Music Nerding

Saw them in the early 90s at The National in DC – maybe The Replacements rocked it harder, but I never enjoyed a rock show more:

Classic Muppet Show piece from 1977.

Colin Powell? Fucking Barack Obama? No. This. They do it right:

Going into the head section at 0:45 and at 2:46, it is nothing less than breathtaking how well the quartet lands ahead of the beat so perfectly in time with Steve Gadd, on drums. Finesse and a steely sense of time.

Bach’s Gigue Fugue … a few mistakes, but he makes only one mistake on the bass (pedal) part – give me the time stamp for that mistake and you win some sort of book signed by someone famous …

Too fast, and for me that’s saying something, because I like my presto PRESTO: