Joe Manchin is 73

Joe Manchin is 73.
Makes you wonder:
How can that be?

A man so old,
deciding our fate,
Trapping us forever
In the future he creates.

He lives in a fantasy
Of good-faith rivals,
When all they seek
With each move they make
Is to dominate our land
Without the credentials.

We fear Joe is lost
Like those who assist him,
Longing for a long-lost past
That never existed.

We fear the worst
With Joe around,
We fear solutions
Will never be found.

But when he’s gone,
We’re still not done.
We’ll need another trap door
On the Senate floor,
Because Kyrsten Sinema is 44.

Them’s the breaks,
Them’s the stakes.
Perhaps what we really need
Is to make DC a state.


DC a state.
And elect non assholes as Dems?

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