3:35 am • Monday • July 30, 2012

Walter or Wendy?

11:06 am • Monday • July 30, 2012

Tech alert: the unlocked iPhone is essentially useless in the US as you can’t buy prepaid mins that include data. For example, a Republican can call his wife but can’t run Grndr or send dick pics.

Virgin now offers the phone without a plan but it’s not unlocked and does not work abroad so same Republican won’t care. But will run Grndr so maybe he might.

I’m verklempt.

11:16 am • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Benedick: Have you checked out They offer Sim cards and plans for unlocked iPhones that include unlimited calls, texts, AND data for $45/mo. If you add unlimited int’l calls, it’s $60/mo. I’m about to try it with an unlocked 3G and will report back.

11:39 am • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks. I”ll look. Apple told me it only works via AT&T.

12:11 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Benedick: The SIM card has to be AT&T compatible, as I understand it, and Straight Talk sells one that is. They use AT&T and Sprint networks.

12:28 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@RevZafod: Did he/she switch back?

5:14 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: Yo, geeque! Thanks for the tip. Bought service. Very reasonable. Saw very good accounts in tech journals. Now I can finally have grndr!

5:42 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Benedick: Yay! Don’t go crashing the service like the Olympians did.

6:15 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: You want pictures?

7:54 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Benedick: Of the pugs? Of course!

Thought you might find this amusing. Or annoying. Or both.

10:09 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@Mistress Cynica: Right. Belgian Mastiffs, aka pugs. The allure of the cat with the dignity of the dog. Ours go off hunting up the hill with the dachshund: one dog with twice the necessary length of nose and two with none. The older pug saw off the bear. The little one hunts bunnies. They’re a comical tragical breed. Extremely intelligent, aggressive and greedy. But also loving and imaginative. What I didn’t expect is the constant commentary as they snort, hum, and buzz about. By their expression they’re Winston Churchill who just shat his trousers (A not unusual occurrence I’m sure). They don’t kiss but they do try to knock you down. Valentino’s pugs had their own SUV. Whether they’re antique or an invention of the 18th cent you only have to look at them to say ‘Pug!”

10:56 pm • Monday • July 30, 2012

@nojo: How many switches allowed before, as in the game of tag, you become ‘it’?

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