Office Maxxx

Poor Cheryl Oldham. She gets a “prestigious job supporting high-ranking corporate executives” at a magazine publisher, but her working life becomes a series of nightmares straight out of The Devil Wore Prada.

Sort of.

Substitute “Nothing” for “Prada”, and you’ll understand her predicament. Seems the boss has a taste for professionals in another line of work, but his office isn’t sufficiently insulated to contain the din of their animated consulting sessions:

The prostitutes “made loud, obnoxious and repeated noises of sexual gratification that disrupted the office and (Oldham’s) ability to perform the essential functions of her job,” her lawsuit alleges.

So Cheryl takes it up with HR, but HR doesn’t want to hear about it. The boss asks her to testify against a co-worker who’s also distracted by the chanson d’amour, and when Cheryl refuses, the boss calls her a fat old cow. Disenchanted by the glamorous promise and squalid reality, she finally files a lawsuit.

And who’s the boss, you ask?

Hustler’s Larry Flynt sued over ‘loud sex in the office’ [Contra Costa Times]
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