He Said “Hilton Head”, Heh-Heh

Highlights from the official South Carolina tourism guide’s table of contents:

  • Not-So-Hidden-Treasure (page 6)
  • Cruising the Coast (page 8)
  • A Desperate Stand at the Rivers Edge (page 20)
  • Stirring Up Flavor in State Parks (page 34)
  • A Taste to Remember (page 38)
  • A Sight to See (page 54)
  • Mom, That Log Is Looking at Me! (page 54)
  • Play Ball! (page 65)
  • The Front Porch of the Lowcountry (page 82)
  • Carolina Adventure World: Where to Ride (page 85)
  • Polo Anyone? (page 86)
S. Carolina Huffs Over UK ‘Gay’ Ads [Time]

South Carolina Smiles and Places 2008 Official Vacation Guide

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