An Evening In Pictures

This will maybe get us through the first half hour

This will maybe get us through the first half hour

As advertised, watching Friday night’s glorious victory by John McCain in the first presidential debate was the occasion for the first ever gathering of the Chicago Stinquers chapter:  Chicago Bureau, BeRightBack, flippin’ and yours truly homofascist.  To be fair, BRB still thought we were Cynics but we were able to set him straight.  Er, well, not really straight so much as less gay on the Cynics.  Er…well, hopefully you get what I mean.

Also to be fair, ‘watching’ the debate may be a bit of a stretch.  After a few dozen cocktails apiece it sort of devolved into yelling at the teevee, laughing at PG, trying to keep track of how many times each candidate said a word ending in -stan so we could take a drink (this rule easily accounted for a fifth of gin at the minimum), searching for another lime, making fun of Cindy McCain’s extentions and assessing which procedures Jim Lehrer could have done to take care of those bags under his eyes.  But we had a fabulous time in Chicago Bureau’s deluxe apartment in the sky, and discovered lots of fun things about each other.  Revelations, and more photos, after the jump.

The debate begins!

The debate begins!

Time to start typing.

PG's whistling lisp inspires CB to start typing.

Discovery #1:  flippin’, BRB and homofascist are all the same age, and in fact we are all Bicentennial Babies.  Chicago Bureau is the baby of the bunch, and your homofascist is indeed the eldest.  Although everyone agreed he still looks young and fabulous (we agreed to that, right?).

Discovery #2:  flippin’ spent two years in the Peace Corps in Georgia with one of BRB’s friends.  They built pipelines to channel oil directly into the homes of John McCain’s advisors/lobbyists.

Discovery #3:  flippin’ went to college with Sufjan Stevens, which makes homofascist very jealous and tingly.  Was in a class with him and used to call him Sophie.  May have been a jerk, but HF is willing to forgive him.

Discovery #4:  CB got his law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  BRB is teaching a class this semester up at UW-Madison.

Discovery #5:  flippin’, CB and I all live within a 10 minute walk of one another.  So we have the neighborhood of Edgewater pretty well covered.

On CB's coffee table

On CB's coffee table

BRB takes over.

BRB takes over.


BRB still thought we were Cynics but we were able to set him straight

We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Notice that there was an entire bottle of booze for each person present (with vermouth as a mixer!). My pillow tasted like Evelyn Waugh the next morning.

Uh, notice which hand is holding the tall cocktail glass? I think it’s clear from my typing skilz on the live blog thread that I more than kept up with the boys Friday night! Thanks for the postmortum, HF, I think it’s a nice glimpse into a very fun evening–we’re totally doing this again for the veep debate, right? I would offer to take a turn hosting, but I don’t think my little 14″ screen and rabbit ears could do Talibunny justice. Besides, no cable means no Rachel/Keith O.

p.s. I never called him Sophie to his face! I’m sure he’s a perfectly sweet guy, I was just annoyed because it was freaking geology class (aka rocks for jocks) yet he felt compelled to sit in the front and answer lots of questions rather than slacking/dozing like the rest of us. And, to be clear, I would *ehem* swallow any pride and flirt outrageously given another encounter with him.

@flippin eck: I had no doubt you could outdrink the boys.

@BRB: BRB is a boy? I always thought you were one of the girls….as in females.

I love the Newsweek, CB.

@All Cynic Stinquers: Any of you in DC? I’ll be there Thursday and we can do a DC meetup/Palin debate viewing party.

There’s something to be learned here, and its COCKTAILS. Cocktails are drinks, drinking cocktails is drinking. Martinis, manhattans, umm, is there anything else? These are cocktails, mature and sturdy drinks, they produce the desired effect, quickly, and emphatically. OK, gimlets, caipirhanas, mint juleps count too, a stiff bloody mary as well. Single malt or bourbon on the rocks, even good rye or canadian, on the rocks, all are good. For desert, a wonderful nightcap, a stinger.

Thats what we are about here, isn’t it? Cocktails. Anything less is just maintenance drinking, cocktails are the drug of choice of the stinque set.

