American Inception

The thing to understand is that 74,223,744 people voted for Donald Trump.

That’s almost 12 million more votes than last time.

Trump lost both votes, of course. He lost by almost 3 million four years ago, and by 7 million last November.

But still, he gained. Four years of this — four years of all this — and he improved. Substantially.

Thing is, these are real people. You probably know a few. If you’re unfortunate, you know a lot. You know where they come from. You know how they think.

You know the problem.

It’s hard to get at it, to say it in so many words. “Delusional” comes to mind, but what is that really? How does that get at how thoroughly these people are living in a fantasy of their own construction, yet are somehow able to reach their mouths with their forks without stabbing themselves in the eye? How generous is our cruel world that they’re able to survive, even flourish in it, yet remain so detached from the reality of it?

The word we’re looking for isn’t delusional. It’s psychotic. We’re witnessing a mass psychosis.

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion,” Daniel Moynihan famously wrote in 1983, “but not his own facts.” Twenty years later he was dead. Earlier that year, American troops had swarmed across Iraq, looking for the chemical weapons our leaders had sworn were there. They found none. Didn’t matter. We had invaded and conquered. Mission Accomplished.

The facts didn’t matter, someone had said. We would create our own reality just by being there.

Mass psychosis doesn’t just happen. Reality does fight back. For the psychosis to persist, it must be encouraged, coddled, buttressed. We have Fox News to thank for that, but also a conservative intellectual establishment that has made a fine art of casuist dissembling, the Revenge of the Debate Club. It’s the smartypants version of believing what you want to believe, psychosis by sustained misdefinition. You can convince yourself of just about anything if you set your mind to it. And they have.

But what’s the point? Reality is so rich and beautiful, why resist it so hard, why work yourself into an enduring psychosis denying it? Well, validation, of course. You may be part of reality, part of the beauty and majesty of the universe, but you’re also less than a speck of dust in it, and that ain’t good. Psychosis is storytelling, and the story you tell yourself about your place in the universe sounds a lot better than the reality of it. Living in your own private MCU is a lot more exciting than staring at the Empire State Building for eight hours.

Con artists know this about you. They know that stories are better than the truth, and the good ones know how to spin them. They know how to satisfy you, to massage your need to be the hero in your own tale. They do this because they want something from you — your money, your approbation, your vote — and they’ve figured out how to extract it from you, the stories they need to tell to get you to buy in, the psychosis needed to seal the deal.

Which of course is where we’re at this week, the culmination of a Big Con in Congress, a floor show to attend the mundane business of confirming electoral votes already cast. It doesn’t matter that Trump lost; what they see is a target-rich environment of 74 million voters ripe for the picking. You won’t find an audience like that anywhere else in the land. The best TV shows rarely break 20 million viewers these days.

Nor will it end there. These people expect to lose, know they will. But the story will endure, the story of the Stolen Election, and they’re all positioning themselves to be heroes of the tale, the beneficiaries of the psychosis they’re working so hard to inculcate. They’ve all seen the Master at work, and they’re ready to complete their apprenticeships.

This is the realization of the dream of Ronald Reagan, who told people lies they wanted to hear instead of Jimmy Carter’s cold truths, heroic lies for the masses, financial lies for the wealthy, intellectual lies for the intelligent, the inception of ideas resistant to facts. This is what you get after forty years of sustained effort, of lies upon lies upon lies, all to keep people from witnessing the reality around them, to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.

Donald Trump is not a new phenomenon in American politics. He’s just the perfection of it.


“They are the clay of the new right wing, you know… morons.”

/seen online/

“The next three weeks are gonna be the longest ten years of our lives.”

/holodeck or GTFO/

They launched a virtual fireworks and hologram show from the Space Needle this New Year’s Eve, and it was freakin’ awesome!

Needs the ELO Xanadu soundtrack next time.

74 million armed howling dark seekers with nothing to do for four years but burn churches and temples they don’t like, blow up Planned Parenthood clinics, machine gun voters in Democratic districts and call up radio talk shows every day to shriek their SIEG HEIL!s until blood gushes from their eyes!

It’s so fucking MAGA!

Thin as a reed, but at least now there’s hope.

If Trump is the Kremlin call girl, what is Loeffler?

