Obscure Wingnut of the Week

Before I present the OWOTW, I want you to know something.  Going forward, I may not answer the questions the way that you or Nojo want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and let ’em know my track record. And if any of you call me on it I’ll shoot you in the face.  Got it?

Now on to our OWOTW.  A long time ago at Agitprop I had a weekly feature called the Wingnut Roundup.  I had to stop though – exposure to that much right wingnuttery took its toll.  Mostly it makes you want to curl up in the fetal position, but it can also result in increased alcohol comsumption and trips to the shrink to get your medication adusted (upward).

But I am going to wade back in for you, dear Stinquers.  I’m not ready to revisit the lunacy of Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, or Atlas Juggs, but I can start small.  Meet our OWOTW after the jump.

Our obscure wingnut of the week, courtesy of Sadly, No!, is Therese Daniels.  She’s a pretty obscure wingnut – she’s no Marie Jon – but her wackiness makes up for the lack of comments on her blog:

It is not Obama and his gang of thug Socialists who confuse me. I clearly recognize the principles of socialism and Communism in all of Obama’s “silk purse” speeches. It isn’t hard acknowledging right from wrong [sic].

Buckle up – it only gets worse.

In my last essay “Is any thing in America Sacred to Obama?” which lists many of Obama’s criminal friends, actions, and intentions which reveal a ruthless and desperate character [I’m getting sic]. There is nothing I wrote in that piece that isn’t already known to all of the Democrats currently in office and the general public.

She doesn’t bother to link to her last essay, but I’ll bet it sounds a lot like this:

The argument Democrats will use that McCain has done bad things doesn’t hold water [sic]. True McCain has made mistakes. But one this for certain is McCain never betrayed his country and committed treason [sic]. He also never tampered with voter registration, nor ever was a Muslim.

You can go read the whole thing, but I don’t recommend it.  At the end, she lists those who will vote for the Unicorn, including:

6. There are openly admitted Communists, Socialists, and Muslims who will vote Obama. They will never change their minds. Eventually, like the UK, America will be adopting the laws of Sharia. Women will be required to cover their faces and wear Berkas [sic].

7. There are the first time and young voters, who have simply not looked beyond Obama gold plated package of Communist feces [sic]. They are too busy growing up to take the time to look. They just want to do what they think is “cool”. By the time the realize what happened it will be too late [sic yet again].

8. Finally, there are those who are thoroughly aware of all of Obama’s crimes, misdeeds, and intimidating methods and approve. They have even participated with Obama in these crimes. To them, the end justifies the means. The way America was will be a fairy tale.

You will admit this is some Grade A batshit wingnuttery.  Ladies and gentlemen, your average two-time Bush voter.  Yee-hah!


I’d prefer to hear the answer in the form of a palindrome.

@nojo: You’ve seen “party booby trap” already, right? That’s my current, and increasingly prophetic, favorite.

@nojo: Like I said – you get the answer I give you whether you like it or not.


We can show is economic sanctions perhaps against Russia, if this is what has got to see trade as opportunity, not as competitive, scary thing, but one in five jobs being created as people are trusting these companies with their investments, with their insurance policies, and construction bonds, and everything else. We see the United States, and the pragmatism that’s needed at a crisis time like this. I’m not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, first, Fannie and Freddie – that, that’s paramount. That’s more than a heck of a process that’s not allowing that process that progress to be wired in a way of being so committed to the terrorists who are spending, investing other people’s money, the abuse of that closed door, good old boy network that has much to do things better.

@nojo: If Blogenfreude called this feature “What the Fuck? Obscure Wingnut of the Week” and cheated a little bit with the acronym he could shorten it to “WTFOWOFTW.”

Good googamooga! #6 reminds me of my shrink.

And Stanford just tied Notre Dame. Woot.

@mellbell: Not only brilliant, but a modern update on TWTWTW, or TW3 to afficionados.

My head is spinning. Remind me never to play Scrabble with you.

As for the wingnut. I’m picturing someone who believes Thomas Kincaid paintings are high art and loves fuzzy haired Troll dolls.

She’s no more demented than the average Toronto Maple Leaf fan. Seriously. I’m just glad that most don’t focus on politics. Don’t need to up the dumbassery there.

There’s no prick like an Old Prick. Another member of the diaspora has found us!