I am trying to set up a foodporn blog of my own, just so I can have Nojo link to it, but I see it also has to include a cocktail section as well. Have I told you ever of my thai-vodka martini? Muddle thai chili peppers, lemongrass, and cilantro, squeeze lime juice into it, and a tiny dash of fish sauce, then shake with ice and vodka and serve in a martini glass.

Or the tomatoe essence bloody mary martini? Dice a real, ripe tomato, put it in a seive and hang it over a bowl and let the clear pure tomatoe essence fall into the bowl. Muddle some slices of fresh jalapeno, cucumber, basil, a pinch of salt, fresh ground black pepper, add the clear tomato essence and shake and again strain through a wire strainer, make some pure clear essence of hot gazpacho, but clear, no chunks. Use this as your vermouth and make vodka martinis, garnish with a slice of tomato and a basil leaf.

Cocktails, raw fish, these things are my life.

@SanFranLefty: I’m not surprised if his thorough knowledge of Rungay fooled you–I almost did a spit-take when he pointed out Michelle was wearing a Kenley dress. But yes he’s a Peen-American…and a cutie at that!

@Prom: OMG that essence Bloody Mary sounds heavenly, I have pavlovian drool reflexes kicking in. I invented my own cocktail recently that was very basic but had a surpisingly balanced and refreshing taste. It contained vodka, pomegranate juice, and coconut water. Please don’t tell me that already exists as a well-known cocktail and I didn’t invent shit.

@Promnight: Hey! May DE Valley Cynics watch the VP debate on your yacht? With cocktails? Pleeeaaassse?

@nojo: Thanks for giving us me longer to edit our my posts. I noticed it yesterday but forgot to mention it.

flippin eck: Sadly, I will be unable to attend any party for the veep debate. Tickets to NLDS Game 2 over at Wrigley. Priorities, priorities.

(Of course, if the teevee decides to have the Cubs-Dodgers game start at 4ish, then I might be able to catch the second half, at which point Tailbunny may be reduced to tears. Which will be… um… interesting?)

@SanFranLefty: Well, I take that as a compliment, although….really? Even after I said I’d “pay to see [Kathleen Sebelius’s son, whose hand in producing the boardgame “Don’t Drop the Soap” was seriously brought up as a reason why she wouldn’t get the Dem VP nom, HAHAHAHAHA how young we were once] get fucked by Skeet Ulrich”?

@flippin eck: @JNOV: eck, no, thats yours, JNOV, and all northeast stankers, yes, all are welcome, I have 5 bedrooms, and the boat, whish is crippled, transmission trouble, but it counts as another bedroom and we can stand in the cockpit and pretend we are out at sea, I will borrow the office projector and play the debate on the wall of the shed and yes, we will cocktail in grand style, YES, del val stinkers are invited. I’ll take the next day off, make it a grand blowout, I need that right about now.

@Promnight: Okay, you’re my bartender. The Thai-chili one sounds dreeeeamy. I’m also fond of gingered sakétinis with lemon.

Oh and: flippin’ is both a vagina-American and cute-cute-cutie, who killed my camera temporarily by using to shoot a series of motion pictures I only discovered the next day. No wonder I need new batteries!

@Promnight: Have I told you lately that I love you?

@BRB: Whoops! As my typing Friday proved, my coordination skills are the first thing to give when I start drinking. I hope at least those “motion pictures” were entertaining!

Sounded like a fun evening. We should set a date because it would be interesting to see faces and meet the real person behind the online personas.

Jeebus. Just finished picking my jaw off the floor from tonight’s Mad Men. Despite the fact it is set 40 years earlier, I almost swear tonight’s ep came straight out of shit that happened in my office and my sister’s life. Lots of loose ends and messy as hell. Powerful intelligent TV.

@ManchuCandidate: And thank you for leaving it at that, since we Lefties are still 100 minutes away from it…

No probs. Sometimes I think better of it…

Not sure how AMC is time shifted or not. One of my friends who live on the west coast loves his time shifting because he can watch the east coast feed when he gets home and still have a life. Bastard.

@ManchuCandidate: @nojo: And some of us are even further behind cuz we watch online cuz it conflicts with another show on the TiVo. (Yeah, yeah, buy the splitter. I know.) I need to catch up on Weeds, too. And Runway.