Ho ho ho! Rev Raphael! I almost teared up, but nah.

They’re leaving
(Leaving) On that loser train from Georgia, yeah (Leaving on the loser train) Said they’re going back
(Going back to find) Some insider stock tips in realtime, oh yes they are (Whenever they takes that ride, with Trump gonna be right by their side)
I’ll be laughing at them
(I know you will) On that loser train from Georgia (Leaving on a midnight train from Georgia, woo woo) I’d rather live in this world
(Live in this world) Than have them in the senate in mine (Their world is shit, his and hers alone)

As is being pointed out, Trump won the Electoral College, and then Republicans lost the House, Senate and Presidency. But they did get a shit-ton of judges along the way.

@JNOV: Yeah, it was sitting nearly complete for a couple years, then I found a moment to finish it off.

I didn’t dare let myself hope that the Democrats would win Georgia, even though I donated $$ til it hurtz. They’ve terminated Moscow Mitch’s anti-American Reign of Terrah!!!  What a relief that we may finally have decent people in charge after the living nightmare of the last four years.

Wow. They stormed the fucking Capitol.

Those seditious Representatives and Senators – is this what they were hoping for? Every fucker that stormed the Capitol is going to get a visit from the FBI.


A far-white trash riot conquered the Capitol, and the paper tiger fell apart. And the Capitol police are just… letting them get away with it? Wow.

Good thing they weren’t peacefully protesting and saying Black Lives Matter, or they would’ve been machine-gunned and beaten to death.

Truly, the only thing that’s saved us (so far) has been the GOPnazis’ own stupidity, insanity, and incompetence.

You’d think the fact that the Tr666pnazis have been vowing to kill us all every day for years—including everyone in the Capitol just yesterday—might’ve been a tip off.

Sorta glad I’m working and not in a position to watch, or I’d be screaming at the telly. Blood pressure high enough with Twitter.

And where the hell is the FBI/Insane Clown Pussies during all this?

@¡Andrew!: National Guard was requested; Trump DoD (which controls DC) refused. Latest I heard is that troops are coming in from Virginia.

People are milling around. That’s is not good.

@JNOV: Well, the longer they’re allowed to dawdle, the more the enormity of this sinks in. Personally, I won’t be in the mood to hear Healing Talk from President Goodvibes for awhile.

Here comes the CBC’s umpteenth AMERICA IN CHAOS headline. You’d think it’d be burned into the monitors after four MAGAt years of Prezinazi AntiChrist.

Pence called in the Nat’l Guard, not Trump. Is he the Commander in Chief? Initially the Guard will not be armed (good!). The Joint Chiefs, Pence, and heads of the House and Senate met without Trump. Meanwhile Trump is still sending false tweets about winning the election. It would be so strange if they find him unfit and remove him.

@JNOV: If I have my timeline right, this is after Virginia sent in its Guard at the DC mayor’s request.

@nojo: That’s my understanding, too.

Already I’m hearing from R Congressmen, “These were not Trump supporters. Trump supporters are peaceful.”

Americans from +80 years ago would be completely mind-fucked knowing that we’re praying for the Germans to save us.

Plus, “We’re each responsible for our own reactions.”

Incitement *is* a think. Fomenting *is* a thing.

@nojo: I think NJ is sending State Troopers. Those guys crack skulls.

@nojo: What do you think Biden should do?


Australia and New Zealand have banned Americans and the Canuckistani border is closed indefinitely.
In Aussie: “Yur bahnned, beetch.“

@JNOV: Biden should prosecute all traitors, pass UBI and M4A, and give me a pony.

Short of that, I don’t want to see him coddling Those People or trying Let’s All Unite bullshit. It was always sketchy, but now that moment has passed.


Is @Jack concerned? (clutches pearls)

These MAGAts are revolting!!!

Okay, starting to hear Let’s Move On noises from national Dems. This is Not Good.

@nojo: Manchin, however, is majorly pissed, so there’s hope.

@nojo: He’s pissed, Romney (I know), is pissed, Sasse is pissed, one of the dudes from your old state is pissed…

@¡Andrew!: Heh

@JNOV: I mention Manchin because he’s being credited with a ton of power in a 50-vote Senate, and seen as a rock that will be difficult to budge on progressive issues. Pissed Manchin (unlike Sasse and Mitt) gives Uncle Joe space to get his Irish up.

