. . .all I know is that a simple question has turned my life upside down and more people know about me than Obama,” claimed the ordinary-looking American, wearing sports pajamas and T-shirt.

I couldn’t tell you what Sports Pajamas are, but Joe the Slumber Party Guest thinks he’s still a big deal, because he is more of an Important American Celebrity than President Elect whatshisname (it’s something foreign sounding, I think, like Balack Balamawama).  Wurzelbacher plans to set up an Internet Web Site -for which job he’s already nailed the wardrobe- that will serve as both a political watchdog and a charity.  While I would say that these are not very new niches to be exploiting, none of the existing web sites are attached to the very famous name of Samuel Joe the Plumber; he will obviously make millions off this charity business idea.

I don’t know what they would do with that kind of money, but I know what I will do with that amount. I will give more of the money to various charities for various noble causes because I am a modest and simple-living person and love to spend my fortunes on missionary things.

Yes, these are actual quotes.  And yes, Joe the Plumber will now redistribute wealth to missionary things, which is dirty. He is in the tank for Socialist President-Elect Balamalama. Read more »