Pestorking in Space!

Straight outta Indecent Proposal, somebody offered Virgin Galactic — Richard Branson’s really high ballooning effort — one meelion dollars to film a porno in the heavens.

But Branson, declining to play Woody Harrelson, turned down the opportunity to start recouping his $100 million investment.

We’re disappointed, but we understand — we’ve read those 2001 toilet instructions, after all, and you don’t want to send in a CSI crew with Spunk Detectors to clean up the mess in the cabin afterward. But this is the 21st century, gawdammit, and next year’s Barbarella remake is a pale substitute for the real thing.

Virgin Galactic Turns Down Sex-in-Space Proposal [Fox]

Dave, I think you have a problem. Don’t touch that, Dave. Dave, let me help you with that.

Those zero-gravity toilet instructions can’t be for real. I can’t understand a word of that shite rife with product placement buzz words. Like an astronaut will run to Home Depot to pick up a plastic dalkon eliminator upon return to terra firma. Don’t forget to make certain the Sonovac cleanser is working properly. Wha? Guess I won’t be shitting in space.

J. A. Mes. TKirk. Is. Dis. Apppointed.

How. Can. Theysaynosex?

Lu See in THE Skywithdiamonds!

(If this confuses you, I attempted to use William Shatner style clipped staccato dialogue at the beginning of the sentence and run together everything at the end.) My brain has imploded as I didn’t get back from the office till about 9:30pm. G’Night.

Rose McGowan as Barbarella? Absolutely not.
What was startling is that I began thinking who could be the ideal casting for Barbarella, and Bridgette Fonda seemed to fit perfectly. And then I realized whose daughter/niece she was. It was a very weird moment.

It was a long (read: “Since when did all my co-workers become irrational and incompetent?”) day at work, and I, unfortunately, was not able to get in on the debate thread in a timely manner, so here we are. Anywho, SanFranLefty (formerly DCLefty) and I had a little get-together in our nation’s capital last night to watch said debate and, as if there were any doubt, she is utterly delightful. (And so passionate about politics that they had to call the fire department to come hose her down!) It was all in all a very fun, drink-filled time, and informative, too. Here’s what I learned from Sarah Palin:

She does not have an Achilles’ heel, thank you for asking.

Jonathan Winthrop ripped off Ronald Reagan, for real.

John McCain shits gold mavericks.

Her family is in the middle class, and has the ghey.

History is for suckers, and Joe Biden can take his namby-pamby talk about “past is prologue” and shove it.

McCain didn’t ask her to check her opinions at the door, just her grasp on reality.

She is not going to argue about the causes of global warming, but is definitely not not giving mankind a pass on it.

She really wants to talk about energy, because she is, as is well-known, the world’s foremost expert on it.

Americans are hungry, hungry hippos when it comes to oil, and she’s ringing the dinner bell.

She’s new at this, guys, and it’s really hard, ok?

Biden? He was afraid of getting fact-checked, and it showed. To be fair, though, he didn’t pull all his punches, plus he wasn’t afraid to get a little misty-eyed talking about his family tragedy (as did SFL and I).

Apparently the sum total of their parts is greater than Obama/McCain. And here I thought 60 million was the ratings ceiling on a vice presidential debate.

Oh, and the McClellan/McKiernan thing killed me, in particular because it reminds me of the time my dad argued before the Supreme Court and opposing counsel kept on addressing “Justice Kennessy.” Who?

Also, just for fun:

McCain has a 13-point lead among whites overall, 55-42 percent — almost exactly the average for Republican presidential candidates since 1976.

As Sully is wont to say, “Know hope.”

Hey honey! Remember when I asked you if the guy’s name was really McClellan because I thought that was Scotty the spokesperson’s name? Re: SCOTUS – at least he didn’t call O’Connor Ginsburg.

Re getting hosed off by the fire department… I really wish that those DCFD guys would have stayed and watched the debate with us. Nothing like funny burly DC firemen.

But weren’t you proud of me, I never screamed the c-word out loud, not even once, but I did scream out “Wasilla rape kits” several times for no apparent reason and when Talibunny said that US ‘Merikens wanted the “guv-mint” out of their lives I yelled “What about my uterus, bitch?” and you didn’t even flinch.

Thanks for the beer. Drinks are on me when you’re out in SF.

Hmmm. “3 Users, 1 Guest, 1 Bot”.
Well, good-night Users.
The guest room is ready, Guest.
and fuck you, bot.
I’m out for tonight.

@Ewalda: You know how I love to let lurkers lurk.

@mellbell: Midnight audition for More Pinque on the Stinque? Well done, mellbell.

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