Blogger John Cole was a believer in Peak Wingnut, but I never have been.  One reason is that I know the scope and depth of the Wingnut supply. Also, as we have learned in recent weeks, there is a huge untapped source of Wingnut in Alaska. It’s also the case that, for every major wingnut, there are at least ten thousand minor-league wingers out there spouting nonsense.

Another factor is the ability of right-wingers to snap back into form after saying something that almost makes sense.  Consider David Frum, who I wrote about only yesterdayLast night on MSNBC:

From his first answer, however, it was clear Frum had a very different agenda: to attack Rachel Maddow. Discussing the “ugliness of tone” in American politics, he said that Maddow’s show, “unfortunately, is itself an example of that problem.” He then compared her tone to the hateful outbursts of some McCain-Palin supporters:

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