The Road Ahead

The Management would like to thank Our Patrons for a wildly successful ersatz online launch celebration. Search parties are being organized to round up anyone who didn’t make it home.


I try not to blog drunk, but I sometimes blog hung over.

WTF? Was there another revolt I missed?

News travels slowly to Canada City these days.

Manchu, tell everyone what the age of consent was in Canada City up till year before last, before y’all figured out you were gonna start oout-drawing thailand in pedophile vacationers.

This would be funnier if Mr Cyn hadn’t gone out for cigarettes and gotten a DUI after I’d gone to bed.

Just to confirm that I am still alive. I was able to stumble my way home, although with a pitstop at the 24-hour taqueria to get a few greasy tacos. Let’s just say, CB can put together a bar. More to come (with pictures!).

@Mistress Cynica: Ouch, sorry honey. I am very glad that CB is in walking distance of myself and flippin’ – driving would not have been pretty.

Aww, mistress cyn, that so sucks. Hope your state has reasonable laws and it does not disrupt life and career.

@Mistress Cynica: Oh fuck, girl. And I thought I had the shittiest night after getting bit by a dog. Give Mr. Cyn a big hug for me. I know a couple of attorneys in Portland if you want to ask for a reference for a good defense attorney. Shit! SHIT! The cops are always worse in wine country.

@SanFranLefty: @Promnight: @homofascist: Thanks, guys. Thankfully, the cops were really decent and let him go ROR when I went to pick him up. And since he no longer works in a restaurant we don’t have to worry about him losing his alcoholic beverage server’s license. We do have to go get our only car out of impound, and are looking at $6500 in fines, plus loss of his license, but for only 3 months, not a year.

I think I’m FINALLY FUCKING logged in? Seriously, I’ve been trying (drunkenly, then hungovered-ly) since last night. Why won’t it let me use my CR persona?

Goddamn, Paul Newman died. The world is officially a less beautiful place, and today sucks even harder.

@Mistress Cynica: WHAT?!?!??

And I’m sorry about your hubby’s DUI and all of the problems that follow. So sorry.

Yay! I’m on! And there’s Brad!

Okay, so, flippin and homofascist and Chicago Bureau* are all as awesome as you may be imagining them to be; quite possibly awesomer. They also helpfully filled me in on the Party Split, which I shouldn’t have been surprised at – after all, I am a student of Japanese communist and proletarian movements, which split like, well, cells until the government rounded up their leaders and tortured and killed them to pave the way for the fascist imperialist project of the state.

Well, that was depressing. What I meant to say: Woo-hoo! Chicago Stinquefest was off tha hook! I drank too much gin and laughed and laughed and, shockingly, found out that flippin was in the Peace Corps in Georgia, part of a group of around twenty people that included — a friend of mine! So crazy!

Anyhoo, it was fun to watch the debate with y’all; SFL – you were missed online last night – I raised in g&t in your honor, then drunk it all the way down.

*who makes a mean Manhattan, let me tell you what.

@BRB: I think we all ran into that same problem and just created new accounts or had nojo help us log in. Happy to see you! :-D


Sorry to hear that.

@ Prom,
It was 14. Now it’s 16.

@BRB: I meant “CP” persona. Someone’s still a bit giddy, methinks.

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah. Awful.

In loving memory:

@ManchuCandidate: And the drinking age is 18 (not that anyone cards anyone in Montréal)! I won’t miss being constantly afraid of meeting students in bars, I’ll tell you what.

Please watch these (three short) pro-Obama vids linked to by a certain someone we know and love whose mother was stalking her. Anyway, they are here. Can someone translate the Spanish one for me? The Bollywood one kicks ass, and who doesn’t love gondoliers?

Those Quebecceurs. Drinking age is 19 everywhere except in Quebec.

Happy to be here. A little bird named nojo let me know.

Now can anyone fill in what happened? I don’t mind following the crowd, but I’m curious.

@BRB: There is a Judean People’s Front aspect to all this…

@ManchuCandidate: Somewhere there’s a really long thread where Hunter explains the changes he and Greg wanted to make at TCP: one post per writer per day (except for nojo), they wanted to clamp down on OT discussion, they felt it was too cliquey and too insidery. Nojo liked the way the site had evolved organically and thought the changes would chill the creativity of the writers and the commenters, so he made this place. Plus the old place broke.

Personally, I left b/c nojo, FCS, Marcel and Blogenfruede were the only ones holding that place together, and Greg and Hunter came in with their hammers and saw everything at the site as a nail. So I bailed. Some people are commenting at both sites, but after my little dustup with Hunter, I’m through there. Plus it is so.damn.slow even for lurking.

I mean, nojo worked his ass off to try to keep posting and keep the place running when the hamsters were in hospice care, and I agree with his philosophy that our OTness has built a community. And I don’t agree with the insidery bs. I’m no rocket scientist, and I’m certainly no wonk, but I feel welcomed. And I’ve never seen anyone belittled, berated or turned away. Just get the courage to hit the “Submit Comment” button, is all I say.

There’s more, lot’s more, but that’s my take.

@JNOV: No problem – I just had a nifty little summary in my inbox and I have Manchu’s email from the HFA days. We had to fill in BRB last night, so I feel I have been doing a lot of ‘splainin’ recently. I think you summarized it pretty well. I certainly had no idea that H&G were planning on coming back in and changing things up, but of course I have been one of the non-entities over at CP for the last several months.