Here’s the deal:
Pence organizes 25th Amendment intervention. 

Mother orders him to drive back to Muncie, no stopping at Chic’Fil’e.
Secret Service remands Donald Trump to custody of Flying Chain Saw. 
Nancy Pelosi removes the capitol to Fells Point
The Pelosi pro tempore administration is established at a homey tavern overlooking the harbor.
America parties hearty until January 20.  
Did I miss anything besides the 74 million dark seekers who will be running wild and armed for the next 100 years?

Oh c’mon! Hawley is going to object to Pennsylvania later.

@FlyingChainSaw: Ha! Back to her roots!

Here’s something happy: I’m getting these ducks later this month

Do I have to try to understand these people anymore? No? Thank you.

If you’d ever told me that I’d be watching Congress certify electors, and say, “Doing what?”

@JNOV: This was supposed to be as interesting as the post office canceling a stamp.

@nojo: Right?

He said Nevahhhda.

Oh hell, another objection.

I just emailed my R Rep to thank her for voting Nay on the AZ objection.

This certificate of the electoral vote of the state/commonwealth of __ seems to be regular in form and authentic, and it appears, therefrom…

I’ll be hearing that for days.

Hope everyone enjoyed Infrastructure Week!

@¡Andrew!: HAHAHAHAHA!

The House Clerk sounds like a recorded voice.

Okay – I’ve had enough of this. I’m watching The Wilds.


Jeezus, it’s still going on???

How is every conversation in the Capitol not along the lines of “so, is this your first failed coup/fascist cult terrorist attack?”

Not watching, but I’m staying up for it, because I can’t sleep until it’s over.

@nojo: Yeah. That’s how I feel. I check the paper between episodes.

House R got covid diagnosis between AZ and PA debates, sat out the latter after infecting the former. Wonder whether we’ll see appointments and special elections this year?

Welcome to another day of systemic institutional failure!

Tuesday’s twit from that cowardly fraud James Comey that Tr666p should never ever be prosecuted for anything sure has aged well.

“As the violent mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, some West Wing staffers panicked that they were possibly becoming participants in a coup to overthrow the government. ‘What do I do? Resign?’ one nervous White House staffer asked a friend on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after news broke that a woman had been shot and killed inside the Capitol.  The West Wing staffer told the friend that White House Counsel Pat Cipollone was urging White House officials not to speak to Trump or enable his coup attempt in any way, so they could reduce the chance they could be prosecuted for treason under the Sedition Act. ‘They’re being told to stay away from Trump,’ the friend said.”

The corporate media is clutching their pearls because they finally figured out like five seconds ago that all Republinazis are crazy, lying, treasonous, genocidal, psycho-fascist whores. Well, duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!  They’ll be screaming “BOTH SIDES!!!” right up until one of $hitler’s Puke Boyz puts a bullet in the back of their heads and kicks their bodies into a mass grave.

Schumer just called for the 25th. Today is now interesting.

There’s plenty of culpability for yesterday’s Tr666p-fascist terrorist attack, starting with the Republinazi Party. These illegitimate traitors need to be expelled from Congress immediately for sedition and plotting to overthrow the US government.  Then there’s the Capitol Police/FBI/DHS. They’re either grotesquely incompetent or they’re in on it. Either way, anyone responsible for planning our national security needs to be sacked immediately, since their complicity and stupidity is our greatest national security threat. Finally, there’s the deranged morons that carried out the attack. They paraded the Confederate flag through the US Capitol–the flag of traitors that enslaved and murdered Americans and waged war against the United States. This was a national humiliation, and they have to be prosecuted. 
They all need to pay dearly for this living nightmare if we’re ever gonna recover from this insanity.

And fuck Zuckerbot and @Jack 4ever for enabling these Tr666p freaks to terrorize us for years on end. The rewards in our society are so fucked up: Isolated, quarantined, terrified people are more likely to turn to social media, so it’s in these sociopathic oligarchs’ best interests to destroy our society since it “increases user engagement” and makes them richer. They need to be taxed into oblivion, since they’re more than happy to harm us.

