Groundhog Days

6:00 am: “I got you, babe…”

6:01 am: Throw clockradio against wall, shatter it to pieces. Don’t worry, it’ll be whole again tomorrow.

6:05 am: Coffee!

6:08 am: Christ, he tweeted again.

6:09 am: Retweet from 2013 saying the exact opposite.

6:11 am: Check latest Covid death count. Recall that we wrote something about Covid deaths exceeding Vietnam War. More than three Vietnams ago.

6:14 am: Read news about another unarmed Black person being executed by police in the streets.

6:16 am: Read complaints about protests over police executing unarmed Black people in the streets.

6:18 am: Read about police firing weapons into protests over police executing unarmed Black people in the streets.

6:25 am: Look at red-sky photos from Oregon and California friends.

6:28 am: Recall SNL “Global Warming Christmas Special” sketch from 1990.

6:29 am: Recall Global Warming warning from CBS special in 1958.

6:30 am: Recall longstanding view that people will deny global warming until it’s too late. Now consider that optimistic: There’s always another excuse.

6:35 am: Read Facebook post from high-school friend who blames Oregon fires on Antifa and BLM.

6:38 am: Read story about Oregonians confusing the Bureau of Land Management with Black Lives Matter; wonder how, as a native Oregonian, that’s even possible.

6:39 am: Recall Spotted Owls.

6:44 am: Throw dart at map of United States.

6:45 am: Read news about voter suppression happening in that state.

6:47 am: Read tweet from authority figure saying Trump can’t do what he just said he’s going to do, ignoring everything Trump can do short of that.

6:49 am: Read news about yet another government agency becoming irredeemably politicized.

6:55 am: Read complaints about NYT coverage of just about everything.

6:59 am: Finish coffee.

7:00 am: That’s enough for one day! Let’s drink some bleach and start over again.


Except for the spotted owl & the fact that I’m living in red-sky / smoke, you described my morning.

It might be wise to stay off Twitter and FB just for sanity reasons. I have for the most part.

3:18pm – steal a large GM sedan aided and abetted by a groundhog. Crash it.

@ManchuCandidate: I kinda have to pay attention, for the gestalt of the thing. If I limited myself to pleasant Denver, I’d be totally clueless about anything going on.

That said, when I quit reporting a lifetime ago, early in the Reagan era, I did unplug: No TV, no newspapers or magazines, passing glances at headlines in newsboxes at best. I needed to know what was really in my head, not what my culture put there. Mission accomplished, which is why I’ve never needed to repeat it.

That said, I haven’t listened to Trump at any length — not even ten seconds — since the 2016 convention. That speech told me all I needed to know about him, and anything since is just mind clutter.

True. It’s just hard on the mental health listening to morons, idiots, rapists and feebs scream as loud as they can trying to deny that everything including denying CoVID, Russian interference, the war on the 99%, etc isn’t their fault.

@ManchuCandidate: Ah. “Listen.” No, I don’t do that, either. Everything is filtered through somebody else who felt the need to pass it on. No audio, no video.

Might be why I don’t watch that woman who lip-syncs everything he says. I don’t need to hear it. The words themselves are enough to deal with.

It feels so inadequate, but I’ve been donating munnie til it hurts, mostly to local animal welfare organizations, and politically to GOTV like Swing Left and Flippable to target state legislatures and the US Senate, where these contributions can make the maximum impact, moneyball-style. I’d already donated to Biden, and also to Jaime Harrison directly, since I’d love for that lil’ Tr666p bootlicker Miss Lindzi Gray-uhm to go down in flames on election night.

I’m trying to suss out if there are any other orgs that can take my relatively small dollars and hit the GOP like an asteroid in November; any suggestions?

China, if you’re listening, help us end our global nightmare and get us Prezinazi AntiChrist’s gawdamn tax returns!

China will do no such thing. It’s in their best interests to keep the Orange baby mushroom on the throne.

Yeah, America’s head-first tail-spin into history’s trash heap seems inevitable at this point. All that China, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Russia have to do is sit back and laugh as these ghoulish, moronic, Tr666p-Republinazi sociopaths destroy us in the ultimate insider attack.

With their bizarre techno dystopian mash-up of communism and capitalism, it’s China’s century now.

BTW, Canada is the lux penthouse above a meth lab, ha ha.

RBG: Dead

Watching this nation’s collapse is like a horror movie come true.

We’re trapped in a living nightmare.

$hitler already has vowed to install Nazi QAnon or some other tongue-talking, snake-handling lunatic against the American people.

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