Power to the Peeps

From the start we’ve felt a deep affinity with the dark humor of the Ukrainian soul, and, well, we’re not alone.


You sank my Guided Missile Cruiser! Apparently they had no more fucks to give as he went down with all hands and now the CO of the Black Sea Fleet is under arrest.
If I’m any of Russia’s weapons customers then I’m rethinking my purchases. All of them.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s all really astonishing, the anecdotes coming out. One of my favorites is that troops didn’t know not to dig up the ground around Chernobyl because they were using maps drawn the year before.

It is as if my former CEO was in charge of the show.

Those Floriduh Republinazi Ku Klux Fux just stuck their taxpayers with some $1 billion in debt, city services and maintenance that they’ve no way to pay for, ha ha ha.

Let’s Go Braindead.

Disney is ruled by soulless, two-faced, backstabbing liars that’ve been funding Republinazis all these years in their attacks against the LGBTQ+ community, so it’s way past time they got their own faces chewed off by the GOPnazi bath salts cannibals.

Also a legislative shakedown as the bath salts cannibals are upset about no more Mickey Mouse bucks are going into their coffers.

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