A Modest Proposal for the Canadian Trucker Insurrection


Would’ve been over in 5 minutes if JTru had told the cops to pretend the terrorists were Black.

@¡Andrew!: Jeet Heer has been observing the differences between this and how the Canuckistan guvmint treats Native protests. You won’t be surprised!

Especially in regards to the provinces especially those run by Tories and some Libs. Usually force.
Oka Protest of 1990. Ipperwash 1995 where Premier Harris (PC) demanded the OPP smash the shit out of the natives.
There were several recently along the rail lines with provinces shrieking for force but they were peacefully negotiated by the Feds.
Strange those same governments were all “oooh, we don’t want to get involved” when it came to the truckers until it affected the money/their real base of rich white guys. Same as it ever was.

Gay Cowboy Porno Metal Defeats Treasonous Truckers!
Ram Ranch Resistance Headbutts Trucker Convoy!
Truckers Chafe at Chaps!

The Cops moved in. The occupation is over. Till the next Nazi uprising.

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