“Triumph of the Willing” Sequel Canceled

Speaking of Leni Riefenstahl, which seemed unavoidable yesterday, remember the 2004 Olympics? The games featuring the debut of “free Iraq”? It made for great political theater, bringing an election-year tear to everyone’s eye.

Well, um, not this time.

No, the Iraqis haven’t been overcome by Free Tibet solidarity. Instead, they’re in a pissing match with the International Olympic Committee over the membership of their national committee. The Iraqi government replaced the IOC-approved committee after it failed to meet a quorum, and the IOC condemns such “political interference.”

Which, on most days, would be the punchline.

But not this day. As befits a country whose citizens now lead what John McCain calls “normal lives,” the fired committee failed to meet its quorum because four of its members were kidnapped two years ago and remain missing.

Iraqi Athletes ‘Unlikely’ to Compete at Olympics [NYT]
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