We forgot all about this until a friend sent us a reminder — Colbert’s still running for President in the Marvel Universe, just like Talibunny is running for Vice President in our Rod Serling dimension. The latest Spider-Man issue features an eight-page story — in continuity! Which we think means Patrick Duffy won’t turn up in the shower next issue and take it all back.

Spider-Man & Stephen Colbert Team Up In Amazing Spider-Man #573! [Marvel]

Stephen Colbert’s Marvel Universe Campaign [Comedy Central]


At least they didn’t turn Colbert into another over ‘roided specimen of manhood with bulging muscles on top of bulging muscles.

Now Wells Fargo getting Wachovia instead of Shittybank. I can haz bailout?

It’s a Stephen King universe. I can see the final scene now. Psychogeezer gripping his chest and reeling, Talibunny laughing dementedly. Finally, he is slumped over the desk. She pulls his head up by the hair on the back of his head. “John, in hell, you’ll have no peace but do be glad in your heart that at your last, you were a tool of god,” she says before dropping his head onto the desk. Reaching over his still torso, she picks up the phone, “The football and the launch codes. Bring them to me. We’ve waited to long to go home to Jesus,” she says before tossing down the receiver, dropping to her knees and clasping her hands in prayer, strains of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ rising.

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