Hurricane George

Something to laugh at in these dark times:

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Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency


If we lined up every single one of the 305,326,806 people in the US right now nobody would care less about the damage caused by the Bush presidency than George W Bush. Sarah Palin’s baby cares more than GWB. Bristol Palin’s unborn baby cares more.

@Dave H: So true.

/TJ: “Life” comes on in three minutes. See you on the other side.

@JNOV: Life? What did I miss. OTOH I missed Lost too.

@blogenfreude: Wait! LOST started up again? When? I don’t think the TiVo picked it up.

I watched season 1 of Life on the web (my kid got me into it), and there’s only been one episode this season before tonight’s. I’m in love with Charlie Crews.

And this was made before the economic melt down, so add another $1 trillion or so to the total damage!
And Dave, you’re right. He not only doesn’t care, he probably doesn’t think he did so bad.

@JNOV: No – I mean I didn’t watch Lost from the beginning. My MOM told me about it, so I suppose I have to Netflix it from season 1.

@blogenfreude: You don’t have to Netflix — there’s Project Free TV, and other streaming sites that have links to shows uploaded to Megavideo and sometimes Asian sites. And it’s not the P2P stuff that can get you arrested. I’m pretty sure watching it is legal. It might be how I watch Weeds and catch up on Project Runway.

@JNOV: Thanks. I am home so seldom that I have no idea what to watch, much less how to watch it. At least I managed to catch most of “In Treatment” … probably the best thing I’ve ever seen on teh TEEVEE.

@Dave H: Each little adorable squiggly sperm still stuck in Todd’s testes cares more.

@Dave H: The sociopath’s entire being is focused on resentment of those whom the sociopath feels have slighted him or her by failing to recognize their special and superior status. GWB demonstrates this with lots of little tells, constantly crowing about how the C-student is now in charge, constantly making nasty little remarks about how all the egghead PhDs are the ones advising him, while He makes the decisions.

He is never going to feel regret, quite the opposite, his only joy is in reflecting on our rage. The public has rejected him, and like a typical sociopath, like the rejected stalking ex-lover, for example, his only happiness is in fucking up the lives of those who rejected him, his biggest emotional motivator, all his life, has been “I’ll show those fuckers who thought they were better than me,” and now, he has no motivation other than to show us fuckers how he can make us miserable for not loving him.

Its not that he doesn’t care about the disasters he is responsible for. He cares a lot, he revels in the misery he causes. He is a sociopath, and he feels that its right and just that we suffer, and he is going to make damn sure we do.

One of Colbert’s correspondents made a telling comment this week, he said Bush he said Bush isn’t concerned about whether he is the worst president, he wants to be the LAST president, if he can’t have it, he’s gonna break it so noone can have it.

Thats the mindset of the sociopathic serial murderer. Good looking chicks rejected me, I will make them pay, I will kill them.

When did the Onion get so fucking good? Or is it just that I only see the highlight reels?

Do you think GWB is feeling disappointed because he hasn’t been able to kill enough Muslims to push Pakistan or Iran into vaporizing Israel and bringing baby Jesus back?

It will take 40 or 50 years to get the Bush-approved fundamental Christian mentality out of the US Air Force. It’s scary to think of all the new USAF officers who look forward to Armageddon – and they control most of the nuclear weapons the US owns. That’s the gift that keeps on giving from eight years of theocracy.

@Dave H: I read a lot about the fundies at the academy raising holy hell. I have serious doubts that anyone in the rocket corps get near anything actionable without a number of psychological batteries to clear out the trigger happy or the overly compliant. Any serious reportage on the fundies getting close to the nukes?

@nojo: Ever since their Peabody-worth “Holy Fucking Shit” 9-11 issue, they’ve really been on their game. The Bush years have at least been good to satirists and comedians.

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