Now Republinazis act like this latest feat of treasonous barbarity has retroactively destroyed Prezinazi AntiChrist’s entire presidency.  “It’s worse than the series finale of How I Met Your Mother!”

@ nojo,

Well good luck with any of that.

Any attempts to remove this lying homicidal psychopath Prezinazi AntiChrist will be met with articles of secession from the Republinazi traitors in CONgress and disbelief and denial from the corporate media about what’s going down.


Mother’s gonna have to ball-gag and peg VP Dence extra hard, he’s ever so pissed.


@nojo: And how many did this asshole infect while they were cached during the insurrection?

@nojo: It was weird how Schumer and Pelosi held dueling press conferences. Interesting that Uncle Joe brought up BLM. Interesting that Pelosi said she’s waiting on Pence to decide about the 25th Amendment.

Maybe they should unfreeze Trump’s social media accounts just long enough for him to hang himself.

@¡Andrew!: Have I told you lately that I love you?

Things I hate about the Roku Stick: Everything.

@JNOV: Looks like Friday will be the tell. The implication seems to be 25th today or impeachment tomorrow. (Or maybe Monday, but that’s a long weekend to sit through.)

Will they move on it? Dunno. But just getting the statements out there is more than I would have expected, and if they back down now, well, we’ll know what to expect from them for the next couple years.

Biden, too. Nice of him to cite “domestic terrorism”. But you ket this slide, you’ve lost the confidence of a significant number of your voters.

And Pence shoots down 25A. Ball’s in your court, Nancy.

Articles of Impeachment being introduced in the morning. Game on!

@nojo: See what happens when I actually do some work? I miss stuff.

I wish Westworld were on.

Make that Monday morning. Draft articles list incitement before Wednesday session, weekend phone call to GA SexState. You could probably add a phone book to that, but I’m fine with High & Tight on deadline.

So, the game: Takes them, what, a day to get that through? Nothing else on the agenda, they were otherwise going to be recessed anyway. Then over to Mitch, who I guess can sit on it, if he feels like taking the heat.

But a hot potato like that, with Trump’s political power suddenly up in smoke, nah, assign it to committee, where the chair will be equally eager to be rid of it, and it’s on to the Senate floor for trial and vote.

Never mind its chances for actual success. If impeachment reaches a Senate vote, we get a fresh spectacle of who’s going to have their actions held against them for the duration.

On the other hand, shit’s in flux: Not sure whether this is leadership-driven or from the groundlings. (The groundling who posted draft impeachment text is my congresscritter.)

Friday morning: “Asst House Speaker @KatherineClark tells @CNN House will move forward with impeachment vote against President Trump by middle of next week, if not removed by VP and Cabinet.”

If nothing else, impeachment will stop him from pardoning himself and the rest of the Tr666pnazi trash on the way out.

/the Onion/ Democrats Declare Nation Has Given Them Clear Mandate To Squander 
“Georgians had turned out in record numbers to express their will that the party ‘piss this opportunity away’ on petty infighting and inept maneuvering before ultimately ceding control of both chambers in the coming years. ‘Americans asked for two years of inaction and gridlock, and that’s exactly what we intend to deliver. This isn’t just a blue wave, it’s a blue tsunami that’s going to circle the drain until it disappears forever.’ At press time, Senate Majority Leader joined the Speaker to vow to usher the country into a level of prosperity and legislative achievement unseen since 2008.”

Elizabeth Warren for Senate Majority Leader or GTFO.

@JNOV: And there’s Manchin, saying he’ll block $2000 relief payments. He’s gonna be fun, should we survive this.

UPDATE: That didn’t play well. Now less recalcitrant.

/the Onion/ ‘This Apology Is Bullshit And I Am Lying To You,’ Says GOP Senator To Widespread Media Praise WASHINGTON—In a speech addressing the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol the previous day, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released a statement to widespread media praise Thursday saying “this apology is bullshit and I am lying to you.” “Nothing—and I repeat, nothing—I’m saying about the violent attack on Washington is an accurate representation of how I really feel,” said Graham in a video lauded by anchors across CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News for being “powerful” and “healing,” before adding that the expressions of anger and sadness that his facial expression implied were also entirely false.  At press time, Graham confirmed that his speech had led to him being offered a position in Biden’s cabinet.

