The Secret Twitters of John McCain

My friends, I’d like to welcome you to this wonderful new technology provided by the Internet that shows how innovation can help lift our ec (20 minutes ago)

What the hell happened? (19 minutes ago)

You mean to tell me I can only type 140 characters? (17 minutes ago)

What about punctuation? (16 minutes ago)

Now let me get this straight. Is this a form of rationing? Are there only so many letters available? Can we drill the Internet for more? (14 minutes ago)

What about Obama? Does the media give him more characters? (11 minutes ago)

Why don’t I just write it on a napkin? Seems it would be just as effective. (8 minutes ago)

Okay, I’ll try it keeping it brief. Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself, to a cause, to your princ (5 minutes ago)

Fuck! (4 minutes ago)

Screw it. Nobody reads this shit anyway. (1 minute ago)

JohnMcCain2008 [Twitter]
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