We are a clique, but we’re not elitist and never stopped folks from joining in. All they have to do is ask.

The fact the site broke was a big problem for me.

And yes, I do appreciate all the Nojo’s done the past 5 months. I will contribute to the Nojo intoxicant fund if we set one up.

@JNOV: Hunter holds court starting a little ways down here.

@ManchuCandidate: They don’t even have to ask — registration link is to the left, and at the bottom of all comment threads if you’re not logged in.

But they do have to want to join. And yes, it’s recommended that you bring your game. Unlike other sites, the comments aren’t afterthoughts to the posts, they’re the main event.

I like Bobby Lee the comedian and his Asian impersonations on Mad TV, but I thought this was a first. An Asian man playing a white guy….

@ManchuCandidate: Just remembered — I’ve started a Stinquette blogroll to the left, for regulars. Would you like your Mad Lyrics archive there?

(And that’s an open invite to everyone else — basically a “featured commenters” list. Hey, we’re all stars here…)

@nojo: You’re all the featured dancers, and I’m Corky Collins.

Okay, now I’m afraid of myself.

@JNOV: Very true. I tried to keep going last night both here and over there, but the spirit wasn’t the same. And the technical difficulties over there frustrated the hell out of me.

@homofascist: It’s good to see you on a regular basis, and no one here faults anyone for attending to their duties that put food on their table and clothes on their back.

The problem for me was that nojo, who has a job, was almost singlehandedly trying to keep the evil hamsters at bay while providing content. There was a period of maybe two days when no one posted at all. Then they gave nojo the keys, and off we went.

So, nojo and FCS and others worked their asses off on something that wasn’t even theirs, but then Hunter and Greg came out of nowhere and declared that it was their blog, and demanded obeisance.

I was like, who the fuck are you guys, and where have you been, like absentee slum lords who decided to turn the dump into a co-op and kick out the squatters. And when they posted their less-than-stellar podcast, I was like, “This is crap,” and Hunter decided to take me on because my criticism wasn’t constructive, or I was being too negative or whatever excuse Hunter had for being pissed for lack of fealty.

So, I call bullshit on that loyalty cuz it’s your blog and you made it whateverIdowhatIwant attitude. If you ignore something so long that it doesn’t even recognize you anymore, it doesn’t really belong to you, and you have no right to criticize how it’s grown or changed. And while you may have the right to come and do what you want, that doesn’t mean I won’t call you on not even stopping by when the shit started breaking to say, “We’re doing what we can.” After I called him on that, I noticed that the technical difficulties apology had become a Tweet. Cute.

So, I’m glad to see you here, and please know that I am not complaining about people addressing real world problems that come to bear on us all. I could not keep a blog like this up and running for a whole host of reasons, and I am amazed at those who can and still work their real jobs.

But don’t take me for granted or think that just because you started something you later neglected that the neglectee isn’t going to bitch you out for your absence/disdain.

Rough list of Missing Stinquettes…

Lazy Media
Dave H
Jamie Sommers
Miss Expatria/RomeGirl

I’ve written everyone who wrote me personally back at the old joint, and what with our umpteen comment systems I may be mixing up screen names, but if you notice somebody who’s not here, and you have an address, give ’em a holler.

(We’ll also eventually have small ads at each site directing people either way, but right now I want to make sure all the Lost Souls have been reached.)

/TJ/: Psychogeezer is losing his base of fellow aged conservatives. /end TJ

@rptrcub: There is no longer such a thing as a threadjack, I believe. So, yay!

@rptrcub: I lurked over there some, but it took sooooo long to get the comments to load that I was like fuck it. I’m not that curious.

@JNOV: Technically threadjacks no longer exist, but “TJ” is one of those fun traditions I like to encourage. We make up our running gags on the fly here.

(And golly, what’s that in the left menu?)

@nojo: GLEE!

Now off to work, cuz I am teh poverty struck.

@JNOV: I’ll drink some more SoCo in your honor.

I’m drinking as there’s naught much else to do. All the gas stations around here are out of gas. I have less than half a tank. Public transit here is shitty and it would take me 2 hours to get into Atlanta proper (and yes, I moved out this far in east Jeebus because my original job was close).

Fellow Stinquers: Your Theatrically Overworked (uh, take that however you like) IanJ has returned.

I wanted to clarify something that’s evidently caused some confusion: The reason your CP logins don’t work here is that Stinque is a separate entity. It’s confusing because the login page looks identical, even though it’s completely separate.

WordPress is just software that you can (with some clever-monkey work) get running most anywhere. It’s not some overlordly central authority you log into (well, ok, maybe not technically true, but ignore the nuance for a moment). What nojo did was set up WP on his own computer in his little corner of cyberspace. When you log in here, you’re actually logging into nojo’s doohickey. When you log in at CP, you’re logging into CP’s doohickey. They just happen to be running the same software. (Much like your Windows computer at work and your Windows computer at home look very similar, even though they’re completely different.)

Now that my nerd-soul is calmed, I have to say, holy fuck am I tired. SketchFest was bonkers (in a good way), but I was at the theater from 1 in the afternoon to 2-3 in the morning each day, working hard essentially the entire time, not including the 10 mile hilly bicycle ride each way. It is oh so time for bed now.


@JNOV: Of course you did. I’m that loveable.

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