Shorter FBI: “We can’t touch any Tr666pnazis–THEY’RE WHIIIIITE. Someone should DO SOMETHING!!!”

Actually thought we’d be setting into something more conventional today, but nope. Shit’s heating up again. Background now circulating that Biden has signed off on impeachment, after Nancy called Trump an imminent nuclear threat.

Given that the terrorists stormed the building, could’ve killed everyone inside and destroyed the US government–after widely proclaiming the day before that they were going to kill everyone inside the Capitol–it painfully shows how our racist kleptocratic system of government is built on the alter of white trash supremacy. The Capitol Police/FBI/DHS/National Stupidity Apparatus are so oblivious and shamelessly incompetent that they don’t even seem to care that the whole world sees them on a street corner with their dicks in their hands.

This is a national humiliation, and they all need to be sacked immediately as threats to national security.

@ nojo,

Wouldn’t want to interrupt all those COVID lockdown weekend social plans; that’d be so rude.

“We spend $750 billion annually on ‘defense’ and the center of American government fell in two hours to the Duck Dynasty and the guy in a Chewbacca bikini.”

–Yousef Munayyer

I sure the hell hope that Merrick Garland has the big brass balls to prosecute every last one of these terrorists, and that he’s not another milquetoast empty suit. They could’ve killed members of Congress and destroyed the United States government fur fux sake. He’d better not ask about their fucking economic insecurity.

It’s really sinking in that the United States government could’ve fallen on Wednesday, had the terrorists succeeded in executing Pence, Pelosi, Shumer, et al. AND it sure the hell looks like it was an inside job given the lack of resistance from the military and police.  We’d better start asking state governors what the plan is if DC falls in the next two weeks–we need answers now.

@¡Andrew!: Garland took out McVeigh, so we’ll see.

This was a Handmaid’s Tale-style ‘Sons of Jacob’ attack that could’ve ended the United States government.

Just emailed Gov Inslee, Murray, Cantwell, Jayapal, and my state reps asking for the plan to protect Washington state in case the US government falls in a coups d’état.

Will report back with whatever pablum gets banged out by their beleaguered staffers.

@JNOV: Can you train the ducks to bite fascist bottoms?

Meanwhile, Twitter has finally banned Trump, and with only days to go!

Back to impeachment. Why wait until Monday? House Rules require unanimous consent to meet earlier. Kevin McCarthy is abetting the traitors.

@ nojo,

So it’s like Altered Carbon except Twit death is worse than Real Death.

Mitch: No impeachment trial until January 19, when the Senate is back in session. Of course, like the House, the Senate could convene earlier if they wanted, so the GOP is accepting responsibility for anything that happens for the duration.

God save me from well-meaning Facebook friends who think we should just move on, because time’s up, we don’t want to give Them one more thing to be angry about, and what’s the point?

There’s always a reason, always an excuse. And then it happens again, but worse, and there’s another excuse.

I haven’t forgotten Moral Hazard, Andrew. It’s on my mind constantly.

@ nojo,  They’re gonna love listening to Swan Lake and being told ‘situation iz normal, keep shopping’ during the media blackout in the coming weeks.

They sound like my mom. Three years ago, a supervisor at work took a strong dislike to me, mom was trying to tell me to be nice, not to fight back and make things worse. I learned early in my life that to stop the bully, you have to fight and hurt them. Thanks him, I was almost on the verge of being fired for chickenshit reasons (not competence or insubordination.) I paid a serious price fighting him. It cost me (probably permanently) to ever be promoted at my work, but I don’t care as the price I paid gave me breathing room as I worked off all the warning letters and suspensions (long stupid painful story.) However, it cost him more. A 20 year stint/career went down the toilet. A former friend sanctimoniously once said I should worry about my soul. What’s the point of having a clean soul if all you do is get crushed and shoved around by assholes?

@ Manchu,

Jeezus, that’s so true. WTF is wrong with people that think the way to stop a bully is to give them everything they want.

My manager started in on that shit with me last June, the week after George Floyd was lynched. I documented it all, went straight to her Director and my HR rep and made it clear they’d better shut it down or else. Needless to say, I report to someone else now and no longer have that problem. If I get trouble, I give trouble back.

@nojo: They don’t even know why they’re angry. They really don’t. Unless it’s the fear of being an ethnic minority in the US. That’s going to happen no matter what.

