Additional Outtakes

GEORGE: I quit!

PAUL: You can’t quit, you’re fired!

GEORGE: You can’t fire me, I quit!

JOHN: I might quit, too.

RINGO: I’m just waiting to be replaced by Pete Best.

•   •   •

[ The lads jam to “Happy Wanderer”. ]

•   •   •

RINGO: I have a new song!

JOHN: Let’s hear it!

RINGO: [ sings at piano ]

I’d like to be
Up in a tree
In a jungle bungalow
With the apes.

PAUL: I have a few suggestions.

•   •   •

[ The lads jam to “Mack the Knife”. ]

•   •   •

YOKO: [ primal scream ]

JOHN: You should hear her in bed, mate.

PAUL: She’s faking it, you know.


•   •   •

PAUL: I need a name that rhymes with orange.

•   •   •

MICHAEL LINDSAY-HOGG: I’m Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

JOHN: You’re kidding, right?

MICHAEL LINDSAY-HOGG: No, really. That’s my name. Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

RINGO: I’ll bet that was fun at school.


GEORGE: You’re Michael Lindsay-Hogg, and you went to Choate.

MICHAEL LINDSAY-HOGG: Is there a problem with this?

GLYN JOHNS: Lay off him, lads.

•   •   •

[ The lads jam to “The Monkees”. ]

•   •   •

RINGO: In fifty years, two of you will be dead, Mick and Keith will still be alive, and millions of people will be watching us waste rehearsal time on a Walt Disney channel.


RINGO: Sorry, I was tripping with Sellers last night.


I guess we can stop blaming Yoko for blowing up the Ruttles?

Oh! Run, Stacey! RUN! she’s getting allll my pennies!

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