No, Wait, It Gets Better

While you’re searching under the table for where your jaw dropped, some background: Mike Meehan, of St. Cloud, Florida, would like to remind us of the Democrats who held the positions of President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Advisor on September 11, 2001, and asks that we not repeat our mistakes, lest skyscrapers blow up spontaneously under siege from monstrous flags. Or something like that; we’re still trying to work out the logic.

Perhaps that website will help. Oh look, he’s selling a song!

If you like fat fucks on tractors, you’ll love the video. And if you can’t make it past ten seconds, here’s what you’re missing:

Republicans, we’re not perfect but we know the truth
We uphold the Constitution and the Golden Rule.

We know what you’re thinking, and we agree — no American could possibly be that fucking stupid. Which leads us to the conclusion that this must be the latest genius publicity stunt from Sacha Baron Cohen.

9/11 billboard draws flak from Florida Democrats, GOP [CNN]

Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat! [The Republican Song]

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