@¡Andrew!: That’s how you do it. Me? I sabotage myself. Being diagnosed with a mood disorder explains a lot, but it doesn’t make the consequences less real.

Hey, I suffered under a psychologically abusive boss for almost a decade in my previous working life, so I learned the hard way through Post Investment Industry Stress Disorder. You have to be ready to walk to be taken seriously, which is scary as hell, and one of the reasons bad managers think they can get away with it.

Great Moments in American History: Oh, to be a future textbook writer that’s gonna have to churn out blurbs about the terrorist Tr666p traitors that died on Wednesday, like the fucking idiot who tased his own balls, or the stupid bitch trampled by the mob while carrying an insipid ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag. Good riddance, white trash.

@¡Andrew!: :) For the last for years, Trump has been my boss. I’ve been hamstrung by the Hatch Act since he announced his re-election bid almost immediately after his we inaugurated, so that kind of sucked. Plus my agency was the test site for a bunch of union busting ideas that came from his administration. I think they were testing how much they could get away with w/r/t Federal employees. The answer? A lot! Even when we won case after case, the administration showed that the judiciary has no teeth. The administration is tasked with enforcing court orders. If they don’t like the order, they’re not going to enforce it. Good times. The thing is, federal employee unions are weak, not because they want to be but because they are constrained by federal employment law.  Someone tased their own balls?  One of the people who was arrested had several mason jars full of melted styrofoam and gasoline in his truck. He was two handguns on his person, and an assault rifle in his truck. I watched the video of Lindsey being accosted in the airport, and I felt zero sympathy and a ton of schadenfreude. He’s tased himself in the balls. How are the people who have enabled Trump going to deal with people who live in a very violent fantasyland? They are a clear and present danger not only to democracy but to human beings. They are not finished. Apparently some are preparing for an invasion of 50K Chinese soldiers arriving from, wait for it, CANADA on January 20th.

How do you deal with these people? You can’t reason with them, as many of the enablers are discovering. You can’t even calm them with the “We lived through X years of so and so. You’ll live through this” reasoning that used to work because it was based on the notion that a peaceful transition of power occurs in this country every four years because now it doesn’t. Somewhat related: I bought inexpensive refundable tickets to Osaka for Jr. and me (she’s cool with me calling her Jr.). We’re going in October. Maybe we can stay and teach…I don’t know. Who would want to learn English at this point?

(My paragraphs in my comments keep disappearing – should I use <pee></p> ?)

Hmmmm. It won’t allow me to edit either. I use Vivaldi. I’m going to try Safari.

Nope. No love found in Safari, either.

@JNOV: What’s happening is that the instaview isn’t showing linebreaks, while stored comments are. Couple of bugs I need to tend to.

@ nojo/JNOV,
I’d meant to mention that it usually erases my paragraphs and all my sentences run together like a crazy person aha ha ha ha ha ha…

@ nojo,  My hubby to me: “You need to calm down; you’re way too worked up over this.” Also, my hubby to me: “There’s no point in asking our elected officials what they’ll do if there’s a coup, since they’ll all be dead.”  Dude, srsly WTF??? The denial accompanying the attack is nuckin’ futz.

OK, I’m stepping away and walking the dogs now : )

@nojo: cool cool (Not trying to harass the host).

@¡Andrew!: No. Absolutely not. These fuckers didn’t do shit after the Wall Street meltdown, and they didn’t investigate Bush/Cheney war crimes. We can’t afford to let that shit happed again. It was wrong to allow such lawlessness then, and it will be wrong to allow it now.

I give zero fucks about political expediency right now. They can administer vaccines and get the economy on track while they investigate these assholes – I’m talking about Congress, Trump and Friends, rioters – ALL OF THEM. And if they don’t get reelected because they did the right thing, so fucking what? They should not care. People have not be held to account for their criminal behavior, and our democracy rests on us righting the ship.

You do *not* need to calm down, and tell him I said “Hi.” ;-)

Amazon is booting Parler off its cloud. If you know anything about Internet infrastructure, that’s the kill switch.

Junior’s scrambling to collect email addresses. I forget which bulkmail service has already given whom the boot, but if you don’t do that just right, it’s into the spam folder, or even bounces.

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