Unexplored Demographics

  • People who forget their keys in the car: 43% Obama.
  • People who own dogs, cats, fish and birds, but draw the line at capabaras: 54% McCain.
  • People who buy boxed wine and pour it into bottles before serving it to company: 61% Barr.
  • People who write checks at busy supermarkets: 89% McCain.
  • People behind them in line: 87% Obama.
  • People who need jokes explained to them: 39% Nader.
  • People who leave up Christmas decorations until February: 59% McCain.
  • People who name their children with too many vowels: 74% Obama.
  • People who wait until their midlife crisis to rebel against their parents: 62% Clinton.
  • People so pissed at stupid polls they could scream: AAAAAARGH!!!
McCain tops Obama among pet owners [LAT]
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