The Madness of Crowds

No, we’re not talking about the idiots cheering on a teleprompter jockey because they’ve suddenly become fans of Lifetime biopics. We’re talking about the people who fear those idiots.

We’re talking about, as a Kos commenter aptly described it, Palin Panic Anxiety.

Word to the wise: Take a long, slow, deep breath. Repeat all week, if necessary.

And now, let’s address the facts:

  • McCain chose Palin to appease the fundamentalist power brokers in his party. The gambit worked, and she is more popular than he is among the idiiot faithful. If anything, the power brokers are now warning Geezer not to distance himself from her divisive religious views.
  • The idiot faithful are beyond redemption. Write them off. Now. They are not susceptible to reality, and they never were. They will swallow the spin as given, and even fill in their own spin when guidance from McCain’s Rovian puppetmasters is not available. For further details, consult the evolution of Greek mythology.
  • We’re still riding a very big wave from a very big performance. It’s going to continue cresting this week, and it might even last into the next. It’s going to consume all attention from the media, and from supporters and opponents. That is the nature of these things, and there is no point wasting energy on resisting. Ride it out.

Meanwhile, the prosecution’s case grows day by day, as Chainsaw’s series of posts amply demonstrate. These things will gain no traction right now, but they are on the record, and will start seeping into general consciousness once the initial novelty and enthusiasm wanes. Americans get bored very quickly, and once they’ve had their fill of Maverick Hockey Mom, they’ll need some fresh news to keep them interested.

That’s when we’ll start hearing The Rest of the Story, and that’s when doubt will begin to disturb the Fabled Undecided, those who are enjoying the show right now but aren’t committed to the plot. Think Heroes and Lost, initially wildly popular but stumbling after their first seasons. In presidential politics, the second season comes very quickly.

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