Her? Really?

It’s Day Three of the Veep Tease Siege, and we know nothing more than we did when the Inner Circle hinted that the announcement would come any time between Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoon. The secret is being closely held by Barry, his iPhone, and Allah.

But the Unthinkable is now on the table, as everyone is considering the JFK-LBJ shotgun wedding of the new millennium. Sure, they hate each other, their supporters hate each other, and Harry Shearer’s drooling over the prospect of running clintonsomething for another four years, but let’s face it: two or three Justices are ready to kick, and the PUMA faith that a Demrat Senate would push back an unsatisfactory Geezer nomination ignores everything we’ve learned the past seven years.

Would it float? Who knows? If nothing else, it would put a new spin on the inevitable recriminations eleven weeks from now.

Obama says he’s chosen his VP — won’t reveal who it is yet [USA Today]
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