Lead Us Into Temptation

We can’t hope to top a week featuring Sex with God and Sex with Dog, and while we’re strangely attracted to Sex with Pope, let’s instead head for the cybermall to go shopping for Christian sex toys. If these don’t make you scream for Jesus, we pray for your soul.

Inner Desire Velvet Touch Egg
“We were very happy to find that the entire thing, even the controller is waterproof in the shower.”

Fun Factory Patchy Paul
“Detailed operating instructions are included with a sample of Toyfluid.”

Duckie Waterproof Massager
“But when the mood does strike… let’s just say the duckie is real pleasure to have around!”

Snuggle Puss
“A contact point at the base of the ‘u’ turns it on when inserted, so Snuggle Puss works when you wear it.”

Rock Hard Power Spray
“This spray desensitizes with benzocaine to prolong your erection.”

Chocolate Body Frosting
“The chocolate frosting was absolutely delicious, but I preferred licking it off my fingers. My husband is too hairy!”

Vanilla Tie Up Kit
“Our Vanilla Bondage Lover’s Kit combines a creamy blindfold with the seductive swirl of silky ties in a faux ice cream package.”

Before and After Toy Cleaner
“We don’t have to leave our private toys to dry on the counter where little eyes might see them in the morning.”

Covenant Spice: Christian romance and sex toys to enhance intimacy

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