynica, talon red, baby…

jules and jim stole that from moe and larry!

prommy, i keed i keed. there are many maniacs, hitler is just so special.

ps re more from wall street daddy today: and i quote, ‘people will be jumping out of windows’ that’s my financial update for everyone.
let’s have a drink.

he would be popular to look at. he has everything going for him except one thing. he isn’t funny. also, he thinks we are frivolous, he’s a very serious workaholic. i get one good laugh out of him every day, a mission.
anyone else rolls on the floor from me, maybe making him laugh is what attracts me. nah…it’s the other thing.
ok let’s carry on with fixing the world, you know i’ll keep you posted on
my life….’as the stomach churns’
lerve you guys, where the hell were ya all when i was wasting all that time and money on shrinks?
the last shrink i went to said i was fine (just take your meds) and we discussed books for 50 minutes. swear to god.very expensive book club.

Do Wall Streeters need a bit of a push? I’ll be more than happy to help.

i don’t think so manchu.
i never heard him like this. he’s not jumping anywhere, 45 years in the biz, he (and i) are diversified enough to keep us from missing lunch anytime soon, but it’s baaaaad. the scariest news is that people on the inside don’t know what the fuck is going on day to day. people are losng their shirts. he’s talking people off the ledge.
hey! how about we get an ark and…………………………………………..

what does? your employer is losing his shirt?
you hate him, don’t you? you’ve talked about work, hilariously, and i think i recall that. so what happened to him?

Yes. Credit crunch means no more money for my company. Whah wah wah waahhhh (Tuba playing)

I’ve never liked any of my employers, but I am a wage slave (hypocrite, I know.) My current CEO is an acolyte of former GE overlord Jack Welch and has pretty much made a hash of my current employer. Told us two weeks ago that they did not see this mess coming whereas we underlings were talking about this some TWO years earlier.

@baked: One of my partners bit the bullet and pulled completely out of the market today. He put what’s left of a big attorney fee award into CDs.

yup, another contribution to the crash.
i don’t pay too much attention to my money what with dad as guardian, why would i? i have actually been afraid to talk numbers with him.
he just says we took a beating, but we’re ok. i think i’m poor now.
feels the same. i’m sure your partner made an informed decision, so that was good to hear, cause i gots me a few CD’s at least.
we haven’t seen the bottem of this. it will be ugly, i know that.

@baked: “Wall Streeter Offers ‘Gay Virginity’ For Sale”

It’s up at

So wait… this is so awesome… I chose this time to buy my first stocks. Is that like totes ruling teh Crash? Yah yah. I know. I’m like, a day-trading stah!

Well I had to do something with my meagre contribution to my laughable 401K (being blessed with a ‘career’ in the Ahts I’ve only recently had any money to put into 401Ks) so I figured, what the hell? I’m not going to need the money for.. oh… well… months. So by then the market will have recovered. Won’t it? I mean, it’s not like I’m gambling with my retirement. Is it?

@redmanlaw: That is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read. I’m laughing. The dogs are laughing. It epitomizes what is wrong here: this prince of Wall Street who is, by his own reckoning, very attractive, reckons that a hand job with some mouth action is worth $32,000??!!!! Because he shows up in a suit? And there can be no anal because that would make him a gay whore. But then, the capper is that some unknown benefactor shows up to offer him a job in his chosen profession – which is not whoring?

@Lyndon LaDouche:

Welcome back, my dulcet darling! How’s tricks?

@Lyndon LaDouche: The party line is that over time, A Well-Balanced Stock Portfolio remains the best investment, and the last thing you want to do is bail on a dip.

(Pause for comebacks.)

But it’s all a spectator sport to me. If I actually had money to deal with it, I’d probably start with the no-risk granny stuff, and once satisfied I wouldn’t starve at 80, try some indexes or what have you.

Although, until a few weeks ago, “no-risk” included money-market accounts. On second thought, I’m putting everything into Ameros.

@Lyndon LaDouche:

Even with assfucking I wouldn’t go more than $150.00. $200.00 if he put some heart into it.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Stinquers After Dark: The Monday Afternoon Edition

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