Amazing Stinque , how sweet the site, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost and now I am found, was blind but now I see. A fucking men.

Now if I can resurrect my old persona, but got a new physique if my gravatar is working.

@ol.d.prick: YAY!

ADD: You’re looking damn fine!

@nojo: But where are my Lyndon and my Jaimie? Who else? Are you keeping a list, nojo?

@ol.d.prick: Sweet, glad you found us!
Nice icon, but it’s almost too small to beat off to see clearly.

@JNOV: I thought Lyndon was here, but now that you mention it, I don’t see him in the roster. (I’m all but baiting him with the latest post.) Jamie hasn’t shown up either, although some of us have been making friendly incursions to the ghost town to pick up anyone hiding in the attic.

Still waiting for Lux and WonkRef, and Endy, and I think a couple others I listed yesterday. I won’t be happy until we’ve saved them all; we leave no Stinquer behind.

@drinkyclown: Cheeky monkey.

@nojo: Yeah. There are Endy-, Lux-, WonkRef-, Jamie- and Lyndon-size holes in me.

Got my right persona installed.

@JNOV: glad to be here my lovely JNOV

@drinkyclown: Yeah its a bit small in the picture but I am a lot bigger in real life.

Wonder if Dodger is at the game tonight. He’s gotta be happy about Man Ram evading the tag at home, where ever he’s at.

@redmanlaw: Glad to see the Phils go down tonight. Sorry JNOV, but I’m a ‘burgher at heart!

What’s the takeaway on Tallybunny’s attack on the Ayers link? I just watched MMoore’s “Slacker Uprising” and the time parallel with 04 is upsetting. YodaPez cautioned, he did.

I feel for people like her, when I’m not in a mad-mode. She reminds me of my stepgrandmother (with irritating Palinesque accent to boot) who sends e-mails written like this, and can never understand the actual truth or logic when it’s pointed out to her.

Someone in my family joked that I was permanently tainted because I worked for the mainstream media once (which really was more conservative than they thought, owned by a southern aristocratic douche).

Thanksgiving is going to be just fun between her and my uncle, no matter which of the Geez & Bunny or Unicorn & Plugz shows is chosen.

@nabisco: It would have been nice to see a sweep, but I’m more upset about The Cardinal losing to Notre Dame. Like really, really losing.

And I was born in Allegheny Community Hospital and lived in the Hill District until I was six months old, so I have some Pitt love in me.

@all: SNL is biting on the comments. I’ll not say what they did so as not to spoil it for our Left Coast Stinquers, but I’m getting more and more suspicious.

SNL opener ruled. Fire up the youtubes or whatever. More Tina Sarah Fey.

Hey Prom – the Killers are the band.

Damn, I missed it, RML. Were they good? Boy can sing. If Lou Reed gives them props, how can you not?

Thanks for missing me. I’ve missed you, too. I’ve been lost in my desperately funky internal life and totally missed the transition. Did we abandon our old home because of database gremlins?

It looks like most of you are here. Has anyone seen Monk?

@Promnight: I found them tuneful, but overly theatrical. This is more my cup of tea. Grew up with the singer/guitar player.

@nabisco: Oh, that was just horrible. ;-) And I don’t care for the Killers either. Here’s what you need to be listening to. This is a little more hardcore. And then, there is always this cover by The Master.

ADD: And just because I love them.

@WonkRefugee: He hasn’t been around for a couple of months. Also missing Lyndon. We’ve been trying to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to the new, working homeland.

“Death Magnetic” by Metallica all morning long. Originally felt like “And Justice for All” but put the new one on and the Lord did grin.

@JNOV: Check out “Cyanide” streaming on their myspace page for the Mustainistic vocals and riffage. “That Was Just Your Life” is also pretty awesome.

The Killers didn’t do it for me, sorry to say.

I emailed the Monk with IRL contact info (which he already has anyway). No response. He’s in Knoxville, que no?

@redmanlaw: Hey! They’re from India! How cool is that? I like ’em. (If I’ve got the right Cyanide, and I hope I do.) And what about Megadeth’s “This Was My Life”? Phooey on Metallica. But I love you, RML. I’m one of those who liked “Enter Sandman,” and that was about it. I have too much New Wave and Grunge in me.

ADD: Foreclosure of a Dream was timely for 41 and again for 43.

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