Do You Speak Jive?

Reading through the Obama campaign’s 40-page response to Swift Boat II: Barackolypse Now, we’re rather disappointed with the quality of the calumny. There’s nothing your idiot relatives haven’t already warned you about in forwarded emails — the madrassa, the drugs, assorted radicals and militants, Rezko — plus an odd diversion into Kenyan politics which would bore us even if true.

However: Did you know that Barack Obama shamelessly plagiarizes the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries?

In a section on borrowed lines from movies, Corsi wrote, “Obama has repeatedly used the words bamboozled and hoodwinked in framing his argument that the truth has been hidden from voters.”

What makes this noteworthy is the full page devoted to addressing this slur, with seven examples of contemporary usage, including Jesse Jackson Jr. (“We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amok and led astray by Al Jolson politics before.” — Pop taught you well, kiddo) and Ray Nagin. Which we’re sure will come in very handy the next time you’re challenged to defend Barry’s use of haolebonics.

The book debuts at the top of the Times “nonfiction” list this week, and while purchasers may be hoping to be goshbustified by a sockdolager, we suspect instead they’ll be hornswoggled by a scalawag absquatulating with their hard-earned skrilla.

Obama campaign issues rebuttal to book’s claims [AP]

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