Paul Newman, 1925-2008

Paul Newman: A First-Class Actor, A Class Act [WaPo]

Le sigh. I have had a picture of him in Harper from 1966 (wife beater, muscle-y, icy glare) on my fridge for the past 8 years or so.

HF, He was totally fuckable until the day he died. Hot and intelligent and talented and decent and liberal and notoriously faithful to his wife of 50 years. In short, what do women (and gay men) want? Paul Newman.

Great photo. His lips, his eyes, his jawline, his everything. When I was young and old(er) people were yucky, I still had a huge crush on Newman. W/r/t Redford, I had no idea what the fuss was about. But Newman I got. And I have to admit to loving The Color of Money, even Cruise’s performance. I was a teenager! What can I say?

A Man’s man and decent human being.

Sorry to see him go.

@homofascist: @JNOV: @Mistress Cynica: Indeed, he was a beautiful man and aged magnificently (as opposed to Brando). And he was a good human being, to boot. And a member of Nixon’s enemies list. Stinquers and Stinquettes and Cynics, I toast him as I get progressively hammered this afternoon.

Met him once … a bit aloof, but a decent guy.

We’re putting “Cool Hand Luke” on the DVD player tonight.

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