Over There

The other big story in England right now, besides the Mumbai bombings, is the fallout from the arrest of the shadow minister for immigration for making public information that was leaked to him by a source within the government. The cause was, basically, that the MP was releasing official secrets.  

This is officially a big deal. It’s the equivalent of having a Member of Congress hauled in for something other than a gay sex scandal. And, apparently, it had the tacit approval of the Speaker — who has, historically, had the duty to protect the privileges of MPs from stuff like random trips to the gaol by the monarch. (Speaking of whom: the Queen’s Speech is tomorrow, which may be disrupted in some way by Conservative MPs causing some sort of ruckus. What a Conservative ruckus looks like is beyond my imagination — and I’m not counting the Miami “Brooks Brothers Riot” featuring ex-Rep. John Sweeney (R-Union College Frathouse), which I classify as a “stupid ruckus.”)