Delaware Valley Stanquers: Email me if you want to hook up with Promnightdumpsterbaby, Ms. P (I’m hoping and assuming) and me for the VP debate. JNOVJezebel [at] gmail. Nabisco lives in BumFuckEgypt, but he should come, too, whether he wants to or not.

Night, y’all.

@ManchuCandidate: AMC runs East and West feeds, unlike, say TCM…

@JNOV: …and I catch up with Weeds when the DVD eventually comes out. Can everyone please hold their breath for nine months? No?

@nojo: Weeds is on a LOST trajectory: It was great, it got dumb, and then it got great again.

What night is this shit, this thursday? Get your RSVPs in early, please, I’ll feed you right and make sublime cocktails, but I need 48 hours notice, its this Thursday, right? I believe the one who now uses the trotsky avatar is a Jerseyite, where you at, Trotsky? Yes, lets do it.

Oh, and its all gonna be contingent, I still think they’re gonna come up with an excuse to cancel moosecocksucker’s debate, ini which case we’ll do the next Hopey vs. Geezer, which should be the knockout punch, anyone watching the polls? Geezer falls farther and faster the more he puts himself in the public eye.

Mmmm . . . sapphire . . .

Here’s my RSVP for drinx and tv at Prom’s, contingent on my winning the Powerball. Otherwise it’s beer and pizza here with our Mexican friends (and Hector will be dying to switch it over to soccer).

So who is this homeless guy from England or whatever CNN’s putting on these days?

@Promnight: I think Trotsky (where ARE you btw?) is Ewalda, and I think he’s in CA? He did promise to diddle me, though. But that might have just been an offer to kill time while that other place was under repair.

I’ll be in DC on Thursday, if I can hijack a rental car and drive up to Jersey I will. Trotsky/Ewalda is out in the East Bay in my neck of the woods, though he grew up in Jersey so unless he’s visiting his family this week I think it’s JNOV, Nabisco, and Mr. & Mrs. Prommy watching the debate.

@SanFranLefty: That would be the coolest thing ever!

@JNOV: Not to worry, Trotsky/Ewalda walks among us.

Still need to round up Dodger and Mellbell, however. And Miss Expatria RomeGirl (sorry, mom!).

And Jamie, I think. We need our Arizona correspondent!

/exhausted, sniffling, giving up on late night work after yard work and installing garbage disposal:

shot bourbon or other whiskey of choice
shot honey
toss in tea bag and add hot water

You don’t get any better, but after 2 or 3, you don’t care.

/night – AND GO TO BED, JNOV

Mrs RML on the boy’s 9/11 essay due tomorrow: “they’ll be able to tell he lives in a house where they discuss the issues and where the parents are realllly liberal.”

@redmanlaw: Citing the President’s Daily Brief is the tip-off.

@nojo: Wait, there’s more! I think I’ve seen Tommcatt, but where is Lyndon? I miss his lecherous avatar.

@redmanlaw: Yay for son of RML! When JNOV was in kindergarten, they were learning about Columbus >spit< Day, and he told them: Columbus was really mean to the Indians. It didn’t go over well in Bakersfield, CA, but it would’ve went over even worse here in Philly. And I am trying to get to bed. I didn’t want to, but I had to resort to the Klonopin. It’s too late to take Lunesta — I will never wake up on time.

@SanFranLefty: Mellbell is in DC — roadtrip?

@JNOV: Tommcatt’s here, but you’re right, Lyndon’s MIA so far.

@SanFranLefty: Yes! Worth getting in touch with Megan to find out what the Jezzies have planned, or better to just wing it? Also, I wonder if FlyingChainSaw’s frequent allusions to Baltimore are a clue as to his geography. If so…

@JNOV: I usually just take dollar-store Tylenol PM.

Yikes! Reality, it hurts my eyes, its Monday morning, guys, and I am painfully sober, what was I thinking, I can’t host a cocktail blowout this Thursday, turns out I cannot take Friday off, and I forgot all about Promnight Junior, who is in 4th grade.

I am an overpromising drunken ass, pelt me with dung.

On the longer term and more realistic, there is election night, on that one, we delval stinkys need to talk, I need to be among you that night. With more notice, anything is possible, any interest for the big night?

@Prommie: I hereby rescind my acceptance of your invitation. Ha-rumph!

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