The Little Tractor That Could

We’ve seen tractor memes a-plenty, but none as elaborate as this, via TikTokker Ukrainian Girl. We don’t know whether that’s an original composition or an existing children’s song — our secret hope is that it’s full of profanity — but we’re just fucking delighted by it.

Runner up is a new Visa card issued by Ukraine’s Monobank. We might need to open an account.


The item the tractor on the Visa Card is towing is a TOR mobile SAM launcher.

Current Operators:
Venezuela – 12 in 2012,[93] later +26 on order[94][95]
Yemen – 12[96]
Igor from Ukraine – independent operator[99]

@ManchuCandidate: Congratulations on the Liberal-NDP alliance. I imagine it’s comforting having that kind of stability.
Plus it’s worth it just to see the Canuckistani media gnashing their teeth with rage, ha ha.
Must be nice living in a nation run by sane people.
“Canada, the luxury penthouse over the meth lab.”

Yeah. Jagmeet saw the light or Justin offered him something he couldn’t refuse. Imagine a national eye and dental plan.
After knifing The Tool, showing their love of Fucked up Trucker losers/Freedumz “fighters” and the infighting between imbeciles lined up to replace The Tool, it hasn’t been a good 10 months to be a Tory.
Our MSM has had their collective Fuck Trudeau boner lopped off because of this. I’m enjoying it after a decade of Harper handies.

I’ll never forgive the Academy for giving the Best Picture Oscar to Crash instead of Brokeback Mountain.

That was the gay 9/11, and I’ll see them in hayll.

What he said!
Will Bunch: The Supreme Court has a giant legitimacy crisis, which means so does America
“Yet there’s something else about the Ginni Thomas texts that people find distressing, even though it’s arguably not illegal. That’s the unhinged content of her writing. In one text, the wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice claimed that members of what she called “the Biden crime family” were en route to barges near the Guantanamo Bay prison camp awaiting military trials for sedition, an idea that circulated only in the online world of QAnon, not in any reality-based circles. Ginni Thomas also sent Meadows a link to a since-deleted YouTube video with false claims of election fraud from a QAnon-friendly right-wing conspiracy theorist who has previously referred to the 2012 mass murder of children in Newtown, Connecticut, as a “false flag” operation.
There was an endless stream of chatter on social media last weekend about the Ginni Thomas file, yet folks had a hard time pinning a name on the great angst they were feeling. I’ll take a stab at it. The majority of Americans — the people who gave more votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and even more to Biden in 2020 and put the Democrats back in nominal control of Congress — are still, despite those victories, watching the car careen off the cliff, and we are unable to find the brakes. There seems to be no way or no will to hold our staggeringly corrupt leaders accountable— whether it’s Trump defrauding the banks or plotting an attempted coup from the Oval Office, or a Supreme Court justice ruling on his wife’s bat-guano crazy political crusade. And there’s seemingly no way to stop the crazy, like QAnon, from getting crazier. I’m in a total funk over the state of the union, and when I wrote that on Twitter hundreds of people agreed with me.
But the growing illegitimacy of the Supreme Court, in particular, feels like the downward slide of U.S. democracy is crossing the Rubicon. Like the greater American experiment, the high court has been deeply flawed at times — Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson leap to mind — yet there was much residual good will from the expanded civil rights and generally (though not always) more bipartisan confirmation hearings of the mid-20th century. The Supreme Court has long held greater public trust than comparable institutions like Congress — but its numbers are plummeting. The court’s September 2021 Gallup Poll approval rating of 40% is an all-time low.
The average citizen views today’s Supreme Court as highly politicized because we all saw what our politicians did to it.”

Ever notice that the Q on the masthead is Ginni-friendly? Or perhaps I’m just drawn to how it’s tongue is lapping at the U-taint.

Carry on.

@peggynooner: I have noticed, and it’s more evident with the Q avatar on the Twitter account. Alas, I didn’t notice for a couple of years, which closed the window on having any fun with it.

Putin’s Ru$$ia is what Texas would be like if it were an independent country ruled by Governor Dalek.

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