A Brief Guide to Current Controversies

Cancel Culture
White people whining about the consequences of being offensive in public.

DC Statehood
White people whining about black people voting.

Voting Integrity
See DC Statehood.

The Filibuster
White people whining about losing unearned power.

Woke Disney World
White people whining about corporate children’s entertainment not being dishonest enough.

Mask Requirements
White people whining about their selfishness being questioned.

Gender-Reveal Explosion
White people whining about somehow not getting enough attention.

Blue Lives Matter
White people whining about restricting the ability of police to kill black people.

Black Captain America
White people not yet whining, but they will be.


Also under “Voting Integrity”.

The following is from a program promoted by the RNC:

“The RNC insisted it was necessary to protect the integrity of the American ballot and against voter fraud.”

The twist? This was in 1964.

plus ca change….

The funny part was they weren’t wrong.

But that was before the Dixiecrats became today’s Repugs.

This is the new “Things That White People Like”

@ManchuCandidate: Can we go back to Myron Floren and snapping fingers on the wrong beat?

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